‘The Jedi Council Speaks: Volume II, Episode #11 – Star Wars Collecting’

Okay, so it’s Thursday and it has been quite the day.  I can’t even begin to explain how busy my day has been today and I think bad things are around the corner for my wife and I and I think it’s all because she won’t listen to me when it comes to our son (who is WAY too much like me) and now about the second car that she has been driving to work.  Okay, so let me explain.  First, I finally got my next episode of “The Jedi Council Speaks” up today.  I planned on having it up yesterday, but as always, Podomatic has kind of kept me from having that happen.  I had to take off the entire first season from their website in order to get up the next season of podcasts.  To make matters worse, when I start to put up the next season, I will have to start taking off season 2.  I really gotta find me a sponsor that would be willing to pay for an account each year for TJCS.  I’m working on that part of it all.  I worked on that all morning and played with the kids a little at the same time.  I then started to play the game my brother got for my birthday for me called “Black” for the PS2.  I didn’t think I would like it, but easily got sucked in for two hours.  It was then time to get ready for work.  I was heading to work and Heather was taking Austin to Owego for his visual therapy appointment, which I totally disagree with at this point.  About two hours into my shift, I got a call from Heather and she let me know that she had stopped off in the Price Chopper Plaza in Binghamton to pay our Rent a Center account and the car wouldn’t start.  So, she dumped 8 quarts of oil in her car and it seems to be working fine now.  So, she was going to just head home with the car and the kids.  I told her she needed to drive the car right to BHM, our auto mechanic, and have him take a look at it.  I told her there was something wrong with the car if if took 8 quarts of oil to get it started.  It’s just a little Mazda 323 and I don’t think it can even hold 8 quarts of oil.  She insisted nothing was wrong and she couldn’t do that.  I got done with work and drove straight home because Heather was supposed to close the store tonight.  So, instead of taking my car, she took the 323 with her to work.  I was waiting for a phone call, but the car seemed to work fine.  I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop, though.  I started to get my stuff together tonight for tommorrow as I will be going straight from work to Spiedie Fest in my Jedi costume.  Until then, here’s the next episode of “The Jedi Council Speaks”:



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