‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 10 (Part 6)

Well, today was busy and the other shoe dropped as I figured it would.  It was quite a busy day today, so let me explain what all happened today.  First, I got up early and packed the car up with everything I would need today for Spiedie Fest.  I didn’t realize that I would need so many things and my car trunk got quite full rather quickly.  Tomorrow could be very interesting if I have to bring all of this stuff with me as well as my armor.  I could have my hands quite full.  Anyway, I got all my stuff together and got going to work.  Heather explained to me that while I was at work, she was going to take the 323 and run some errands and then meet me at Ian’s when I get out of work.  I had to get out of work, changed into my Jedi pants and what-not and then pick up Karen downtown from her job and give her a ride to Otsinengo Park.  I got to Wendy’s by ten this morning and we were getting ready for a fairly busy lunch.  I was put on grill as Corey needed me on grill and felt my expertise there may be better than anywhere else.  Our lunch rush was insane!!!  We had both grills going and could barely keep up with the orders.  Those dang Baconators were flying out the door and that means that I couldn’t keep enough large meat on my grill.  I got done with work and went into the Wendy’s bathroom to change my clothes.  When I got out, Corey let me know that he got a text message from Heather.  Apparently she got to the corner of Broad and Court Streets when her car died and now it won’t start.  I called Heather on her cell and told her I would come pick her up.  I picked up Heather as the car was being towed to BHM.  Personally, I think the car is dead.  I think the engine is seized simply because she didn’t want to listen to me.  On our way to pick up Karen, we got in a HUGE fight about the car and decided we would talk about it after the festival.  As we went to pick up Karen, it started to get dark, like it was going to rain.  We picked up Karen and on our way to Ian’s to get passes to the festival, it started to rain.  Karen and I picked up our pass from Ian and he said he would join us as soon as Charles got down here from Rochester.

We got to the Spiedie Fest and things were in full swing.  It was all mass chaos, but Karen and my family were convinced we were going to find our tent. We walked and walked and walked and couldn’t find the area we were supposed to be in.  Worse yet, I was carrying a heavy box full of things for the tent and Karen was carrying a heavy bag with stuff for the tent.  I finally asked one of the security guys where I could find someone in charge.  We found a gentleman named Dave.  Dave acted like he didn’t have time for us and said the thought we weren’t supposed to be here until tomorrow.  I explained to him that there would be more of us tomorrow.  He tried to tell us where our tent was, but his directions were so convoluted that neither Karen nor I knew where he was talking about.  We started walking in the direction he was pointing and after having asked four different people, we finally found someone that could show us to our tent.  The tent we had for our stuff was small.  As Karen and I set up our tent, it started to rain.  We decided to check out our changing tent for tomorrow.  Things didn’t look like they were going to work out so well for tomorrow.  We tried to talk to someone about water for tomorrow as well, but no one want to discuss that matter with us.  We stayed around for a while and I walked the park with my family and soon after we left.  Ian didn’t join us because Charles was still in Rochester.  We left and dropped Karen off at her house in Vestal and then went to Wendy’s to get some dinner.  We argued the whole way there and all the way home about Heather’s car.  She is hoping things will work out with the car and I told her that she might as well write the car off.  It’s going to make things tight for band camp and the weeks to come.  We went home and started to get together 20 oz. bottles of water and ice for tomorrow.  I have a feeling they’re not going to provide water, so I guess we should do that ourselves.

Okay, enough about my life, let’s talk about “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn.  Zip up your skirts, and let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 10…..

Chapter (Part 6):  Thrawn said he couldn’t help as he had his own matters to attend to and the admiral insisted that Thrass stay with her.  Thrawn gestured Car’das toward the door and they left, as they did, Car’das commented to Thrawn saying there was no work to attend to and that he just wanted to get away from the admiral.  Thrawn said this was a harsh criticism to make in front of Maris who just showed up.   Maris pointed out that Thrawn didn’t duck out on the admiral, but convinced her to stay behind.  She noted that certain parts of the conversation were deliberately stated in Cheunh so Qennto wouldn’t understand the converstation.  She looked at Thrawn and asked what was up.  Thrawn said he has a report of an ongoing Vagaari attack and Car’das asked how far away it was, as inventorying the bounty will only delay the admiral for so long.  Thrawn said it’s six standard hours away, and he only needs to distract the Admiral long enough to escape, and he knows he’ll get an earful upon his return.  Car’das noted that Thrawn meant to go and attack and not just observe, but Thrawn didn’t deny that.  Car’das started to try and back out of the trip when Maris asked if she cold go along.  Maris said it may be good to have a non-judemental witness along.  Thrawn agreed and said that was why he was taking Car’das.  Car’das said that Qennto may be the better choice and Thrawn agreed but pointed out that any battle has it’s risks.  Thrawn told Maris that he would not want to put her in harms way.  Maris insisted they both go.  Thrawn said so be it, and hoped a warrior’s fortune smiles upon them.


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