‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 8 (Part 8)

Well, it’s Wednesday and it was the last day of school with students.  I can’t believe this day finally came.  It was quite a day for me and I opted for most of the work that I had put on me.  But, I care about my students finishing their music finals and giving my students the chance to make a music video of they wanted to.  I started off the day by getting up a little early and getting to school a little earlier than normal.  I spent the morning prepping for the eighth grade students who would be coming to my classroom to finish my final this morning.  Once homeroom was over about half my seventh period class showed up for testing and half of my first period class even showed up to homeroom.  We finished final exams and then my seventh period class members left the room and for two hours we finished taping the first period music videos.  I’ll have to spend some time over the summer editing them and getting them finished before the next school year.  After all that was done, it was time for the lunch hour.  The students who skipped my class tried to avoid me at lunch hour, I believe thinking I was offended by them skipping.  Anyway, we then ran a shortened schedule in the afternoon and half the students in the school were missing.  The day was long, but it was over before I knew it.

I came home and will openly admit that I crashed!  It was good to be over with the school year.  I took a little nap just because I was so tired.  I then went downstairs and started to grade the final exams.  Oi!  Some were good and some just made me want to cry.  I’m sure other teachers often feel the same way.  I got done with those and then inputted the grades into the computer.  That was it.  I was done with the grades for the school year.  What a feeling of accomplishement!  I got done with that and watched T.V. with Heather and had my hands at trying out my DVD writer.  I’ve tried using it before, very briefly, but never actually tried it out.  I have two more days to my work week and the rest of the week is going to be busy and believe it or not, without kids at school, I have a ton of work to get done!

Okay, let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 8 (Part 8):  The Vagaari ship was anchored just outside the asteroid base when Thrawn took a transport fromt he base and docked with the ship.  Thrawn told Qennto that they would study their enemy’s tactics before cleaning up the bodies on the ship.  Maris asked if they were going to hide the ship at all and Thrawn said it would go in the station once they determined that there are no dangers in the engines or weapons systems.  Thrawn told them all to spread out and insisted they find artwork that may look similar.  As they looked at art, Thrawn pointed out that you could learn a lot about particular cultures through their art.  He recognized something by The Frunchies culture because he recognized a painting that needed an extra joint between the elbow and wrist to be created.  Qennto looked at Thrawn surprised saying that he claiem to never have made it into Republic space.  Thrawn said to his knowledge he hadn’t, but that it’s obvious the characteristics needed for this style of art, but Qennto and Maris don’t think it’s that easy.  Thrawn asked Car’das and he said he didn’t see it.  Qennto thought it was luck and pulled out another sculpture.  Thrawn studied the piece.  He said they were humanoid with a larger torso and were repulsed by t the objects around themselves.  Qennto couldn’t believe it, because this sculpt was by the Pashvi and that explains their characteristics and he explained that their food comes from large pillars that are protected by aviary creatures.  Maris was shocked that Thrawn figured that out from one sculpt, but Thrawn said there were twelve other examples in the room, and pointed them out.  Qennto said this was some kind of crazy Jedi thing.  Then he explained to Thrawn that the Jedi were the holders of peace in the galaxy and that they have unique powers.  Thrawn asked for them to identify more of the art and tell him more of these Jedi as they did so.

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