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‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 10 (Part 3)

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What a day!!  It was awesome, tiring, exciting, and draining all at once.  So, let’s go through it step by step.  I got up around 3:30 this morning and got all of about two to three hours of sleep before getting on the bus in Vestal.  I took an early morning drive to the Vestal elementary school and met the students there.  I no more than got there than Jonathan had said we need to go find the bus.  Apparently, the bus driver got lost trying to find the elementary school.  A problem that would follow us for the rest of the day.  We got into Jonahtan’s car and found that a parent managed to find the bus and we made an immediate U-E and followed the bus to the school.  We all got on the bus and Jonathan and I talked shop on the way down for a little while.  We discussed some the props for this years show and what we wanted them to look like and then I took a little bit of a snooze.  I was going to have to if I was going to sit through meetings all day today.

The Vestal kids seemed excited and nervous all at once.  It was interesting because the “die hard” marching band students had opted not to go to the “Music is Cool” clinic.  On our way down to the clinic we got lost in Pennsylvannia and then in New Jersey trying to get to the stadium.  Then we got to the stadium and even managed to get lost in the “Giants” Stadium parking lot.  We finally got settled and then got off the bus and headed in for the clinic.  I have to say that walking into the stadium wasn’t any different than the first time I did it almost ten years ago.  Man, does that take me back!  Anyway, the kids were immediately sent into the clinic and there was some confusion about what the staff were doing at first, but it got better and we headed into a nice air conditioned room to sit for our clinics.  Some of them were really good and really well put together and others weren’t so good.  I got some out of each of the workshops, but they really do live in a diffeent reality in Drum Corps. world than we live in, in High School Marching Band world.  I even put a question before them that they could not answer and were even stumped with.

We ate lunch around noon or so and went back to clinics and workshops.  Around two o’clock or so, we got a chance to watch a show of the students working with the Cadets members and I’m sure it was a memorable experience for them all and I have to say the day was nice all around.  We then watched part of a Cadets rehearsal, but were abruptly asked to leave the stadium so they could get ready for tonight.  They shuffled us out an hour early for dinner time, but it was nice as it gave us an extra hour to eat dinner.  We found a place acrossed the river and managed to eat at a nice steak/hamburger joint not too far from the stadium.  We then went back for a competition among a lot of D.C.I. Corps.  Some were incredible, like the Cadets and I have to say, the Carolina Crown surprised me with an amazing show.  However, there were dissapointments too, non as bad as The Crossmen.  They were horrible.  So bad, that I was tempted to offer to come down there and just teach their Corps. some basics.  It was a nice show and I have to say the results weren’t a shock.  We got on the buses and headed home and got home around two in the morning.  By the way, while I was gone, Heather managed to take the day off from work and have a Jewelry Party at our house tonight.  Needless to say, it was a good thing I was gone this evening.

Okay, so enough of my day, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 10 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 10 (Part 3):  As Thrawn signaled for the door to open, a tall female Chiss walked into the room dressed from head to toe in white.  Thrawn greeted Admiral Ar’alani and she returned the greeting.  The Admiral noticed strangers in the room and Thrawn introduced the off-worlders to the admiral.  Car’das said he was pleased to meet them in Cheunh and the Admiral seemed shocked that they knew the language as the Aristocra had not told her this.  Thrawn said the Aristocra did not stay around long enough to find out.  The Admiral noted that only two of the three were present.  Thrawn said he could summon the other if she wished.  She was surprised he was allowed to roam freely on a Chiss ship, but Thrawn said he was studying his new captors.  Ar’alani asked what he’s learned and Car’das grimaced at the idea that they were being studied.  Ar’alani asked for a report on Thrawn’s observations, but Thrawn said this was neither the time nor the place for such a conversation.  Thrawn then offered the Admiral to their newly captured ship.  Ar’alani agfeed and pulled out her comlink as she said she needed to tell her passenger.  Thrawn was surprised and said no passenger was mentioned.  Ar’alani said she brough him here as a favor to the eighth ruling family, as she said this, a male Chiss entered the room wearing a grey cloak…..


‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 10 (Part 2)

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Okay, it’s Friday and I have to say there is a bit of a relief.  The end of the week.  But, with that relief came a massive amount of work.  The lunch rush at work at Wendy’s was incredible today!  I was impressed.  We handled it pretty well and actually had enough workers to cover the rush.  And, for the first time since I’ve worked there, I saw the carryout grill on as well as the main grill.  It was kind of nice, they concentrated on the meat going out the window and I concentrated on the meat needed for the front register.  I didn’t feel like a chicken with it’s head cut off until almost two in the afternoon.  It was a tiring day at work, but I worried about Heather all day long.  She didn’t sleep too well last night because of her cut finger.  I got up around nine o’clock and got to work and stayed until just after the dinner rush.  Once I got done with work, Heather met me at Wendy’s as she had a late night shift tonight, and we ate dinner together.  That was the only thirty minutes we spent together the entire day today and then I left and went home and Heather worked the closing shift at work.  I spent the rest of my night getting ready for tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I’m joining the Vestal Marching Band and we’re going to a clinic with the Cadets of Bergen County to a clinic titled “Music is Cool”.  It’s a cool idea, but I’m not sure what the staffs are going to be doing all day while the students are in these clinics.  It looks to be a fun day, but it will definetly be a long one.  I went home, got myself together and got things ready to go for a bright and early day.  I went to bed around one in the morning and was going to have to get up around three.  So much for sleep tonight.

Okay, so with that said, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 10 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 10 (Part 2):  Thrawn ended his lesson abruptly as he said he needed to see to a guest, the Chiss female admiral that would take over the task of the Vagaari vessel.  Car’das asked if they could watch the welcoming ceremony and Thrawn said that Admiral Ar’alani would want to meet them as he’s sure Aristocra Chaf’orm has been probably talking about them.  Maris asked if the Admiral was one of he same family, but Thrawn explained that no upper-ranked individuals of the Chiss military are part of any family to eliminate any family bias.  Maris said that military promoted on what they know and not who they know.  Thrawn said it was just like merit adoptives, which he explained is how warriors are matched wtih families.  Car’das says it sounds complicated, but Maris says it makes sense as this takes the power away from the powerful.  As they walked to the welcoming ceremony, Thrawn had explained that there had been as many as twelve royal families at one time in Chiss history.  As they entered the welcoming chamber, they found it using different colored decor and not as elaborate as far as the Aristocra.  Thrawn said the ceremony would be shortened, less elaborate than the previous meeting and Thrawn said he wanted to hear what they have to say about it later, as the Admiral may be a bit of a surprise to them…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 10 (Part 1)

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Okay, Thursday and I was required to work a little longer at Wendy’s.  I got up around nine a.m. again and managed to get to work on time today.  I worked a little longer today as I had to work until five o’clock.  Heather and I had come up with a plan for the pool last night while sitting around and Heather had decided this morning that tonight she wanted to execute said plan.  We decided that since our back yard was not level on it’s own, we were going to have to make a level portion of the yard on our own.  I suggested buying some gardening wood (the kind you use for edging) and that we build a frame to put dirt into and then level out the frame and then level out the ground for the pool to sit on.  Sounds simple, don’t it?  Well, there were complications.  How were we going to get the dirt back to the second property?  How were we going to cut said edging lumber?  Lot’s to think of.

As I got done with my shift at Wendy’s, I got a call from Heather and she told me to meet her at Lowe’s on my way home.  Once I got to Lowe’s, Heather had a dozen bags of topsoil dirt on a cart and said we would buy the edging, a new skill saw, and something to connect it all together with.  So, I managed to come up with the brilliant idea of using some metal sheathing for the connection pieces and we would use some washers and screws to screw all the sections together.  I also told her that it would take a lot more than twelve bags, but that this would be a good start.  We managed to buy everything without too much hassle and we found a “Black and Decker” saw for under $80 that has a laser sight on it as well.  VERY nice.  I said it would be one of my birthday gifts and she told me, “nonsense”.  That shocked me quite a bit.  We bought fifteen planks of garden edging and I pulled the two cars over to the loading dock to load them up.  Needless to say, between our two cars, we were completely full.  On the way home, Heather cut her pinky finger REALLY bad.  To the point that I suggest she go to the hospital to get stitches, but she refused.  Needless to say, it involved the metal sheathing I referenced earlier.

We got home, unloaded my car and headed back out and got some Subs from Subway for dinner.  It was about eight o’clock till we got both cars unloaded and then ate some dinner downstairs.  We were both exhausted and watched some T.V. and then went to bed early because we were just so tired.  Tomorrow will be another busy day going into the weekend, considering I will be in East Rutherford, N.J. on Saturday.

Okay, let’s talk about Chapter 10, Part 1 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 10 (Part 1):  Car’das explained to Thrawn that he was a merchant trader.  Thrawn was then surprised that Car’das that Car’das said he had a fishing boat in the Cheunh language.  Thrawn said he warned that the Cheunh language may be physically impossible for Car’das, but was impressed with how far he has come in a short time.  Car’das said he was honored by the comment and Thrawn said he was flattered by the compliment.  Thrawn then turned to Maris and said he was ready to fullfill her special request.  Car’das was surprised that Maris had made a special request.  Maris claimed she wanted to practice more of the language.  Maris asked Thrawn which piece he chose and Thrawn said he would not tell her which piece, but would describe it and see if she could figure out which piece he’s talking about.  Car’das tried to concentrate on the description that was given in Cheunh.  As Car’das watched Maris concentrating on Thrawn’s Cheunh words, he began to realize that his female commander maybe falling for Thrawn as a love interest.  Thrawn asked Car’das, interupting his thoughts about whether he was able to identify the painting.  Car’das said he was concentrating on the words, but not the meaning and Thrawn pointed out that the world is about meaning…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 9 (Part 7)

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Wednesday and today was the first day I had to work at Wendy’s for the summer.  I had an eleven to four o’clock shift and I wasn’t sure how I felt about the idea of being back at Wendy’s.  I just have never liked the idea of working at a fast-food place.  Even Wendy’s that has quality fast food.  I woke up around nine a.m. this morning and had every intention of getting to work on time.  But, somehow I managed to get to work five minutes late.  I will say that running the grill and the fryers is much like riding a bike.  It didn’t take me long to get myself used to it and get the swing of it.  I had everything back in my pocket within fifteen minutes of getting back on the grill.  I will say that I forgot how hot that grill gets during the day, though.  MAN, between the humidity and the heat of the grill, I’m guessing I’ll loose about twenty pounds this summer simply from sweating it off!

I got home and I was exhausted!!  I came home and took a small nap and then went downstairs and vegged out with Heather.  Heather made a chef salad and we ate a light dinner and hung out and watched some T.V.  It was nice to relax and just have some alone time home with my wife.  We havent’ had that since probably about a year ago.  It’s sad that we only get this kind of time once a year, but it’s also nice that we get that kind of time once a year, thanks to my parents.  Thanks mom and dad!

Okay, not much to talk about of the day, so let’s talk about Part 7 of Chapter 9 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 9 (Part 7):  Obi-Wan was surprised that Windu agreed to six Jedi Knights.  Windu reminded Kenobi that eleven more Jedi have signed up to go along.  Obi-Wan pointed out that the Council agreed to no more than two.  Windu said that they agreed to that before the Barlok incident.  Windu said that many Jedi have gotten caughtup in the excitement.  Windu also told Kenobi that if he turned away Jedi, it may cause dissension.  Windu then asked if they found the human conspirator behind the events on Barlok.  Obi-Wan said they had not found the conspirator since he and Anakin had left.  Mace said it bothers him that a human managed to launch the missile and then a human managed to stop the missile.  Obi-Wan askes Windu if he thinks that C’Baoth did that all himself.  Windu said of course not, because that would make C’Baoth a Dark Jedi.  Obi-Wan said they’ve been looking for a Sith, but neither Jedi Masters could believe that C’Baoth is the Sith.  Windu then revealed that they called Anakin and Obi-Wan here to have them join the crew of Outbound Flight to keep an eye on C’Baoth while they search the unknown regions.  Obi-Wan protested saying it could take months, but Windu pointed out that Jedi’s often need to be patient.  Obi-Wan asked how he was to get back and Windu said they would provide him with a Delta Twelve Skysprite with a hyperspace ring.  Windu then said that Kenobi and Skywalker could use Jedi hybernation to stretch out the supplies of the ship.  Windu told Kenobi the Council wants them to do this. 

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chaper 9 (Part 6)

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Okay, it’s Tuesday and it’s the last day I’m home without any work before I go back to flipping burgers at Wendy’s tomorrow.  I had a lot of things I wanted to get done today and nothing went the way I wanted them to.  As a matter of fact, not only did nothing go right, but everything went wrong that got in the way of me doing what I wanted to do.  First, I got up around nine o’clock this morning and spent the entire morning recording my next show for TJCS and worked hard at not only getting the show together, but editing the show and getting ready to publish the show.  I put all that away and went upstairs to eat some lunch.  Heather came home shortly after I ate lunch and I went back downstairs and thought I would try and work on my blog.  But, if you’ve read my blog anytime recently, you know that this did not happen.  As I went to get online, something weird happened to my computer and things weren’t working correctly.  At first I thought it was something wrong with, but then discovered that I had a worm on my computer.  As I tried to resolve the problem, I then realized that the worm was not only attacking my laptop, but it was attacking my home networking.  I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening debugging my computer.  Once I got it back up and running, I then discovered that I had lost all the work I had done this morning on my laptop for the next episode of TJCS.  Then, to make my afternoon even worse, we found out some bad news about our new pool.

Heather came downstairs and joined me for a little while and then went upstairs and noticed that the pool didn’t look right.  I went out to look at the pool and it was leaking water somewhere, but I couldn’t figure out from where.  We looked all around the pool and gave the company a call.  Intex was really nice about the scenario and told us that we have a leak in the seam of the pool and there was really no way to have that repaired.  They told us we have two options.  The first option was to take the entire kit back to the store and have Wal Mart replace the entire pool kit.  The second option was to cut off the Intex label, water seal, and plug seal and mail it to them to prove that the pool has been put in a state that it cannot be used and they would mail us a new pool.  We decided to to send them the pieces of the pool and try to be patient.  Besides, my idea of fun was not taking the pool and all it’s parts back to Wal Mart.  I wasn’t sure I could get the pool in the car now anyway.  So, we cut the pool apart, took it apart, and drained the water that took us two days to fill the pool with.  Man, can’t wait to see our water bill for this month!  Anyway, by the time we got done with that, we were exhausted and decided to go out for dinner.  We went to a little Italian restaurant that is in Port Dickinson and had a nice Italian meal.  Heather had stuffed shells and I had pizza and wings.  It was a nice place and then we headed down to Suzie Q’s and had some desert and came home.  It was a long day and I still don’t have the network or laptop debugged from my worm.  AND, I now have lost the next TJCS episode.  So, I have decided that the next episode of TJCS will not come out until August 1st.  I’ll discuss some more as to why I made this decision later.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 9 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 9 (Part 6):  Chas Uliar was beginning to wonder if anything would go right at the Preparation Center for the Outbound Flight project.  Uliar had spent his past two years prepping for this project.  He had recently heard that families had been banned fromt he project by the Senate basically turning Outbound Flight into little more than a military reconnaissance mission.  He noticed lights on revealing that his roommates were awake as well.  He noted that they made all the members of the Outbound Flight team sleep as close as they would if they were on the actual Dreadnaughts right now.  As Uliar looked for dinner, Brace Tarkosa came rushing into the room and asked him if he heard the good news.  Uliar guessed that the Senate was going to stop Outbound Flight.  Tarkosa said the news was dead opposite!  They’ve restored full funding, okayed the final development of the Dreadnaught ships, AND they’ve relinqueshed their unwillingness to send families to Outbound Flight.  Tarkosa told him that rumor has it that C’Baoth was behind the restoration of funds and that there are more Jedi joining him.  Uliar was a little leary about the rumor and asked Tarkosa when all of this is supposed to take effect and Tarkosa says any day now.  Tarkosa suggests they go out for dinner to celebrate.  Uliar says he’ll wait to celebrate once the Jedi arrive…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 9 (Part 5)

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It’s Monday and I have two days of an actual vacation before I get back to some form of a workplace and I thought I would take the time to relax today.  But nothing in my day really let me do that.  I got up around nine o’clock or so this morning but was woken up by Heather’s alarm at four thirty this morning.  I’m not sure which is worse.  Heather coming home really late at night or getting up really early in the morning.  Either way, my sleep is being drastically affected.  Now, with her doing an opening shift, I find myself waking up with her at five o’clock and not being able to really get back to sleep and then find myself exhausted at about six o’clock in the evening.  I just can’t seem to get her to understand that her weird work hours are actually having an effect on my mental health.  I guess I’ll have to have a heart attack or an aneurism before she’ll get the point!

I got up and watched “Dr. Phil” and tried to work with my DVD writer some more but failed miserably all morning long.  So, I worked with it all morning long and simply became completely frustrated by the time Heather came home around eleven o’clock or so.  So, I did what any average American would do.  I called the company that made the DVD writer.  Well, after calling four different numbers for customer support I got to the department that said they thought they could help me out.  I explained my dilemna and told them what was going wrong with my DVD writer.  It sounded like this tech was going to help me, but after being on the phone for twenty minutes with this lady, she told me as I was at the wrong department.  I made five more phone calls and finally got a tech that said she could help me.  After talking through the problem, she sent me some emails and some programs that should diagnose the problem.  The diagnosis was exactly as I kept telling them, Windows XP did not recognize the product on my laptop.  Duh!!  So, I tried their two problem solver programs, and nothing worked.  Then I called back and the tech suggested that maybe it was the DVD-R’s I was using.  She claimed that the inks on some DVD-R’s are better than others and suggested I buy some Sony DVD-R’s.  So, Heather and I ate lunch and then we headed to Staples to buy Sony DVD-R’s.

I got home and tried the other DVD-R’s and they didn’t work any better and somehow I knew this was going to be the case.  I mean, the computer doesn’t recognize the writer, so that has nothing to do with the dye on the DVD-R!  So, after another talk with a clueless tech at Sony, I decided that I had enough.  Heather and I left and went to Staples and we bought a brand new external DVD Writer.  This time we bought a Memorex External DVD Writer and I also bought a program called 123 Copy DVD.  I came home, put in all the programs, hooked up the DVD Writer and it worked like gold!!  Next thing I knew, I was copying the DVD’s I own so that I don’t have to scratch up the originals in my own home.  I’ll also have the ability to put students’ videos onto DVD’s for them.  The Memorex DVD Writer worked perfectly!  So, lesson learned.  Sony technical support sucks!

With that done, Heather and I finished filling the pool this afternoon while I did some technical work on the computer.  It took the entire afternoon and by tonight, the pool was relatively filled.  I will openly admit that the pool is about four inches higher on the one side because our property is not even, but it looks like it will work.  Heather and I decided we would take a dip in the pool when she came home from work after tomorrow morning.  We watched our usual Monday night shows and went to bed a little early tonight.  Heather has to work tomorrow morning again and we were both pretty tired.

Okay, so let’s talk aobut Part 5 of Chapter 9 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 9 (Part 5):  Doriana informed Lord Sidious tha the operations on Barlok were a complete success.  He let Lord Sidious know that C’Baoth was able to force an agreement.  Doriana told Sidious that he picked the perfect Jedi Master  as C’Baoth was already acting self conceited and expected him to have his own intergalactic parade within a week.  Sidious asked about Skywalker and Kenobi and Doriana was amazed that Sidious even knew they were there.  Doriana explained  that he attached a liquid sprayer to the missile which was able to divert their attention long enough to get the missile close enough to C’Baoth.  Doriana told Sidious that they won’t be able to implicate him and that Kenobi won’t steal C’Baoth’s thunder either.  Sidious said all is going to plan and Doriana said his back-up was to use his influence on Palpatine.  Sidious told Doriana to get back to his normal buisness and then make sure he gets on the committee to Outbound Flight as a personal liason.  Sidious tells Doriana to contact him as soon as he gets back to Coruscant for final details.  Doriana took apart the holoprojector and smiled to himself as the plane was now not only to kill C’Baoth, but any Jedi he can manage to convince to join him on Outbound Flight…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 9 (Part 4)

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Okay, so since I didn’t have a chance to sleep in yesterday and since Heather worked till two in the morning and I stayed up for her yet again, we decided to sleep in this morning and miss church.  Besides, in my mind, I’m on vacation!!  Anyway, we got up fairly late this morning only waking up at about ten o’clock, but considering that we only went to sleep at two this morning, we really didn’t sleep in much as it were.  We decided to put up the new pool that we got.  Well, things just didn’t seem to go smooth the way we had expected it to.  First, we watched the parts of the DVD again and then scoped out our second property.  Well, the number one rule is to put the pool on level ground.  You would think this would be easy and the video makes it seem like this would be an easy prospect.  Well, we’ve discovered that our entire property is slopped down towards the river.  So, we looked for the spot that was the flattest and the flattest section of the property was the section of the property between two trees.  I just didn’t like the idea of it, but we had to put it there to try and maintain the possibility of the pool being level.

So, we blew up the ring that goes on top of the pool and tried to center the pool on the ground cloth that came with the kit.  It wasn’t easy.  The pool is round and the ground cloth is square and it was hard to square up the pool so that it didn’t hang out over the edge of the ground cloth.  After messing around with that for about a half an hour, we finally got the pool set and blew up the ring on the top of the pool and started to fill it with water.  Needless to say, we thought the pool was level, but alas, itw as not and as the pool filled up, it was filling up a little more (about four inches or so) on one side of the pool than the other.  It was a little lopsided but not too bad.  Heather and I went inside and watched “Freedom Writers” while the pool filled up.  The whole afternoon we let the water run to fill the pool.  We even let the water run all night long while we ate some dinner and watched some more T.V.  By the time we went to bed this evening, the pool was only about half way full.  It’s a good thing the kids aren’t home, or they would think this pool isn’t filling fast enough.  I would tend to agree with them, but I am not to optimistic that this pool is going to work.  Anyway, we watched another movie tonight and I did some DVD copying.  The power of now having a DVD writer!  Although my current DVD writer doesn’t seem to be working properly.  It works some of the time and then doesn’t work other times.  I’m not sure why that is and have decided I will call Sony tomorrow and figure out what is going on.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 9 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn……

 Chapter 9 (Part 4):  C’Baoth was standing up in the room with the leaders of the Mining and Corporate Alliance seated at the table and C’Baoth’s eyes were blazing.  C’Baoth was using a Force Grip to hold the missile back.  C’Baoth sputtered about how some of those on Barlok think that violence is more important than justice.  Obi-Wan thanked C’Boath for helping to divert a disaster.  C’Baoth tells Kenobi to hold on and starts to lecture Guildmaster Gilfrome and Magistrate Argente  about how they’ve been holding back the negotiations.  He demanded that the two parties come to an agreement and said the agreement would be the one he proposed and destroyed the missile.  Obi-Wan took the scrap piece of metal that was the missile from C’Baoth and told Anakin to stop admiring C’Baoth and told him to help get what was left of the missile to the police disposal team……