‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 9 (Part 4)

Okay, so since I didn’t have a chance to sleep in yesterday and since Heather worked till two in the morning and I stayed up for her yet again, we decided to sleep in this morning and miss church.  Besides, in my mind, I’m on vacation!!  Anyway, we got up fairly late this morning only waking up at about ten o’clock, but considering that we only went to sleep at two this morning, we really didn’t sleep in much as it were.  We decided to put up the new pool that we got.  Well, things just didn’t seem to go smooth the way we had expected it to.  First, we watched the parts of the DVD again and then scoped out our second property.  Well, the number one rule is to put the pool on level ground.  You would think this would be easy and the video makes it seem like this would be an easy prospect.  Well, we’ve discovered that our entire property is slopped down towards the river.  So, we looked for the spot that was the flattest and the flattest section of the property was the section of the property between two trees.  I just didn’t like the idea of it, but we had to put it there to try and maintain the possibility of the pool being level.

So, we blew up the ring that goes on top of the pool and tried to center the pool on the ground cloth that came with the kit.  It wasn’t easy.  The pool is round and the ground cloth is square and it was hard to square up the pool so that it didn’t hang out over the edge of the ground cloth.  After messing around with that for about a half an hour, we finally got the pool set and blew up the ring on the top of the pool and started to fill it with water.  Needless to say, we thought the pool was level, but alas, itw as not and as the pool filled up, it was filling up a little more (about four inches or so) on one side of the pool than the other.  It was a little lopsided but not too bad.  Heather and I went inside and watched “Freedom Writers” while the pool filled up.  The whole afternoon we let the water run to fill the pool.  We even let the water run all night long while we ate some dinner and watched some more T.V.  By the time we went to bed this evening, the pool was only about half way full.  It’s a good thing the kids aren’t home, or they would think this pool isn’t filling fast enough.  I would tend to agree with them, but I am not to optimistic that this pool is going to work.  Anyway, we watched another movie tonight and I did some DVD copying.  The power of now having a DVD writer!  Although my current DVD writer doesn’t seem to be working properly.  It works some of the time and then doesn’t work other times.  I’m not sure why that is and have decided I will call Sony tomorrow and figure out what is going on.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 9 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn……

 Chapter 9 (Part 4):  C’Baoth was standing up in the room with the leaders of the Mining and Corporate Alliance seated at the table and C’Baoth’s eyes were blazing.  C’Baoth was using a Force Grip to hold the missile back.  C’Baoth sputtered about how some of those on Barlok think that violence is more important than justice.  Obi-Wan thanked C’Boath for helping to divert a disaster.  C’Baoth tells Kenobi to hold on and starts to lecture Guildmaster Gilfrome and Magistrate Argente  about how they’ve been holding back the negotiations.  He demanded that the two parties come to an agreement and said the agreement would be the one he proposed and destroyed the missile.  Obi-Wan took the scrap piece of metal that was the missile from C’Baoth and told Anakin to stop admiring C’Baoth and told him to help get what was left of the missile to the police disposal team……


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