‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 8 (Part 5)

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s and would be Dads out there!!!  I had a wonderful Father’s Day today.  I got to relax, geek out, and got some cool stuff as well.  I was woken up this morning with a nice surprise from Heather and the kids.  They made me breakfast in bed, which was nice.  I had eggs, bacon, and some apple juice.  Then the kids came in and gave me a bunch of things that they made at school.  Stories about dad, pictures, drawings, all sorts of cool dad things.  Then Heather gave me a gift.  I got the Wave 3 Luke Skywalker and I also got “Pirates of the Carribean:  Dead Man’s Chest” on DVD.  Totally cool!!  Well, by the time I got done with that, we didn’t have time to go to church.  So, we stayed home and I got ready to go to my Star Wars FanForce meeting which was happening at noon today.

I got to Barnes and Nobles and Karen was already there getting her coffee.  We had a blast at this meeting.  I showed off some of my upgrades to my costume and Charles has now become our residential electronics expert.  He’s going to work on blinking LED’s for all of our chest plates and has quite the audio system for his helmet that is also linked to his chest plate.  It’s pretty cool, actually.  We had a lot of discussions.  We talked about our participation in a B-Mets game on July 28th that we have had planned for several months now, our participation in the Spiedie Fest at Otsiningo Park and what our plans for Dragon Con were.  We had a lot of official business and then we had some not-so official business.  Then, we recorded for the next two segments of “What If..” and I did a taped response to a listeners MP3 that was sent to me.  We got done, hung out at our cars a little bit and then headed home.  On my way home, I realized we had all spent three hours together.

I got home and continued to work on my thigh plates by spray painting them.  Heather worked on some jackets and we continued to work on individual projects.  Heather then started getting dinner together that was made just for me, steak on the grill!!  Yum yum!!  I ate a whole steak by myself!  We got done with dinner and then Heather and I headed downstairs and we watched “First Knight” together which we haven’t watched since I gave it to her on Mother’s Day.  Once we finished with that, we watched “The Simpsons” and some other shows and then watched “Star Wars on Robot Chicken”.  If you haven’t seen this, it’s totally hilarious.  Check it out at starwars.com.  It was totally funny!  Heather and I went to bed shortly after Robot Chicken.  Tomorrow is another day!

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 8 (Part 5):  Anakin asked how they were going to find her and Obi-Wan said that C’Baoth gave them a hint, Lorana did not fight her attackers.  Anakin asks what that means.  Obi-Wan said that she wanted to be captured and taken into the heart of the conspirators.  And Anakin said they’d be crazy to bring a Jedi in their midst, so Obi-Wan pointed out that she had to have gotten rid of her lightsaber.  Exactly, Anakin said and that if they got close enough, real close, they could sense the Ilum Crystal.  And Obi-Wan pointed out that where her lightsaber is will show where she was captured.  Obi-Wan suggested they start looking near Jhompfi’s friends’ places in the Covered Bush area of the Patameene District.  Obi-Wan pointed out that this is the only place where hedges line the streets and hedges are a great place to hide lightsabers.  Obi-Wan told his padawan to clear his mind as it may be a long night…..


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