‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 8 (Part 7)

Okay, Tuesday and I only have two more day with students at school.  I got up this morning and I hate to say it, I almost didn’t want to go to school.  I knew it would be a chaotic day and in many ways that I can’t explain here, it was!  All I can say is that some of my eighth graders have just decided that they don’t care about anything.  I offered to take my first period eighth graders for tomorrow morning so they have a shot at finishing their music videos.  Some of them sounded excited about this for tomorrow and others sounded like they didn’t care.  That’s okay, I will take the ones that want to be there and they’ll get credit for doing their project while the others that didn’t do the project will simply not get credit for doing the project.  It won’t count against them, but they won’t get credit for it either.  Anyway, I managed to make my way through the day.  We had exams in the morning and then ran a schedule in the afternoon.  I got all of my finals done today and was able to start grading final exams in the afternoon today.  At least most of my finals are done.  Some of my eighth graders need to finish tomorrow in the morning.  I also had a chance to help the 8th Grade class president and the teacher rep set up the sound system for tonight while they showed a powerpoint video using the sound system as well.  I got done with school and headed home.

Heather and I went out with the kids tonight to celebrate her birthday.  Of course, I had to rag on her about her now being 31 while I’m now only currently 30.  Of course, it will only be this way for two weeks, but hey, this is my two weeks to rip on her while I can.  I make up for the rest of the year.  LOL!  Anyway, we then went to Wal Mart to pick up some things for the house we needed and came home and Heather opened up some gifts from the kids and myself and we had some cake.  We chilled in the basement and cooled off since it was so hot today.  We watched our usual shows and then went to bed.  Tomorrow’s the last day of school with students.  Then I can breath a HUGE sigh of relief.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 7 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Fligh” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 8 (Part 7):  The Brolf kept firing and Obi-Wan kept deflecting shots, till he sensed something from acrossed the street.  Even the attacking Brolf looked in that direction.  While he looked, Obi-Wan sliced his blaster in half and the Brolf dropped the other half and went running down the street.  Instead of chasing that Brolf, Obi-Wan faced the Brolf that just came out of the house from acrossed the street.  At that moment, Obi-Wan realized that Anakin was missing.  He saw a house with an open front door and found his padawan inside, lightsaber already blazing.  He was standing over Lorana’s body, while one Brolf layed dead and two cowered in the corner.  He told Obi-Wan he found Lorana and Obi-Wan said, “I see”.  Obi-Wan asked what they used on her and Anakin said he didn’t see anything.  Obi-Wan concluded that the Brolf’s have it on them and confronted the Brolf’s cowering in the corner.  They quickly, and willingly gave up the device.  Obi-Wan demanded their comlinks and weapons next and they again complied.  Obi-Wan looked at the device they handed him and realized it was a hypo.  He squirted some on his finger and using Jedi senses, deduced it was a sedative and not a poison.  Obi-Wan said the two Brolfi won’t be facing attempted murder charges, unless a homemade missile goes off.  The two Brolfs immediately gave up the name of Filvian and Defender, the human.  The Brolfs insisted that they were not personally involved.  Anakin suggested they turn the Brolfs over to Riske for a serious interogation, but Obi-Wan said that would not be the Jedi way.  Obi-Wan insisted they turn the Brolfs over to the police and wait for Lorana to wake up.  Obi-Wan insisted they wait right where they are.  After all, Jhompfi, Filvian, or Defender may reveal themselves…..


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