‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 7 (Part 1)

Well, as always, Heather worked till late last night or early into this morning (depending on how you look at it).  She worked till two this morning and we slept till about nine o’clock this morning.  We all got up and got showered and got dressed and got right on the road.  We knew it was going to be a longer drive down to Nana’s nursing home.  It made it even longer with three little kids in the back seat that really weren’t looking forward to the trip to begin with and who were going to spend more time on the road than they were actually at the nursing home, and they knew it.  To break up the monotony of the trip a little bit, we decided to stop at the Wal Mart in Scranton, PA to pick up a flower and pot to bring to Nana.  We figured she could use something to spruce up her room.  Well, we tried to find a Wal Mart “from the hip” as it were, and got lucky.  Not only did we get lucky, but we managed to find a gem in the process.  We stumbled upon a Don Pablo’s in Scranton.  So, I had a feeling that we would be eating dinner there later.

We went into a gigantic Wal Mart in Scranton and while Heather and the girls went to the floral department, Austin and I headed to the toy department.  Why?  We were looking for two different things.  First, the Ralph McQuarrie Boba Fett, and of course we came up empty for my Holy Grail of the Star Wars collection.  We also checked on their comic book packs.  They had two that I didn’t already have, but they weren’t at the low price of two dollars and five cents as they were at home. So, I opted not to get the packs I saw since they were at the full price of ten dollars.  So, we finished up at Wal Mart and got back on the road.

We didn’t get more than ten minutes up the road till Tara, in all her glory, had to go to the bathroom.  Figures!!  The youngest always does this to us.  So, we found a gas station in the middle of nowhere and had Tara go to the bathroom.  While we were there, we decided now would be a good time to fill up on gas as we didn’t know how far away we were to Nana’s place.  We traveled for some more time and then decided to stop and get a light lunch for the kids.  I knew Austin wasn’t going to make it at the rate we were going, so we got some McDonald’s at the drive-thru and continued on our way.  From door to door the drive to Nana’s nursing home was about three and a half hours.  We knew it would be about that long.  Once we got there, it was nice to stretch the legs, though.

We got to Nana’s and walked in and looked confused enough that a nurse asked us if she could help us.  We said yes and told her Nana’s birth name and that we were here to see her.  The nurse let us know that Nana was having a “bad day” and she would let her know that we had arrived.  Nana was locked in her room, still in bed and supposedly feeling awful (those who know my grandmother will know what I’m talking about!).   As the nurse began to speak to Nana, Heather and I kind of shouted from the hall that her grand kids and great grand kids were here.  As soon as she heard that, she told the nurse that she needed to get her robe.

Not too long after visiting with Nana, she seemed to perk up and definitely seemed to be suddenly feeling better.  She was having problems hearing me.  Or so it seemed.  When it came to hearing important information Nana seemed to have no problem hearing me, but when it came to information she really didn’t care about, she couldn’t hear me at all.  As my dad would refer to it, it was selective hearing.  We visited and talked with Nana for a while and said we would head on over to Aunt Betty’s room to visit with her.  Well, all of a sudden, Nana was okay and she wanted to get up and go visit too.  So we visited with Aunt Betty and went down to the lounge at the end of the hall.  It was an okay visit.  There were definitely many moments of what I like to refer to as awkward silence.  I never have had a great relationship with Nana, so it was hard trying to find things to talk about with her.  She thinks I’m the “evil” child and that I’ve always been immature.  Well, if I mention anything I’ve been doing lately (dressing up like a Star Wars character, podcasting, blogging, and beating on garbage with sticks) she’ll still think of me as the immature “kid” that she has always referred to me as.  I guess I haven’t changed that much from my childhood.

We got done visiting with Nana and left the nursing home and got on the road.  The kids were exhausted and so was I.  We all took a little bit of a nap in the car and the car ride back was in the rain and wind.  Of course, my wife had to admonish Pennsylvania as she always does when it rains in PA.  The only positive moment we had to look forward to on the way home was a dinner at Don Pablos.  We got there and we noticed that acrossed the street from Don Pablos was a Harbor Freight Tools.  It wasn’t open, but now we know for future reference.  We got all the way back to Binghamton and the kids were zonked out.  We raced into the house to make sure we caught “The Sopranos” and we got in the door just as the show was starting.  We watched the episode and went to bed.  Next week will start a lot of stress in this house as we build toward the Franklin Graham Festival.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 7 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 7 (Part 1):  Obi-Wan was amazed that Anakin dind’t get himself into trouble following the Brolf till he could catch-up with him.  the Brolf led them all into a very poor section of the Patameene District.  As they entered a courtyard of an apartment complex, Anakin remarked that it looked like Watto’s back yard.  As Obi-Wan asked if any of the projects would need burn thrusters, three Brolfi approached them from behind and asked if they needed help.  Obi-Wan turned around and said no thanks, they were just admiring the construction.  One of the Brolfs asked what they car and Obi-Wan said that Anakin builds podracers and thought they were building one.  The Brolf asked them about split-x systems and Anakin said he does not know a lot about them, but could fix them, if need be.  Teh Brolf then called out his teenage son with his split-x system, and the teenager said he just got a compensation controller, and Anakin siad it would not fix the system if it had a back stability problem.  Anakin asked Obi-Wan if it was okay if he took a look.  Kenobi said sure, but make it quick.  We discover that the Brol’s name was Deufgrin.  He figured he would let him work for a little while, and then pry Anakin away so they could check on Lorana…..


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