‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 6 (Part 5)

Okay, it’s Friday and it’s the end of the week.  It would be better if it were pay day, but I’ll take what I can get.  Today was mass chaos in many ways and at the end of the day I actually had to kick back for a little bit and have a beer for the first time in a long time.  I normally don’t either A.  Have the time for a beer or B.  Want a beer.  But today changed all of that.  And, today brought on some thoughts that I thought I would put down here and see what you all think of my thoughts.

Okay, so I got going a little early today to set up some sound for an assembly that was going on at school today.  So, our schedule was a little messed up today and I had shortened classes.  In some ways I like that idea because it causes my students to have to focus more because I have them for a shorter time.  I made sure we still got done what needed to be done in each class so that we don’t fall too far behind in class work.  We then had an assembly that got my kids all energized and then we had the last period of the day and trying to teach that period was almost impossible!

I got done with school, cleaned up a little and came home.  Of course, Heather had to work tonight, so we all ate dinner early and then the kids cleaned up and worked on folding some laundry and I went downstairs and started to work on my custom gauntlet.  I worked all night long on my custom gauntlet.  It was quite a task.  I managed to completely gut my gaunt with the antenna.  Even with that, I still couldn’t fit the double AA battery compartment that my wife bought.  So, more had to be done.  I cut some Sintra to make another layer on my gauntlet and dremmeled and dremmeled some more.  I then worked on the electronics of the system.  So far it’s very tricky and I don’t think the current switch that I’m using is going to work.  I’ll have to see what I can do tomorrow.

So, I said before I was going to bring it up, so now I’m going to get all philosophical and what-not, so if you don’t want to read about me being preachy, then skip the next section.  I have been thinking about what is messed up in the American Society today and what is messed up even within our own community.  I have actually managed, at least for me, broken it all down to one word.  ENTITLEMENT.  Every American in this country, including myself, so I’m guilty as well, thinks they are entitled to something.  We all think that “because I’m American, I should be able to….”  It’s quite possible that this is why other cultures hate this country.  It didn’t used to be this way.  We all didn’t used to think that we were entitled to something just for being there.  There are those that think they’re entitled to Social Security, there are those that think they are entitled to Welfare, there are those that think they’re entitled to a Tax Break, there are those that think they are entitled to owning a Big Company, there are those that think they are entitled to having others work for them and do as they say.  We all need to come under one realization, we are entitled to NOTHING in life!!  Everyone in this world has to work to achieve what they want.  It used to be that the American dream was that you could work your way to the top of any market and that you can become what every you want through blood, sweat, and tears.  Nowadays, the American dream is to be given something for very little or even nothing.  Here’s a thought, how many people in this country get paid to come up with ideas?  Now, compare that with how many people work for a company that implements ideas?  Many people look at folks like Bill Gates and say that he’s ruining this country because he’s made such a huge market with his software, Windows.  Yet, Bill Gates, at the time that it came out, was the only person willing to not only come up with a marketable software control program, but to implement the idea and bring it to fruition.  You can’t get mad at the guy because he followed through on an idea.  How many of you have had an idea?  Great, now how many of you have actually followed through on the idea?  Hey, I’m guilty too.  So, how do we change this country?  Simple, stop thinking that you’re entitled to anything.  That is something that “The Greatest Generation” learned by living through the Great Depression.  They learned very quickly that they weren’t even entitled to the money that was being held by their own bank.  Nothing in life is for sure, so you need to live life to it’s fullest and work for what you deserve.  No one is going to hand you anything, you need to reach out and take it!

Okay, so let’s stop lecturing and talk about Part 5 of Chapter 6 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 6 (Part 5):  As they walked by a landspeeder repair shop, Obi-Wan took notice to a young Brolfi who was wearing a vest with many pockets.  Kenobi turned away, but turned back again and thought there was something peculiar there.  Kenobi watched further and the Brolf stole two burst thrusters using cutters adn all of it fit into his jacket and he dissapeared into the crowd.  Obi-Wan grabbed Lorana’s upper arm and told her to get Anakin and to follow the Brolf teen with the red vest.  Lorana moved ahead and she and Anakin headed into an alley.  Anakin frog leaped building to building, using The Force, till he got to the roof of the adjoining building.  Anakin pulled out his comlink and radioed Obi-Wan and asked about the young Brolfi.  Obi-Wan said the he stole burst thrusters which can be used in podracers, but also in homemade missile launchers.  He told Anakin that the Brolfi was heading West when he left the shop, when he saw him out of the corner of his eye now heading North…..

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