‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 11 (Part 2)

Sunday.  Should be a day of rest, but for us in the Crissman house, it’s a day of more fun and more work.  We got up a little later today than we normally do.  We decided to sleep in since yesterday was such an exhausting day.  I was still tired this morning from yesterday and I was still a little dehydrated.  I drank about a gallon of water with breakfast this morning and started to get things together.  I began to realize that today was going to be harder as I don’t have Heather and the kids to help me.  This was going to make the day at the festival a little harder to get things around.  We all agreed we would meet up around noon at the Spiedie Fest.  I got everything together for today and got it loaded into the car and headed for Ostinengo Park.

I had high hopes for today, but was quickly turned off by the idiots who were running security at the festival.  I pulled into the festival and they took my ticket to get in.  I pulled into the festival and circled the park once.  I found Jeff’s truck right next to our changing tent, but it seemed as though there was no where else to park.  I circled the festival once and thought, I better get close to that tent since I don’t have help today to carry things around.  I decided to double park for one moment to figure out how Jeff got his truck in where he did.  I double parked my car with plenty of space for others to get their cars/trucks around me and then went over to the tent to talk to my local FanForce group.  Two security guards watched me do it and said nothing to me.  I talked with Jeff and the group for a little bit and then we decided there was just enough room between two cars to get my car in and down by the tent.  It was going to be a tight squeeze with my car, but I could make it.  I came out of the tent (having only have been there for about five minutes) and had three security guards at my car.  They were yelling at me about having to move my car.  I explained to them that the people of the festival had garaunteed us a spot for parking near our tent (which they had) and I couldn’t get in because of the way the security had people park their cars.  I explained that I had a lot of heavy equipment and that I needed to be near the tent.  They said fine and as I pulled in to pass the two cars (the one’s I would barely fit between), they decided to distract me by tapping on the window and kicking the bumper of my car.  They’re lucky I wasn’t distracted enough to hit the other two cars.  They then yelled at me as I got out of my car saying I can’t hold up traffic of the whole festival for my little car.  Oh, by the way, one car had to wait for about thirty-seconds while I pulled in and backed out and pulled in again.  They told me my car couldn’t be here, blah, blah, blah, blah, and they called Dave.  Dave told them I could be there and they decided to leave, but NO ONE apologized to me for treating me like dirt.  My group was pretty pissed off and so was I.  Not the way I wanted to start my festival day.

I went over and set up the booth with our stuff and then came back and got help from Charles to get in my Mando.  This day was even more fun and it was cool with the combination of people that we had in costume.  We had Darth Vader with two Mandos, Princess Leia, and Qui Gon Jinn.  People loved us yet again!  I was having fun creeping my kids out from school by talking to them and calling them by name and seeing if they could figure out who I am.  It was a pretty cool look having Darth Vader walking around framed by two custom Mandos.  I wish I had pics from it to show all of you.  Everything went well except for the two idiots that decided to chuck rocks at Darth Vader and then Tigris Falco when he yelled at them for chucking rocks at Darth.  We do protect our own.  The teenager ended up getting pretty intimidated when Ian and I both started walking toward him in our Mandos.  He ended up running the other way.  Overall, a good day and a good festival.  We even got some information on a poor boy who loves Star Wars but lost his entire collection in a house fire and has also lost his ability to play trumpet because his lungs are burnt.  I promised I would see what I could do about securing a trumpet for the poor boy.

What a day!  What a weekend!  We got done with the festival and I dropped Karen off at her friend’s house.  I then headed over to Hollywood Video, got some movies and then wen tot the Giant to get some food for Heather for dinner.  We got done with dinner and headed downstairs and watched our usual T.V. shows and got ready for the week.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 11 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 11 (Part 2):  Thrawn pointed out that if they don’t destroy all their war vessels at once, then the Vagaari will have the ability to slip back into open space and regroup.  Car’das went to interupt when Thrawn told him to relax as he does not plan on defeating the Vagaari here and now.  Thrawn then pointed out that a pair of defender ships, with intact engines, have not jumped to hyperspace yet.  Car’das was surprised as well as there seemed to be no tactical advantage to waiting.  Suddenly, the head ship jumped to hyperspace and the other ships jumped right after.  Car’das said it looked like they were waiting for clearance, but they were free from the planet’s gravity field.  Thrawn said they were clear of the planet, but not of the Vagaari.  Thrawn said they’ve developed technology to create a pseudogravfield.  Car’das didn’t think that was possible.  Maris said it was possible, but required too big a generator to be practical.  Thrawn noted that the Vagaari have obviously solved the problem, and that they’re using it to keep thier prey at bay until they can destroy them.  Thrawn said he could find a better use for such a device.  Car’das said he wouldn’t, and Thrawn said he got a good impression of their tactics from their last encounter.  Car’das knew he couldn’t talk Thrawn out of it, so he asked Maris to, but she refused as she found herself identifying with the aliens now……


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