‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 8 (Part 1)

Okay, it’s Monday and it’s the beginning of the week.  It was an interesting start to the week.  Heather is training to start doing opens at Wendy’s so she doesn’t have to do closes and stay at Wendy’s until two in the morning.  This situation will really be a “win/win” for Heather, the kids, and myself.  So, she had to get up REAL early today.  She had to be up around four-thirty this morning so that she could get into work by five-thirty.  It’s a little bit of a nuisance, but not as bad as her staying out until two in the morning and my mind racing ninety miles a minute about what can happen to her while she’s out that late.  So, I got up at my usual time and the kids and I were pretty much in the house by ourselves.  We had everything down to a science this morning.

I got up and turned the lights on in each kids’ bedroom.  Ruth got them going while I took a shower.  They each managed to put their lunches (that they made last night) into their backpacks and then went to work on their chores for the morning.  Ruth worked on dishes, Austin hung clothes out on the line, and Tara, well, she just needed to get ready for school.  Things seemed to go pretty smooth.  So smooth, that we had time to clean up the living room and the dining room as well as the kitchen and the main bathroom.  Pretty much, when Heather came home after work today, the house was pretty well tidied up.

I went to school and worked hard with my students.  This is the last of the two days I have left with my students basically because the week from Wednesday on starts our final exam schedule and I see students for no more than 19 minutes at a time.  That’s a bummer since I still will have some finals to give at that time.  Some classes did well, while others just have checked out for the year.  It’s to be expected at this point.

I got home and Heather and I crashed and took a half hour snooze together.  It was a long weekend with the Franklin Graham Festival and it just seems as though we’ve been running around like crazy since this year began.  We got interrupted with a phone call from the marching band director of Vestal letting me know that we now have a staff meeting tomorrow night at his new house for the Staff Heads.  We got up, got dinner together and spent some time with the kids.  After dinner, Heather took Tara to Wal Mart to get her the paint she needed to redo her room this summer.  We’re redoing each room in the house one room at a time, and Tara is on the docket for this summer.  She’ll be getting a brand new dresser with her money from Girl Scout cookie sales and we’re repainting and redecorating her room with a “Hello Kitty” décor.

While Heather was out, I watched “On The Lot” by myself.  I was not as impressed with tonight’s movies as I was last week.  We’ll have to see how it all lays out in the end.  Heather got home with Tara just in time to watch “Big Love” with me and we went to bed early.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 8 (Part 1):  As the night began to settle in, Obi-Wan sighed at not being able to get ahold of Lorana.  Anakin said they should’ve called earlier, but Obi-Wan pointed out that he was the one playing with Duefgrin’s swoop.  Anakin told Obi-Wan that they’re looking for a Brolf named Jhompfi and that he stole the thrusters for his speeder bike.  Anakin explained that Duefgrin told him this while Obi-Wan searched the neighborhood for clues.  Obi-Wan scloded Anakin for not giving hm that info right away as it may be connected to Lorana’s troubles.  Anakin snapped back saying that if he appeared too jumpy, Duefgrin would call Jhompfi and warn him.  Obi-Wan told him to mind his place and Anakin apologized.  Obi-Wan found where they needed to be on the map on his datapad.  They decided to take a look…..

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