‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 8 (Part 4)

Okay, it’s Saturday and for the first time in a while, we didn’t have anything planned today.  Heather and I both got up around nine-thirty this morning and managed to get us going for the day.  Heather go up and started painting Tara’s room and got up and got the lawnmower going this morning.  I thought I would mow early this morning so I wasn’t mowing while it was warm outside.  I got done mowing and went right back to weed whacking with the weed whacker.  I got done with most of the yard work and it was about eleven thirty or so, so I sat down and ate some lunch.  Heather finished painting for today right around the same time, so we ate lunch together.

I headed downstairs and started to work on some more advancements on my Mando costume.  While I did this, Heather decided to take a nap.  She was still exhausted from last night.  I don’t blame her considering she’s had less than six hours of sleep.  So, I kept working and decided to design my own thigh guards for my costume.  I’ve decided I’m going to do thigh guards and boot guards, but not shin guards.  I don’t know why not shin guards, but I just don’t think my character would have them.  The boot guards are going to be hard enough.  So, I printed out the Jengo thigh guard templates and modified them.  Before Heather even got up from her nap, I was already cutting the Sintra for the thigh guards.  I figure I can have them filed, shaped, and primed by the end of the evening.  Heather worked on some jackets for the seamstress she works for and then started to get herself ready for work.  I continued to cut sintra and work on sanding my sintra.  Heather left for work a little early to get something to eat and the kids and I had leftovers for dinner.

Once we were done, the kids did some cleaning around the house while I worked on filing down the rough edges of my thigh armor.  I then went upstairs and guided my kids a little while I used the heat gun to form the thigh guards to the correct shape.  By eight o’clock, the house looked spic n’span clean and I was able to start priming my thigh guards.  So, at eight o’clock I let the kids go downstairs and turn on “Ice Age:  The Meltdown” which was on HBO.  While they did that, I primed my thigh guards a few more times.  In between primer coats, I managed to start working on a project I wanted to start last weekend.  I’ve printed off all the Internet articles about the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars.  Well, I put them all on Oak Tag and I hope to take it all to Staples sometime this summer and get it all laminated and then I can put it on the walls of the basement to add to the Star Wars decorations.  Once I finished with that project, “Superman Returns” was on Cinemax and I decided to give it one more chance.  It wasn’t as bad this time around, but still didn’t impress me much.  I did catch some more of the details which I did not catch when Josh and I watched it around Christmas time, but it still wasn’t as impressive as the Christopher Reeve versions.  I stayed up late and read some more of my book and then went to bed.  Tomorrow’s Father’s Day and who knows what will happen then.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 8 (Part 4):  C’Baoth was not happy about being disturbed and less happy at the disapperance of his padawan.  Obi-Wan apologized and was sorry for C’Baoth’s anger till C’Baoth quipped that Jedi don’t get angry.  C’Baoth asked Anakin what he thought of the scenario and Anakin said he was simply concerned for Lorana’s life.  C’Baoth said she was not dead or he would have felt it.  Anakin asked if he could sense her location but C’Baoth said he could not pick up her signature, but asked aobut the Brolf who obtained the boosters, but Anakin said he would be of no help.  C’Baoth suggested they Force his mind and then withdrew his suggestion.  C’Baoth then disparaged aobut how the Jedi protect the weak, but can’t let others persecute them.  C’Baoth pointed out that there are no new reports of lightsabrers being used or limbs cut off in the city.  C’Baoth suggested that he had trained his padawan better than that.  Obi-Wan then had an idea after C’Baoth’s complaints.  C’Baoth told them that he expected Lorana by his side when he greeted Magistrate Argente and Guildmaster Guilfrome in the morning.  Obi-Wan said okay and put his comlink away…..


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