‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 7 (Part 5)

Thursday.  The weekend is looming, but I still have much to do before this exciting weekend happens.  It’s exciting for me as the Franklin Graham Festival looks to be not only exciting but a rewarding experience where I will get a chance to be with other Christians as we watch others come to Christ right in front of us.  That is going to be a great experience.  I got up and got going a little early again to finish working on getting some of the equipment in from the stage.  I got all the cords packed up and I got all of the equipment put away.  As always, the plan is to leave the table out in the auditorium and to leave the speakers out in case they need them for the summer programs (the janitors take care of that).

My school day went as expected, up until the end of the day.  I got an urgent message from the band instructor about the high school.  Evidently my high school had a semi-large catastrophe last night.  They were hosting a $75 a plate (at least I think it was) dinner and there was a concert in the high school auditorium afterward and tragedy struck.  A pipe burst in the ceiling over the auditorium.  Water fell onto the audience, performers, stage, and all over the place.  The performers were real troopers and moved their equipment and continued to play.  But, the auditorium at the high school has been condemned until further notice.  With that in mind, the director of the facilities is looking for a place to host their dance recital this weekend and it may be at East.  I said no problem.  I already got most of my equipment out of the auditorium, so it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

I got done with my school day and got home and had a little nap with my wife (about fifteen minutes or so) and then we all ate dinner together as a family.  Heather had to get going right away as she took another closing shift tonight so she could have the whole weekend off.  I was a little disappointed that she would not be at the last choir rehearsal for the Franklin Graham Festival, but I understood where she was coming from considering she had to make up the hours for work for this week.  After we ate dinner for a little bit, the kids and I got some work done around the house before heading for the Binghamton University Campus for the choir rehearsal.

The choir rehearsal for the Franklin Graham Festival was AMAZING!!  I can’t even begin to explain to you what it was like to sing with 650 or more singers from the local area together.  It definitely was a “Godly” experience that I’m ashamed to say that I felt dignified to take part in.  We sang some of these songs and the echo and reverberation we were getting in that gym were incredible.  It was a great practice and a wonderful experience overall and made all of the work for this Franklin Graham Festival all worth the while.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find a babysitter for the kids, so they had to come with me.  But, while they were in the audience, a really kind young gentleman started to make balloon animals for my kids and they were having a ball.  As a matter of fact, I had to drag them away from the guy before we left for the evening.

We got home and the kids went right to bed and I went downstairs and crashed for a little bit, watching T.V. and having my hand at a T.V. show on the G4 channel called “Free Stuff” and then I headed to bed.  Today was long, but tomorrow was going to be even longer.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 7 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 7 (Part 5):  Car’das thought Thrawn’s base seemed well hidden, but then he realized the basw was in the asteroid and not on it.  Car’das then asked Thrawn if this is typical of Chiss construction and Thrawn said no, he just wanted to make it more difficult for potential enemies to penetrate.  Qennto then pointed out that it has it’s pluses and minuses.  The plus is the difficulty for other vessels’ maneuvering, the minus is the fact that Thrawn’s ships would be so slow to leave.  He’s interupted by Thrawn who finds it interesting that the lighted communications board is telling them that a visitor is here and Maris asks if that’s positive or negative. Thrawn said that depends. Thrawn identified their visitors as the Fifth Ruling Family.  When Maris asked how he knew, Thrawn replied saying the markings on the ships gave it away.  Car’das asked if this was good or bad, and Thrawn said it was neutral as the Fifth Family has interests in this area.  He said this would warrant a reprimand from the First or Eighth Families which seemed to surprise Maris and Car’das.  Thrawn said they would be guests at the welcominng ceremony and may all find it interesting…..


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