‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 10 (Part 1)

Okay, Thursday and I was required to work a little longer at Wendy’s.  I got up around nine a.m. again and managed to get to work on time today.  I worked a little longer today as I had to work until five o’clock.  Heather and I had come up with a plan for the pool last night while sitting around and Heather had decided this morning that tonight she wanted to execute said plan.  We decided that since our back yard was not level on it’s own, we were going to have to make a level portion of the yard on our own.  I suggested buying some gardening wood (the kind you use for edging) and that we build a frame to put dirt into and then level out the frame and then level out the ground for the pool to sit on.  Sounds simple, don’t it?  Well, there were complications.  How were we going to get the dirt back to the second property?  How were we going to cut said edging lumber?  Lot’s to think of.

As I got done with my shift at Wendy’s, I got a call from Heather and she told me to meet her at Lowe’s on my way home.  Once I got to Lowe’s, Heather had a dozen bags of topsoil dirt on a cart and said we would buy the edging, a new skill saw, and something to connect it all together with.  So, I managed to come up with the brilliant idea of using some metal sheathing for the connection pieces and we would use some washers and screws to screw all the sections together.  I also told her that it would take a lot more than twelve bags, but that this would be a good start.  We managed to buy everything without too much hassle and we found a “Black and Decker” saw for under $80 that has a laser sight on it as well.  VERY nice.  I said it would be one of my birthday gifts and she told me, “nonsense”.  That shocked me quite a bit.  We bought fifteen planks of garden edging and I pulled the two cars over to the loading dock to load them up.  Needless to say, between our two cars, we were completely full.  On the way home, Heather cut her pinky finger REALLY bad.  To the point that I suggest she go to the hospital to get stitches, but she refused.  Needless to say, it involved the metal sheathing I referenced earlier.

We got home, unloaded my car and headed back out and got some Subs from Subway for dinner.  It was about eight o’clock till we got both cars unloaded and then ate some dinner downstairs.  We were both exhausted and watched some T.V. and then went to bed early because we were just so tired.  Tomorrow will be another busy day going into the weekend, considering I will be in East Rutherford, N.J. on Saturday.

Okay, let’s talk about Chapter 10, Part 1 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 10 (Part 1):  Car’das explained to Thrawn that he was a merchant trader.  Thrawn was then surprised that Car’das that Car’das said he had a fishing boat in the Cheunh language.  Thrawn said he warned that the Cheunh language may be physically impossible for Car’das, but was impressed with how far he has come in a short time.  Car’das said he was honored by the comment and Thrawn said he was flattered by the compliment.  Thrawn then turned to Maris and said he was ready to fullfill her special request.  Car’das was surprised that Maris had made a special request.  Maris claimed she wanted to practice more of the language.  Maris asked Thrawn which piece he chose and Thrawn said he would not tell her which piece, but would describe it and see if she could figure out which piece he’s talking about.  Car’das tried to concentrate on the description that was given in Cheunh.  As Car’das watched Maris concentrating on Thrawn’s Cheunh words, he began to realize that his female commander maybe falling for Thrawn as a love interest.  Thrawn asked Car’das, interupting his thoughts about whether he was able to identify the painting.  Car’das said he was concentrating on the words, but not the meaning and Thrawn pointed out that the world is about meaning…..

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