‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 7 (Part 7)

Well, today was a long day, but not as bad as yesterday.  We all got up fairly early to get the kids going.  Heather and I got up around five-thirty to get showers and get ready and the kids were up by six to get ready.  We got them all ready and headed over to our church to meet with our Youth Group for the Kidzfest of the Franklin Graham Festival.  Everyone in our family was tired, including Grammy and Papa.  We got to the church and we all managed to get our Kidzfest T-Shirts and then we all car-pooled over to the Events Center.  Luckily, this time we were able to park much closer for grammy’s sake and were pretty close to the Events Center to get there.  We waited outside and they had some clowns doing balloon animals and mimes playing with the kids outside to entertain them.

They opened the doors right on time and the kids filed into their seats while “Bibleman” and his stuntmen finished practicing on stage.  Heather and I decided to duck out of sitting with our kids as it seemed that there were enough adults amongst the kids that they wouldn’t need help with any of our kids.  So, we looked around at some of the items being displayed and then sat with grammy and papa for the morning.

The Bibleman presentation was okay.  Our kids did a great job, and so did all of the kids, that were involved in the Kidzfest choir.  There were quite a few of them and I think they all had fun.  I’ll be honest, I was so tired from last night that I actually fell asleep through part of the Bibleman portion of the presentation.  We got done and they offered for kids to come down to the front and take Christ as their Lord and Savior.  At first, my children stayed where they were.  Soon, they followed everyone else and Heather and I followed along right away after them.  Once we got on the floor, we found out that they were simply following everyone else around them.  They are already saved and have known their Lord and Savior since they can remember.  So, we left with the kids and Grammy and Papa and headed home.

We all got home around one o’clock or so and ate some lunch and then we celebrated Ruth and Heather’s birthdays with my parents.  Of course many packages were opened, many gifts to be had, and many “ohhh”’s to be said.  It was fun for all.  We sat around and talked about last night and this morning a little bit and just talked about life in general.  After a while, we all fell asleep in some way or another and we all ended up taking some form of a nap.  Some of us (like my father) can sleep anytime and anywhere.  I think he learned that from the military.  I learned it from marching band.  After that, we all had a nice dinner together and then cleaned up and headed downstairs for a nice relaxing evening of T.V. watching and talking.  Tomorrow was going to be church and another Franklin Graham Festival gathering.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 7 of Chapter 7 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 7 (Part 7):  The rooms that Car’das and his companions were given seemed much like those they had on “The Springhawk”.  Car’das was amazed to find all his personal affects already neatly placed in the room, seeming as if they were to have an extended stay.  Car’das paced his quarters worrying about the obvious disapproval that the Aristocra dispalyed for them being in Chiss territory.  An hour later, a warrior arrived at his door with a meal.  Car’das decided to eat alone, using the philosophy that if his companions needed him, they would find him next door.  After eating he settled down with the computer and studied Cheunh vocabulary.  After five hours, Car’das was summoned to a room on the station that resembled that of “The Springhawk’s” Forward Visual Triangulation room.  Thrawn greeted Car’das and apologized for Aristocra Cha’form’s negative attitude earlier.  He explained that Cha’form sees their presence as a threat and further explains that some see the unkown as a threat to them…..


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