‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 7 (Part 2)

Monday.  Beginning of a new work week and this week is going to be crazy!  I was hoping things would die down soon, but things are actually starting to pick up a little again.  I got up this morning and did my usual routine to get ready for school.  Heather and I were both still wiped from yesterday and I knew today would be a long day as I had marching band tonight as well as everything else.  I got to school today and continued to work with students on their music theory.  I can tell, just by the way my students are reacting, that most of them have already “gone on vacation” in their heads.  I was having a hard time getting students to answer questions and getting them to learn is almost like trying to pull teeth.  Man, I guess I know how dentists feel now.  Anyway, I got done with my school day and came home right away and started to spray paint the part of my gauntlet that isn’t finished.  My plan is to put that revised gauntlet back together by tomorrow night.  I went back to the bedroom and took a nap because if I was going to make it through marching band tonight, I needed fifteen minutes to recharge my batteries.

I got up and ate some dinner with the family and then headed out to Vestal for marching band practice. 

We had to have a former student come over to watch the kids as Heather picked up a closing shift tonight as she took the whole upcoming weekend off for the Franklin Graham Festival.  I got to practice a little later only because our director let us know that we would not be doing the visual part of rehearsal till later and that they had a lot of music to go over before our trip down to Giants Stadium at the end of this month for the “Music Is Cool” camp with the Cadets of Bergen County along with other drum corps.  I think it will be a great experience for our students.  Rehearsal went real well and I was able to leave after a short venture there.  I came home and paid and relieved the babysitter and then headed downstairs, watched some T.V. and then headed to bed.  Not much to talk about tonight, but there will be more to talk about as the week goes on.

Okay, time to talk about Part 2 of Chapter 7 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 7 (Part 2):  Lorana observed that the young Brolf thief left the meeting very confident and not concerned about being followed, but his adult friend was extremely nervous.  Lorana almost wanted to laugh but reminded herself that this Brolf was an amateur, and often, amateurs are the most dangerous.  Lorana used all the Jedi tricks she could think of to tail these two without being caught.  They continued further and further into the poor section of the city and Lorana started to get nervous.  But, everytime she felt nervous, she took a deep breath and reminded herself that she was a Jedi and could handle this.  She felt a warning within The Force and realized that she herself was being followed by two Brolfi.   Lorana whipped around and looked at the two Brolfi and said, “yes?”.  They asked her what she was doing here and asked what she was looking for.  She realized that pulling out her lightsaber would only give her less information.  So, she said to nevermind and that she would leave.  As she began to withdraw, the Brolf asked why she was in such a hurry, and she said she just needed to go.  The Brolf instructed the other to get her as she now knows.  Lorana said she didn’t know anything as Vissfil, the other Brolf, raised an axe at her.  Then the other Brolf ordered Vissfil to take her comlink.  Vissfil searched her body and found the comlink and relieved her of it and her belt and weapon.  Vissfil asked the other Brolf where they should take her and he responded saying that they need to take her to Defender.  The Brolf said there would be a change of plans and motioned to a dilapidated old house.  Lorana knew this place was for one of two things.  Interogation, or to shut her up, permanently.  She thought she could play the situation off, but suddenly felt a stun gun blast to her back, and she went unconscious…..


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