‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 6 (Part 6)

Okay, Saturday and it’s going to be a little slower of a Saturday.  We have nothing scheduled for the day today except Heather having to work tonight.  That’s okay because I’m trying to put myself in a “zen” state for tomorrow when we go to visit with my grandmother.  We got up very late this morning.  That was okay with me, because I’m still catching up with sleep from last weekend.  We both got up around eleven-thirty this morning and while we slept in, the kids continued to fold clothes from last night while they watched their morning cartoons.  Once we got up, Heather and I had separate projects to work on.

Heather worked with the kids on planting the garden outback.  She finished moving the last little bit of dirt and then put the garden edging wood planks in place.  She has gardening cloth underneath that to keep the weeds from growing in from underneath.  She and the kids have been growing plants indoors all spring long and today they managed to plant rows upon rows of plants in the garden she’s created in the back yard.  I hope we manage to yield some product this year because last year we failed to produce anything.  I believe part of that was because of the flood, so we’ll have to see what happens this year.  While Heather worked on that, I was downstairs doing my thing.

I failed to mention that last night I managed to finally receive my voice amplifier, which I was playing with all night long.  I have some options when it comes to the voice amp, and I wanted to make that decision by today.  Either I can try and use the headset mic, that can get in the way real bad while I’m trying to put the mask on and is pretty uncomfortable or I could try and take the lavalier mic that also came with the amp and hot glue that into place and take the risk of not only hearing the two fans in my helmet, but those fans vibrating the helmet so bad that it would vibrate the microphone as well.  So, Heather had one of her brilliant ideas as always.  She suggested that I try and taping it into place and seeing how bad that vibrates.  Once I taped the mic into place, you can barely hear the fans at all.  So, problem solved, right?  Wrong!  What should have been a simple task to complete this evening, created a problem with me later on.  After I finished with that bit of my task, I decided to finish putting my lights on my gauntlet.  Well, the button I had started to melt because it was plastic and I was using a hot soldering gun.  Imagine that!  Anyway, I managed to kill one of the boards that Jeff brought me in one fell swoop when the board melted when I tried to fix the wire that was on it.  Woops!!  I had Charlie call while I was working on my second take and we discussed some things.  After I got done with the conversation with Charlie and then Jeff, I managed to get the electronics figured out on my gauntlet.  But, I still needed some pieces, so it was time to head to Radio Shack.

While I was at Radio Shack, I decided that not only would I work on a new button for the gauntlet, but that I would also put a button on my helmet that will turn on both the fans in my helmet instead of relying on the 9 volt battery connectors.  I came home and installed all of the electronics, and it all worked!!  Woo hoo!!  But, after my playing, I had to help Heather get dinner together.

We all took a moment and ate some dinner together.  I helped the kids clean up dinner and we all headed downstairs to watch the Kids Fest Tape to learn the moves for the songs for Franklin Graham’s kidsfest that will be going on in Binghamton next weekend.  My kids are singing in the choir, but don’t know any of the moves, so we have a tape to watch the moves.  Well, the tape is good at some points and a pain in the rear at other points.  It was really good for the beginning portion of the tape, then the tracking messed everything up and when the tracking problems stopped, the tape was then sideways on the T.V. screen.  We all had a crimp in our necks by the time we got through the second song that was set up this way.  Just not a way to get kids to learn how to do motions with a song.  I had the kids continue with a second time through the tape when I decided to continue to work on my Mando helmet.  I managed to get all of the cords soldered on for the electronics in the gauntlet and it should be ready to go by sometime in the next week.  It’s going to look pretty sweet once it’s all said and done.  I then managed to install the button on my helmet and that looks pretty cool too and I was amazed at how easy it was to make a button and install it on my helmet.  I decided now was the time to “tidy up” the helmet and make sure I didn’t have any loose cords.  That’s when my evening tragedy struck. 

As I was trying to hot glue down some cords, I accidentally slipped my right pointer finger in some really hot glue.  So hot that I didn’t feel it at first, but when I did, woohoo, what a pain I had in my pointer finger in my right hand!!  At first I had Ruth run and grab me a luke warm cup of water.  My finger was fine as long as I kept it in the water, but the minute I pulled it out of the water, it started to sting like you wouldn’t believe.  The other problem I had, had to do with the hot glue.  I pulled my finger out and started to pull away the hot glue and then it dawned on me, was I pulling away hot glue or was I pulling away skin?  It was hard to tell because they could look the same.  I had the kids start bringing ice-cubes downstairs and had them fill up a bowl with cubes and set that next to me to start cooling the water down gradually.  While I was stuck not working, I decided I would watch “The DaVinci Code” since it was on Starz.  I also called Heather and told her what I had done to myself and how much it was stinging.  I also talked to her about third degree burns and we agreed that I did not have a third degree burn.  So, the movie was okay.  If you look at it as entertainment and NOT fact, then the movie is rather entertaining.  If you look at the movie as a possibility or even fact, well, then, you’re just stupid!!!  Anyway, after an hour or so, I was able to pull my finger out of the water without any pain.  I did a little more work on my helmet and headed to bed.  Tomorrow was going to be a long day heading to Nana’s retirement home.

Okay, enough about my personal life, let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 6 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 6 (Part 6):  As the chase continued, Obi-Wan asked the padawan where they were and Anakin gave him his 20.  Obi-Wan told them to make a right at the next lock.  Anakin told Obi-Wan that he believes he’s found the thief and Obi-Wan tells the padawan to stay put.  Anakin then described a Brolf that it looked like the thief was about to do buisness with.  Then a male Brolf adult came out and blocked their line of sight.  Neither Anakin nor Lorana could actually see the deal going down.  Obi-Wan now wasn’t sure if this was normal criminal activity for this planet or if it had anything to do with Passel Aregente and Riske.  Obi-Wan said they needed to split up and follow both Brolfi, Lorana volunteered to follow the adult.  Obi-Wan agreed and told her to take Anakin’s comlink since it was directly linked to his.  Obi-Wan told Anakin he’d catch-up with him later.  But he did worry about his padawan handling what came his way.


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