‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 11 (Part 1)

Okay, it’s Saturday and while most others would relax on a weekend, my weekend was all work and all play all at once!!  It was actually a pretty fun day.  First, we decided to meet at the Spiedie Fest at ten o’clock this morning.  We then found out that the 501st from Rochester wasn’t showing up until eleven o’clock, so we decided that we weren’t getting into costume before that point.  I got to the festival around ten o’clock or so and Charles had been there for about a half an hour.  He helped us unload our car and told me that Ian was already there and at the tent and changing into the borrowed Vader costume (Jeff loaned him the Vader costume for today since he couldn’t make it to the festival).  I got my gear and headed over to the changing tent.  As we got there, Karen showed up and we got a phone call from the Rochester 501st asking for directions.  We then spent the afternoon in costume.  It was quite hot under that helmet and costume of mine.  I drank water every forty-five minutes or so and took my helmet off every once in a while at the changing tent.  The fans in my helmet only stopped once and because my battery power ran out.  Heather helped me change out the batteries.  The 501st helped out by bringing their own tent in and putting it behind the one we had on the festival grounds to try and create some more shade.  Overall, we had a great time at the festival and I think we drew in quite the crowd.  For instance, we decided to head over to the children’s area of the festival.  It took us two hours to make our way over there, go through the area, and get back to the 501st table.  Why?  Because everytime we turned around we were asked to take pictures.  I guess I got an idea of what Dragon Con is going to be like after today.  It was rather fun, though.  We got done and we went our seperate ways and Heather and the kids and I went home.

I forgot to write in my blog last night that Josh had come down last night and he and I had spent some time together.  We stayed up late last night and watched “Mony Python’s Holy Grail” which was playing in my mind all day today.  We got home with the kids and Heather decided that tomorrow she wasn’t going to go to the festival with the kids because she had a lot of sewing to get done.  We ate some dinner together and then we got the ice and water ready for tomorrow.  Josh ended up coming home late tonight and we had some discussions about marching bands and judges and drum corps.  We both went to bed around two in the morning.  Poor Josh only got about five hours of sleep before he had to get up again and head over to Elmira tomorrow for a practice.  Luckily for me, I don’t have to be at the festival until noon tomorrow.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 11 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 11 (Part 1):  Thrawn let his warriors know they had one minute till they breatk out of warp speed.  Car’das sat next to Maris as they both sat waiting in vac suits.  Thrawn said they should arrive at the battle zone a safe distance from the fighting.  He still urged his two passengers to put their helmets on anyways.  As the hyperspace ended, Car’das found himself looking at a horrific sight.  Car’das expected to see a nice small pirate fight between a few ships.  Instead, there were hundreds upon hundreds of ships waring at each other with turbo lasers and missiles.  Car’das noted that this was no pirate attack but a war.  Thrawn said he must have miscalculated.  Car’das said they should leave before they’re spotted.  Thrawn told Car’das that he misunderstood.  he said that he knew that battle would be this large but was amazed to discover that the Vagaari, as a culture, are nomadic.   He pointed out the civilian ships that were in a defensive position outside the field of battle.  Maris asked if this was a problem and Thrawn pointed out that it was.  He told them that they’ve been collecting information on the Vagaari homeworld, and they obviously don’t have a homeworld!……


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