‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 7 (Part 8)

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.  It was Sunday and we all got up around seven-thirty or so to get ready for church.  I was really starting to get tired by now and so was Heather.  We were very slow in getting ready for church, but Grammy was nice enough to have brought along some bagels to make our morning go along a lot faster than it normally does.  Even the kids seemed a little sluggish, but we managed to get ourselves together and got ourselves dressed for church.  We grabbed some bags, which were way too heavy, for the rummage sale and headed off to church.

Once we got to church, it appeared that there were going to be very few people at our church service.  So, let me understand this, the weekend when we are trying to bring many people into the arms of Christ, and a lot of people decided to skip church.  It sounds backwards to me, but I’m not the one who should judge.  Anyway, there didn’t seem to be anyone to do sound, but Pastor said he would take care of it and he did so.  I shared some stories from the week.  I even shared about how someone on my Operation Andrew prayer list is suddenly struggling with a parent that is sick.  It made me feel as though my prayer list may not have been for nothing.  We got done with church and the race was on again.

We raced home, as Heather and I needed to be back to the Franklin Graham Festival by about two o’clock.  But, they were suggesting we get there even earlier than we had planned on.  So, we all drove to our home and then we said goodbye to grammy and papa because we needed to head out and get to Wendy’s to eat some lunch before getting over to the festival.  We gave hugs and kisses, changed our clothes quick, and were on our way.  We ate lunch as quick as we could and got on the road and got over to the festival.  Honestly, we got a GREAT parking space right next to the Event Center.  This time around, getting into the center was a little more complicated than we thought it would be.  We headed to the choral entrance with our kids and they said they could let us in, but not the kids.  When I asked why, the gentleman explained that they only had enough bands for the choir members, which made sense to me.  So, we went back to the main entrance and convinced a poor college kid to give us three armbands so our three kids could go in with us.  Once we got inside, Heather and I decided the kids would just have to sit with us during our performances.

It was another great Festival and things seemed to got smooth and it all sounded great in the end.  We had quite a few more people come to Christ during this day.  It looked like more than half the people that attended were on the floor at the end.  As soon as we were over, Heather and I decided to head out right away and get home.  We got some dinner at Taco Bell on our way home, ate some dinner in the basement and chilled out, literally.  Heather and I sent the kids to bed and took a small nap ourselves and then got up to watch the very last episode of “The Sopranos”.  Ultimately, it was totally boring and the ending of the show was total crap!!  I can’t believe that after all of these years of being a loyal fan of “The Sopranos” and the producers come up with this piece of trash ending.  It was a total bummer compared to all the other T.V. endings I have witnessed in my lifetime.  Even “Friends” ended with more respect, and that’s not saying much.  Disappointment is the only way to categorize it.  We then watched some other T.V. and then went to bed early.  I wanted to get caught up on some of my sleep from the weekend and I hope to keep my energy up for the next two weeks of school. 

Let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 7 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 7 (Part 8):  Car’das said it seemed as though the Chiss could hold their own in a fight.  Thrawn asked if Car’das knew what it was like to neutralize an enemy before it strikes.  Car’das said his people have conducted pre-emptive strikes before and Thrawn asked if this was common and Car’das said some find it immoral.  Thrawn asked if Car’da thought it was immoral and Car’das said that they better have evidence of an eminent threat.  Then Thrawn asked about species that won’t attack you, but attacks others, like the Vagaari.  Thrawn wondered if the Chiss should just stand back while the Vagaari attack all the non-Chiss species in Chiss territory.  Car’das said this question will forever be asked and answered adn then asked Thrawn if he and Aristocra disagreed on this issue.  Thrawn says he disagrees with most of his species.  Car’das asked if he showed Aristocra all the bounty and all the species it was stolen from.  Thrawn said it wouldn’t make a difference and then asked Car’das if he’d be interested in helping.  Car’das said sure, but he didn’t know how.  Thrawn said that some of the Bounty had to come from Republic worlds, and he may be useful for information.  Car’das pointed out that Qennto and Maris have travelled more than he has and Thrawn may have need of their services as well.  Thrawn said this will also give Qennto a chance to choose which item he will keep and help give relative value to their recently captured bounty.  Car’das told Thrawn that those he seeks to defend would see no problems with his moral stance.  Thrawn said their gratitude may be short lived and Car’das said maybe not.


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