‘Star Wars:Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 6 (Part 4)

Thursday.  It’s almost the end of the week, and it just seems that I am so busy that I can’t even stop to breath.  In some ways, I bring this on myself though by volunteering for a whole bunch of things and never learning to really say no.  One of these days I’ll learn the word and my life will be happier and more joyous.

I got up and got going for the day.  I came to school and got ready for my day like I always do.  Today, my students did their last Music History lesson for the year and they fought me a little on the lesson, but overall it went okay.  There wasn’t much to my school day today, but I was still tired, so I came home and took a nap with Heather.  We then got dinner ready and got ourselves and the kids ready.  We had to be at choir rehearsal at seven o’clock at a church in Endicott for rehearsal.

When we got to choir rehearsal, we settled ourselves in and got the kids ready to sit in the lobby while we rehearsed in the sanctuary.  While we were doing this, we ran into John from church and I ran into two of my students from the Vestal Marching Band.  I didn’t have too bright of an outlook on the situation when I came into it only because none of us had gotten the opportunity to see the music in advance of the rehearsal.  It would have been nice to have that opportunity, but they never gave us a chance.  So, how did we all learn the music?  By rote.  I’m not a big fan of rote teaching music, but I suppose that when you’re dealing with that many people you may need to do that.  But I still argue that since most of these people are from church choirs, then they read music and should be able to handle practicing the music at home.  It’s just a thought.  However, even with the semni-negative attitude I had toward rehearsal, it still sounded pretty amazing.  I’m not sure what I’m amazed with more:  the fact that people picked up on the song so quickly, or the fact that there were about two-hundred people singing together in this sanctuary that could barely contain us.  In either case, it was a pretty awesome experience.

We got done with rehearsal and my wife decided she wanted to do some shopping at Wal Mart since we were on that side of the city.  So, we headed over to that side of the city.  Heather got shoes for her and the girls and Austin and I went and cleaned out Wal Mart on their comic book packs since they were still ringing in at a little over two dollars a piece.  Unfortunately, there was only one left.  But hey, I’m always up for cheap collectibles!!  I then reminded Heather that it was now almost ten o’clock and the kids were still up.  So, we quickly got out of the store and headed home.  Heather and I stayed up for a little bit once we got home, but then headed right to bed as we knew that tomorrow was going to be busy.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 6 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 6 (Part 4):  As they took the ten minutes to walk to the Petameene District, Obi-Wan kept his eyes open hoping to find Riske in the crowd.  Obi-Wan reminded Anakin that they were just here to look around as Anakin moved ahead a little bit.  Lorana was surprised that he would let his padawan go out of sight like that and said C’Baoth, because of his experiences with training, would never do that.  Obi-Wan implied that maybe C’Baoth was too demanding and Lorana said she wouldn’t categorize him in that way.  Obi-Wan said of course not, even though he knew Anakin felt the exact same way about him.  Lorana said she wondered if she would ever please Master C’Baoth.  Obi-Wan reminded her tht when she matures into a Jedi Knight, she won’t have to answer to anyone, but will have to do what is right.  Lorana mentioned that if she can ever get at peace with herself, then she ay be as diplomatic.  As they continued to move silently through the streets, Obi-Wan continued to look through the crowd for Riske…..


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