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‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 14 (Part 9)

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Friday.  Well, we ended up waking up pretty early this morning, and it was entirely my fault!  For some reason, my allergies went insane at about five this morning (we would find out why later).  I ended up waking up in a sneezing fit and had to grab the box of Kleenex.  Well, I sneezed so much I ended up waking up everyone in the room; everyone except Charles who was already up for some odd particular reason.  Charles said he was going to take a shower and then go over and get in line for the Con.  He did that and the rest of us tried to get some more sleep.  We all ended up in line by seven o’clock in the morning for Pre-Registration when the line opened.  We were about the second or third group in line and were able to walk right in and get our tickets.  I would like to point out that Charles, Jeff, and Karen all crawled under the pylons to get to the ticket booths.  Not me, I was the man of patience and I walked all the way through the “maze” so there was no mass chaos behind me ;).  We got our tickets and some free-bees and then headed back to our hotel room.  On our way back, we decided to stop at the front desk to see if Charles’ vest for his costume had arrived and sure enough, it was there!  As soon as we got back, I took a little nap while Charles and Jeff insisted upon “kitting up” (that’s costume talk for suiting up).  They all got ready to go and I took about a fifteen minute snooze.  I then got up and got into costume myself.  Ironically, I somehow got myself together faster than Charles and Jeff and ended up in the hall before the three others.  I no more than closed the door behind me till I ran into a fellow custom Mando who wanted to take a picture with me.  Man, I KNEW this was going to be an awesome day!

Once Charles and Jeff got together, the three of us headed downstairs.  Karen said she had a lot to do to get her costume together and a her friend named “Xian” said she would help her out, so Karen would be heading up to their room.  So, the three of us set out on our own.  We had a blast in that first hour.  We tried to find the 501st and Dented Helmet tables to hang out near, but it was so crowded it was hard to get anywhere near those tables.  Not only that, but everything was “pic happy” now.  It was only about ten o’clock or so, but everywhere we turned people were asking if they could take their picture with us.  Man, we began to understand what “celebrity status” does to your ability to socialize with others.  I couldn’t see or hear anything even with the amplifiers in my helmet, so we all just kind of followed each other’s lead.  We were downstairs for about an hour and then ran into some problems with new costumes (Jeff and Charles’ costumes mainly).  So, we decided to head up to the room and fix the problems we were having with the costumes.  Well, Jeff’s problem wasn’t much of a problem and Charles was able to adjust some things rather quickly.  While we were there, I asked if we could adjust my cod piece as it seemed like it was falling off.  Sure enough, I have lost enough weight over this summer that my cod piece wasn’t fitting properly.  So, we decided to adjust the cod piece so it was tighter.  As we pulled on the piece to pull it tighter, the Sintra snapped into two pieces.  CRAP!!!  So, we decided we needed to PVC glue the two pieces together and then secure them in place with a pop rivet. We got that done which took us about twenty minutes and then I tried to put on the other side of the codpiece and the same thing happened again!  DOUBLE CRAP!!!  So, we adjusted the other side the same way.  Ultimately, we took off about one to two inched off my codpiece and it now fits just about right.

Well, by the time we got done with all of our repairs in the hotel room, Karen joined us and we needed to head downstairs for the grand entrance of the Mandalorian Mercs into Dragon Con.  We hoped it would be a big deal, but somehow it really wasn’t.  But, it was cool to walk alongside that many custom Mandalorians.  We all gathered at the Mezzanine Level and then walked down the stairs together to the Lower Level.  Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t want to cooperate with us and some people ended up between us all.  It was a great attempt, however.  After that, we all broke off and went in our own separate ways.  We trooped till about one o’clock and then the four of us decided to head up to the room “de-kit” and get some lunch.  We ate some of the food my wife and I bought and decided now would be a good time to get into civilian clothes and find the Dealer Tables.  We headed out and asked some people where the Dealer Tables were and were able to find them.  As we headed downstairs to the dealer rooms, I told everyone we could split up, but to stay in the room we were in.  Ironically, the room that I thought was split into four was really all ONE BIG ROOM!  There were so many dealers it was almost totally overwhelming.  I could have spent two days in that room alone!!  It was awesome!!  We spent about two hours in that dealer room till we had to leave.

In the meantime, I had been trying to figure out what was going on with my debit card.  Sure enough, I only had $25 accessible on the card.  It was a good thing that I had a couple hundred dollars in cash on me, or I would have been screwed!  I called Heather while in the dealer room to try and discuss the situation and she half cared about the situation and half didn’t care thinking that if I had access to less money, I would just spend less money.  Thanks dear, you left me in a lurch; was my reaction to this situation.  I was mad because she promised me that if I worked all summer I could use all the money at the Con.  Obviously she lied to me!  Anyway, I got a lanyard to keep my Dragon Con pass on and of course I got a Star Wars lanyard!  We got done and headed out for the Mando Mercs dinner.

We met up with the Mercs that night around five o’clock or so and then headed out to find the pub that we had set aside for our Mercs dinner.  It was awesome to meet up with and then hang out with all these people that we have been hanging out with on the boards and knew only by name.  Now I was able to put a face alongside many of those names.  We went to some small pub in Atlanta not too far from the hotels and we had a BLAST at the dinner.  We met “Jardon” and well, it was all downhill from there!  The dinner was very good and the company was even better.  We got done with the Mando Mercs dinner and got back to the room.  Charles and Jeff kidded around about wanting to “kit up” but I convinced them not to and we decided to try and get over to the Dealer’s Tables while they were still open.  Well, the Dealer’s Tables were closed early (something that seemed to be a theme acrossed the weekend), so we goofed around at the Hilton for a while and then came back to our hotel and hung out in the lounge for an extended period of time and then came back to the room and got ready for tomorrow.  We decided to head to bed by about midnight because we knew tomorrow was going to be a HUGE day, starting with the parade in the morning.
Okay, so a long day followed by a discussion of Part 9 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 14 (Part 9):  After several minutes of silence, C’Baoth told Kenobi that he should not have argued with him in front of the civilians.  Obi-Wan countered by saying that antagonising civilians is also against the Jedi Code, especially when you try to take their kid in the middle of the night.  Then Obi-Wan points out that by keeping people in fear, he’s breaking the Jedi Code about not ruling over others.  C’Baoth argued that they’ve argued over this earlier, but that he believes that this Jedi Code is centuries old and out-dated.  Kenobi said that seeking power is a path to The Dark Side, and C’Baoth questioned whether that’s true.  He pointed out that they would never know that path unless they were given the chance.  Kenobi said that the Code tells them they are here to guide but not rule.  C’Baoth said that rules and regulations simply dictate rules over the others that are there.  Kenobi countered saying this was playing on semantics.  Then C’Baoth points out that anything they do to seek personal gain is a path to the Dark Side, but if they give guidance, that guidance is based on personal gain.  C’Baoth then states that he thinks Yoda and Windu could run The Republic more effeciently than Palpatine ever has!  Obi-Wan agrees, saying that this would be true if they could avoid the temptation of The Dark Side.  C’Baoth points out that they are always resisting the temptation and Kenobi says that all of this is risking chaos.  C’Baoth said the chaos will be minimal in the long run and points out that all the people in Outbound Flight are involved in the project because they’re upset over the corruption they see in other worlds.  Obi-Wan tells C’Baoth that he’s surprised that a fellow Master no longer believes in The Code.  C’Baoth says he believes in The Code, but believes is is misinterpreted.  He tells Obi-Wan to meditate on these questions tonight as he, himself will.  Kenobi asks if he can join the meeting tomorrow, but C’Baoth denies his request and tells him he has other duties to attend to tomorrow, so he best get his sleep…..


‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 14 (Part 8)

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There is one word that can explain the day today.  DRIVING!!!  We were in a car for over fourteen hours today and somehow managed to relatively keep our sanity.  Relatively.  I got up around six o’clock this morning and took a shower and got the last little bit of things together to take along to Dragon Con.  After I got a shower, I went downstairs to wake up Karen and Charles to find out that Charles was already awake and Karen was already woken up by Charles.  We got the last bit of things together for the trip and headed upstairs.  We waited for the babysitter for the kids to show up, since Heather was already at work.  Our next door neighbor showed up around seven o’clock and we loaded up and were on the road by seven-thirty.  On the way, we stopped at the Dunkin Donuts on Front Street and freaked the morning crew out by driving up to the drive thru window with our buckets on.  Nothing like a bunch of Mando’s ordering coffee in the morning!  When we got done freaking out the people at Dunkin Donuts, we headed over to Wendy’s where Heather let us take some ice for cold water and coolers from the store.  We then got ourselves onto 81 and started heading south.

We were wild and pretty out of control this morning.  I could not believe how insane we were acting and I got it all on video which I’m sure will wind up on the web and then at the Mando Mercs website somewhere.  Anyway, at about ten o’clock this morning, I decided to break out the cigars I had bought for us to have as a celebratory thing on the trip.   We were having a great old time, till Karen suddenly asked us to stop the truck as she was feeling sick.  Needless to say, I think we gave Karen tobacco poisoning by smoking a cigar at ten in the morning.  Whoops!!!  We had a great time in the truck talking about all sorts of philosophical things such as the Civil War and Abortion.  For a while there, we sounded mildly intelligent.  That’s the part that Charles wanted me to record for the next podcast.  We got down past PA and into Maryland and we took a break and stopped for a brief break.  We then got back on the road.

We drove and drove and drove some more and while we did this, Karen continued to sew the vest of her jacket in the back of the truck.  The trip ended up going by quicker than any of us had ever anticipated.  We stopped at a gas station in Virginia and ate lunch using the cooler and the food we brought along.  The back of the truck became our “meat wagon” for our food.  Amazingly, Jeff never relinquished control of the truck to any other driver on the way up.  He drove the whole way from Binghamton to Atlanta, Georgia.  We also had some pretty gross discussions about things that were completely wrong.  For all you Star Wars fans, we totally destroyed my viewpoint on Yaddle, the female Yoda.  All I can say is that it has to do with the fact that she’s green and female!  Anywho, we really had a great time and were running so well, we decided to stop at a store that was advertised for miles in every direction.  When we got into this store, it’s not exactly all we expected it to be.  We then looked for a place to stop for dinner and found a Lowe’s nearby.  Of course, me and my big mouth, I was talking with them about the Falco Clan as we were heading into this store saying, “our clan is the greatest!!”  To which Charles said, “dude, shut up about the clan!!”  Oh yeah, I forgot we were in the South.  Whoops!!  Clans in the Star Wars universe are very different than clans in the South, heh.

We then tried to stop and get some gas, at which point I thought I would use my debit card to pay for gas.  Well, the card got rejected both inside and outside.  Luckily, everyone else was nice and paid for the gas, but I was now pissed.  As I had initially told my wife, the money in the account was now unavailable to me!  This is what I was afraid of before I left and this is what we got into a fight two days ago about.  Needless to say, I called her from the road and we got into another fight.  We continued driving and when we got into South Carolina, “Novall Talon” from the Mandalorian Mercs gave me a buzz and we let him know where we were.  He said it wouldn’t take us long to get to Atlanta from where we were, so the excitement became even more intense.  As we passed over into the Georgia border, Karen complained that she really had to go to the bathroom.  We managed to just miss a rest stop, so Jeff said we would stop at the next exit.  Well, luck would have it that the only thing at the next exit was a fireworks store.  So, we stopped at the Fireworks Warehouse.  Well, for those of you that know anything about Charles, you know this is a bad idea.  Not only did we all buy fireworks, but they were giving us fireworks for free to go with the fireworks we had already purchased.  For Charles, this was dangerous!  We finally dragged Charles out of the store and got on the road.  Once we got on the road, we no more than got a few miles up the road till we ran acrossed a van that was parked in the break down lane.  Needless to say, there was some obvious activity going on in this van as the bumper sticker should have read “if this van’s arocking, don’t come aknocking”.  Of course, we couldn’t let that one go and it became a joke for the next half hour.

The drive into Atlanta seemed to take forever from the Georgia border, but I think it’s because we were anxious and we just wanted to get there already.  Jeff was worried because as we were coming into Atlanta, the exit numbers were going down, but the exit we were supposed to get off of was higher than any of the numbers we were seeing.  I eased his mind by saying, “Rabbit is good, rabbit is wise” (from the movie “Twister”).  I would like to say that I was right in the long run.  Atlanta is a beautiful city and I can see why millions flock to this city every year.  I was amazed at how clean the city was compared to any Northern cities I’ve ever seen.  We got into the hotel just before ten o’clock and we were exhausted and excited all at once.

The Mariott we were staying in was HUGE!!  It had forty-three floors that you could see from the bottom floor and it was just an impressive sight.  As we walked in the doors, the Con was obviously already starting.  We saw people milling about and many were already in costumes.  As we checked in, I got excited because behind us, checking in, was Nichele Nichols.  I turned around and said “hi” and she said “hi” back and I asked how she was doing, and she said, “feeling a little jet lagged”.  And that was the end of our conversation.  That’s when I realized that this Con was going to be unlike any other I attended.  We got things unloaded from the truck and got it up to the room.  We immediately started to unpack, when Charles suggested we get over to Pre-Registration.  Well, we headed to Pre-Registration and Charles and Jeff decided we better do it in a hurry.  Next thing I knew, these guys were literally running around.  Well, let’s just say that my “third tire” held me back from keeping up with these guys.  In our running around, we ran into our good friend, Ryan Glitch, and Ryan told us where the door to Pre-Register was.  We finally found the door and a bouncer at the door informed us that they closed Pre-Registration at ten-thirty even though the tickets said they would be open till eleven p.m.  He explained that they closed it early because there were workers there until three in the morning the previous year.  We argued with the guy and walked away pretty pissed about the whole scenario.  What did this mean for us?  Well, it meant we were going to get to bed late, exhausted, and then have to get up early tomorrow to wait in line for the Con.  Shortly after we got back to the hotel room, Novall Talon invited us up to his room with him and his girlfriend “Xian”.  We got up there and hung out with them for about an hour or two and then came back downstairs and headed right to bed.  We were tired and tomorrow was garaunteed to be a long day!
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 14 (Part 8):  They were only six days out of Yaga Minor and they ran into a problem during the routine navagational check in Lonnaw.  In the aft of Dreadnaught 2, Obi-Wan pushed through as the crowd screamed about the arrival of another Jedi.  Obi-Wan asked what the problem was and a Rodian said they had thieves in the night with robes and lightsabers.  The Rodian introduced himself as Feeven and said ti was outrageous.  Obi-Wan wondered if he should contact C’Baoth when he noticed him standing in the middle of the room.  On the other end of the room, a rather large gaurd held the door as a woman crowded in front of them with a young boy crouched closely to her chest.  As Obi-Wan greeted C’Baoth, the latter told the former he should not be here, but be in bed,  the mother and the father of the boy told C’Baoth that he was not taking their boy.  C’Baoth explained that the boy was selected to undergo Jedi training and therefore didn’t hava a choice.  C’Baoth explained that their son has potential to be a Jedi, and he won’t be denied that right, as Jedi Master Evrios had told them a week ago.  The father argued that ship’s law says that parents make those decisions, but C’Baoth said that ship’s law doesn’t apply here.  C’Baoth then argued with the father that they weren’t throwing out laws, but rewriting them.  Obi-Wan interjects saying that Pakmillu is the authority on ship’s law.  C’Baoth told Obi-Wan that this remaisn to be seen as Outbound Flight is mainly a Jedi project.  Obi-Wan askes to see C’Baoth in private and he syas not now as Captain Pakmillu has just arrived.  Pakmillu asked the two Jedi Masters what the problem was as he approached.  The father of the son burst in syaing they were trying to steal his son.  The boys father and C’Baoth then proceed to argue in front of Pakmillu about C’Baoth’s right to take the child and train him as a Jedi.  Obi-Wan then suggested they wait till morning to discuss this all as everyone would be in a better mood then.  Pakmillu agreed.  He said they would meet tomorrow after morning meal in Dreadnaught Two’s forward command center.  C’Baoth angrily agreed and stormed off with a confused Obi-Wan just behind…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 14 (Part 7)

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Wednesday.  The day before we all leave for Dragon Con.  I had everything planned out so that I was at the house from three o’clock on because Karen told me she would be at our house around three o’clock.  Well, I worked all morning on continuing to download music and mixing it onto CDs.  I got about twelve CDs done by the time three o’clock came around.  In the meantime, Heather had gone to work, gone to Rent A Center to pay them, and then had gone to AAA to get a TripTik for our trip and come home.  In the meantime I had also started to plan on my trip.  I was able to download some maps from MapQuest and was then putting together some plans to avoid all the traffic and the construction, especially through Pennsylvannia.  We ran into problems with traffic and congestion in that state last weekend and I want to avoid that this weekend if at all possible.  Then I decided that I would try to make as many business cards for “The Jedi Council Speaks” as I can so I can hand them out at Dragon Con in droves.  Well, that’s when I realized I didn’t have anymore printable business cards left in the house.  I tried to make my own by using some cardstock, but they didn’t turn out so hot.  Heather offered to make a stop on her shopping excursions on her way home and I agreed.  She stopped at Staples and managed to find a LOT of glossy business cards that were the same price as the non-glossy with fewer in the package.  All in all, I believe I ended up with about 350 business cards to hand out at Dragon Con.  Cool!!!  So, by the time Heather got home, it was after three o’clock.  I was getting exhasperated because no one had shown up at my house yet.

So, I called up Ian to find out what was going on and found out that Charles was on his way (which I figured), Jeff wouldn’t be showing up till after seven o’clock, and Karen was still in her class.  That was odd, because when I talked to Karen the other day she told me she was going to be getting to my house around three o’clock, but Ian told me that her night class didn’t start till three in the evening.  Anyway, I was able to scramble around and continue to get things together for tonight.  Jeff was showing up to my house by eight o’clock and Karen showed up around six o’clock or so.  We had everything ready to go and we then packed Jeff’s truck.  Charles hadn’t shown up yet, but things were looking pretty tight even without Charles’ things.  We were hoping Charles didn’t pack a lot for the trip.  If he did, it was going to be tight.  In order to get everything into the truck, we had to pack a bunch of the food in my totes with my Mando costume and other parts of my clothes.  We no more than loaded up the truck than Charles showed up in his car.  He took out his costume and showed us parts of his costume.  I have to say it’s pretty awesome!  He’s got a rocket launcher and a set of grenades painted from water bottles.  They look realistic and are fully functional to hold liquids.  We had a great time visiting with each other and we got Jeff’s truck packed.  We headed back downstairs in my basement and Jeff left with the truck mostly packed.  Karen proceeded to work on the rest of her costume while my wife helped her out as well.  Karen kind of took my wife from working on jackets, but I think Heather will be able to catch up over the weekend.  While we were sitting there talking, Charles was explaining more of his costume, when it suddenly came over Charles that he did not pack his vest in his tote.

Charles was going to drive back to Rochester.  He said, “I’ll see you in six hours” and it was about ten o’clock at night by this point.  I told Charles to call his house first to make sure it was still there so we knew that it wasn’t in Jeff’s truck.  Charles called his parents and found out it was there.  I suggested that Charles have the vest overnighted to Atlanta.  It wouldn’t get there till Friday, but we probably wouldn’t be trooping too much before then anyway.  After some coaxing, Charles convinced his mother to send it to Atlanta for him.  We all decided to watch “Robot Chicken” again and then we went to bed.  It was almost midnight before we even attempted to go to bed.  We were all pumped for the trip to Atlanta, GA tomorrow.  This is going to be one AWESOME trip!!!
Okay, so enough about Dragon Con.  Time to talk about Part 7 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 14 (Part 7):  An irritated voice yelled at Dillian about where he has been.  Dillian said it was a special meeting and introduced Jedi Lorana Jinzler.  The stranger interrupted him saying that it’s hard to do a hyperdrive reactor communication check without the hyperdrive man.  Pressor apologized and said he thought the meeting would be done sooner.  The stranger looked at Jinzler and asked if this was now going to be common place.  Jinzler questioned the stranger’s name and he introduced himself as Chas Uliar.  Uliar complained about Ma’Ning pulling his workers off of their work and putting them on other work and Uliar wondered where it will stop.  Ma’Ning stepped forward and asked if there was a problem.  Uliar said he would like his workers so he could get his work completed.  Ma’Ning said to Pressor that he could go back to work and Pressor thanked him.  Ma’Ning apologized to Uliar and said they would try to be more considerate of their work schedule in the future.  Jorad said goodbye to Jedi Jinzler and told him to take care of his sister.  As they left, Lorana said to Ma’Ning that Uliar semed like an irritable sort, but Ma’Ning said that he has a point about the schedule changes.  Ma’Ning then let Lorana know that he makes the schedule changes according to C’Baoth’s requests.  He suggested to Lorana that she talk to him about this and she agreed…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 14 (Part 6)

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Okay, it’s Tuesday before Dragon Con and I’m amped!  I think my body is actually beginning to produce it’s own endorphins because I was flying high on energy all day long today.  I spent most of my day today working on things for Dragon Con.  I got up early and watched T.V. while I downloaded a whole mess of tunes for our trip down to the con.  We plan on being in the car for about fourteen hours on the way down and about fourteen hours on the way back.  So, the way I figure it, I need to make about 20 CD’s to cover all the travel time from here to Atlanta and back.  I know we won’t listen to music the whole time, but I figure it will help us all from becoming tired.  While I was downloading music, I cued up my VCR with the tape I made of “Robot Chicken”.  I decided that not only was I going to add the greatest hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and today; but I was also going to add in to that Star Wars parody songs AND clips of the “Robot Chicken” episode.  It should be a fun weekend.

Heather went to work today and ended up coming home around noon or so.  She told me to meet her outside with the kids when she got home.  We then headed out to Aldi’s to go shopping for food for the trip.  Heather and I got into a little bit of an argument on the way to the store because she has decided to put almost half of my trip money in the account.  We haven’t been able to rely on the account and the ability to use the card.  It’s happened many times where we put money in the account and then can’t seem to access it through our ATM card.  I’m just afraid that this is going to happen on my way to Dragon Con and I’ll get caught down there without enough money.  Anyway, we got to Aldi’s and went shopping for the trip.  We found some real bargains and honestly, I think we had enough food to feed an army, but that’s okay because it’s going to save us a TON of money on this trip as we won’t have to go out and get too much food while we’re in Georgia.  We got to the check out line to check out at Aldi’s and sure enough, the card didn’t work.  Why?  Enterprise Rent-A-Car never put our money back in from the car we rented last weekend.  See, this is why I worry and Heather thinks I am a “whoa is me” kind of guy.  I’m not a negative guy, I just try to be on the cautious side when it comes to money.  Anyway, Heather had to drop me off at home, go to the bank, withdraw the money and head back to Aldi’s and do all the shopping all over again.  While she did that I kept on working on CD’s for the trip.  She got home and the kids and I helped her unload the car.  Heather decided she wanted to go out for dinner, so we all got back in the car and headed back out for dinner.

She also decided she wanted to check some things out at Wal Mart, so we headed over there and by the time I got home, must of the songs I wanted were now officially downloaded.  I started to actually make the CDs tonight and it was pretty late by the time I got to bed.  It was midnight and somehow I was up and acting like it was still three in the afternoon.  I got to bed by twelve-thirty, but didn’t fall asleep till one in the morning.  Too many things to think about and not enough time to get it all done in.  Tomorrow evening I would be having guests and I was pumped about that!
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 14 (Part 6):  The man introduced himself as Dillian Prosser and he said his son Jorad had a question.  Lorana introduced herself and Jorad asked if she really was a Jedi.  Lorana then introduced herself as Jedi Jinzler, which Jorad tried to say unsuccessfully.  Then the boy said that Ma’Ning said that those who were called would be Jedi and he wanted to know if he could be a Jedi too.  Lorana tried to explain to the boy that being a Jedi required being born with the ability to manipulate The Force.  He asked if he could be tested again, and said maybe he got better.  Lorana said the he may have, but knew that Force sensitivity coulc not be created.  She promises the boy that she’ll speak to Master Ma’Ning and have him tested again and if he shows signs of improvement, she’ll try to get him into the program.  Jorad thanked Lorana and Lorana said your welcome.  Lorana looked at the baby they had and asked Jorad if that’s his sister and he said her name’s Katarin and she cries a lot.  Lorana said that this is what babies do and thanked them all for coming.  Dillian said no problem and thanked Lorana for talking to them…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 14 (Part 5)

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Okay, it’s Monday and now I have the opportunity to write the way I like to write.  I’m not going to say more about this weekend other than that there are individuals that don’t want to be mentioned on my blog or my podcast.  Why?  I’m not quite sure and certain individuals seem to not be able to explain it to me.  But, I’m never going to let complaints like that keep me from talking about what is going on in my life.  It’s Monday and it’s three days till we leave for Dragon Con and I am running on adrenaline already.  Can’t wait to see what I’m like by Thursday morning by the time we get on the road.  I got up this morning and got myself together and started my day.  Then I got a phone call from Heather and she asked me if I could help her at work.  So, I went through the pain in the butt of finding a babysitter for the kids and got things set up and then got off to work by around eleven o’clock this morning.  I was lucky that our next door neighbor was willing to watch the kids while I went to work.  I got to work by about eleven o’clock or so and worked from eleven till about three o’clock.  I came home and Heather and I had decided that tomorrow we would go shopping for food for Dragon Con.  We were both too tired to do that this afternoon.

The kids let us crash a little and then we all ate dinner together.  Tonight, I started to pack things together for Dragon Con.  I also started the vast downloading of music that I’m doing for the trip.  I’ve decided I’m going to try and put together over 14 mix CD’s of some of the biggest hits of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and today along with some clips from movies and some audio parodies that I can find online.  It’s going to take a significant amount of time to get it all compiled and then made.  This took up most of my evening along with packing up all my armor and my repair kit for Dragon Con.  Things are going to get busy along that line tomorrow.  Heather worked on making a pouch for the front of my belt tonight.  The idea is to be able to put a camera, etc. inside the pouch and what-not.  I may even move my voicebox up to the front pouch so it doesn’t appear as though I’m talking from my ass!  It was a busy day even with what seemed like a lot of fun things to do.  I can’t believe my summer is almost over.  But hey, it’s about to go out with a bang!!
Okay, let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 14 (Part 5):  Lorana watched the others leave as the thought crossed her mind that Ma’Ning had invited her down here, and she had no idea why.  Ma’Ning asked her if C’Baoth was always this overbearing and Lorana said he wasn’t overbearing at all!  Ma’Ning wrote it off as his personality.  Ma’Ning asked Jinzler what she thought of this idea of training older children and she said she wasn’t sure, as this was the first time she had heard of it.  Ma’Ning sounded shocked, but said that C’Baoth was right that there were exceptions in the past that seemed to work out fine.  Jinzler then excused herself to find some crew members that would help organize the new training center.  Ma’Ning excused himself and left to talk to the two other Duros who were Jedi in the room.  Lorana felt like an outsider yet again.  As she went to step away, a crewer stepped in her path and asked to have a word with her……

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 14 (Part 4)

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Okay, last day of “Facts” and then tomorrow I can get back to my old writing style.  I can’t wait to be able to write like normal and not have to filter what I’m saying.  I’m also on edge about Dragon Con.  Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!!  It should be pretty awesome!  Okay, here are the facts of today:


Fact:  It rained most of the night, but stopped by this morning.

Fact:  We got up early and had a breakfast together.

Fact:  We struck camp and all of our tents were wet when we took them down.

Fact:  We left camp fairly early and headed home.

Fact:  We got home in plenty of time to relax and enjoy the evening.

Fact:  It was a fun weekend, but now I’m exhausted.


Okay, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 14 (Part 4):  C’Boath then said change can always be disconcerting, but that Outbound Flight is one giant experiment and if they are successful, could change the galaxy and the Jedi Order.  Obi-Wan asked what happens if they don’t succeed and C’Baoth says the experiment fails, but then insists they won’t.  Kenobi looked at Ma’Ning and niether were very happy.  But, they both know that Jedi history is all about experimentation and even failure.  Ma’Ning agrees to give it a try, but warns C’Baoth to move carefully.  C’Baoth then made Jedi Jinzler in charge of getting together the Jedi training center, and warned them all to talk to him first before they move any of his Jedi from their pre-described duties.  He looked at Kenobi and said they would continue their tour.  As they walked, Kenobi aksed what Jedi duties they were expected to perform.  C’Baoth said exactly as they are currently doing, walking around the ship and helping where they can, training the Jedi, and maintaining order.  Kenobi said there didn’t seem to be any disputes onboard this vessel, but C’Baoth said this many people will eventually create friction with each other.  He expects that they will have to enforce the “Rules of Conduct”.  Kenobi said he assumed that these problems would be taken care of by Captain Pakmillu and C’Baoth said he’ll be too busy running the ship.  Kenobi reminded C’Baoth that they were to act as advisors as Jedi are not meant to rule over anyone.  C’Baoth snapped back saying they are not ruling over anyone and Kenobi challenged him by saying they were since they were taking over Pakmillu’s duties.  Then C’Baoth retorted using an example of the situation on Barlok.  Kenobi hesitated, but Anakin jumped in saying that the Jedi are supposed ot have wisdom beyond the commoner.  Obi-Wan said that wisdom sometimes means knowing what to stand by and let others resolve their differences.  C’Baoth said this wisdom comes from a better knowledge of The Force and then tries to deflect the discussion back to the tour of the ship……

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 14 (Part 3)

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Okay, I can only once again give you the facts.  I feel like I’m a police reporter all of a sudden.  Okay, here are the facts for today:


Fact:  We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

Fact:  We went to Harper’s Ferry today and learned about John Brown’s raid.

Fact:  We also went to the Bull Run Battlefield Park.

Fact:  On our way back from visiting these sites, it started to rain and rained all through dinner and most of the night.

Fact:  It cooled down enough for Heather and I to sleep tonight.

Fact:  We leave tomorrow and head home.


Okay, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 14 (Part 3):  Obi-Wan shockingly asked if the childeren would be taken from their families by force, but C’Baoth said he hoped that would not be necessary.  Ma’Ning questioned why they were even doing this and C’Baoth said that it was because they were going on a long trip and he needed more Jedi than Master Yoda would allow, so he would train them and didn’t care about the age of the children as the precious Jedi did.  Ma’Ning said that Master Yoda would disagree with him, but C’Baoth said that Anakin was proof that older children are trainable.  Ma’Ning said this may be true, but there were reasons for only accepting infants.  C’Boath said there is nothing in the Jedi Code that speaks to this, but Obi-Wan counters saying that the writings of Master Simikarty are clear on this subject.  C’Baoth said that Simikarty’s writings are interpretation of the codes and not code itself.  One of the Duros Jedi asked C’Baoth if he’s against tradition and C’Baoth said he doesn’t accept it blindly and especially when their numbers are declining acrossed the galaxy.  Ma’Ning interrupted saying that it’s different when you’re forcing parents to give up their children for training.  C’Baoth said they may want that anyway, but Ma’Ning said they had the ability to test their children as infants and give them up for training then.  C’Baoth then said that children should be allowed to choose but Obi-Wan said that there are reasons for taking infants only.  C’Baoth pointed out that these particular reasons are solved by the use of Outbound Flight.  The children won’t be going light years aways and he’s even considered giving these children time with their families.  Then C’Baoth revealed that the training will take place in the storage core, where they’re away from outside distractions…..