‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 8 (Part 3)

Okay, it’s Wednesday and it’s the middle of the week.  We’ve made it up till now.  Now we just gotta get through the rest of the week.  Heather had the day off today so it was nice to wake up with two adults to help get the kids ready for school.  The morning seemed to go smoother just because there was another adult here to help me out.  Not that I’m complaining, but yesterday was tough with Tara .  We’re going to have to work on this before next school year.  We got the kids and me off to school and it was time to get to work.

The school schedule today, although testing was involved in the morning, seemed to go smoothly.  The sixth graders started their testing this morning, so myself and all the Unified Arts teachers had to go and relieve.  In the afternoon we had all our classes for nineteen minutes.  It made it a little hard on those continuing exams, but made it even harder on those with whom I was starting exams, mainly my eighth graders.  But, we made it through the day without too much to worry about.  I was able to get much accomplished with my students in very little time and I was very impressed with my students’ ability to adapt to the situation at hand.

I got done with school and stuck around to get some grading done as final grades are due soon and I wanted to make sure I’m completely caught up before I get to the final exams.  That way all I have to do is implement the final exams and then calculate the final grades.  Anyway, I managed to get all of that done and then I was off to SMASH rehearsal.  We had a pretty good rehearsal and feel pretty confident about this Friday’s performance for the “Relay for Life” walk for the American Cancer Society.  We had a great rehearsal and Jim and I had some good conversation about the group and about where we want to see them head.  We had a discussion about having a practice next week and decided that it would be counter productive to everything we’ve accomplished so far this year.  I also need that week back just so I can get myself back “in alignment” mentally before I have to start working at Wendy’s this summer in order to save money up for Dragon Con this summer.

I got done with SMASH and came home and ate some dinner and then Heather and I went downstairs and watched some T.V.  Heather had to leave at one point to go pick up Ruth from her last Girl Scout meeting for the year and then came home.  We “vegged” out a little downstairs for a while and then went to bed.  Only two more days to this week and the end of the school year seems in sight.

Okay, let’s discuss Part 3 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 8 (Part 3):  Then Riske told them that Jhompfi and his friends have all disappeared.  Obi-Wan then told Riske that the Jedi padawan that he met earlier has disappered with them, and Riske said that was a shame.  Obi-Wan asked Riske if he knew where they may be and Riske said if he knew, he would be looking for them.  Riske told them that he doubts Jhompfi or any of his paosl would be heading home anytime soon, but that he’s got their houses under surveillance.  He said he was going back to the hotel to check on security there, he felt that if there was going to be an attack, it would be tonight at the hotel.  Riske revealed that he almsot had put a tracker on Lorana when he met her and Obi-Wan said he wish Riske would have.  Riske gave them the frequency and encryption to one of his comlinks.  He told them to contact him if they heard of anything.  Anakin asked what they should do now and Obi-Wan said they need to tell Master C’Baoth.  Maybe he can help them sense where Lorana is.  Anakin suggested that all the Jedi should carry trackers and Obi-Wan muttered under his breath and told Anakin to never mind…..


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