‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 6 (Part 1)

Okay, it was Monday and for me it was a day to catch up on my sleep from the weekend.  I slept in until about ten o’clock this morning which is amazing considering the kids were up around eight o’clock.  But, my kids kept themselves entertained and didn’t but Heather or I while we slept in a little bit.  Heather got up a little earlier than me and started working on the pile of dirt in our front yard.  As soon as I got up, I got dressed and started moving dirt myself.  It was nice to be able to move that dirt from the front yard to the garden area that Heather has built in the back yard.  We moved piles and piles of dirt and I did it on a broken wheel barrow and the kids did it using some gallon buckets.  We worked for about two hours or so and finally moved all the dirt from the front of the house to the rear of the house.  We got done and came inside and ate a late lunch together.  Of course, there was plenty of food left over from our Celebration IVa weekend, so we had lots of good food to choose from.

We no more than finished moving the dirt and eating lunch till Heather had to leave with Tara to go to the Memorial Day Parade as she was going to march with the Girl Scouts.  While they were gone, Austin and Ruth moved the last little bit of dirt that needed to be moved and I took a nap downstairs in the basement where it was nice and cool.  I got up around two-thirty or so and started to clean up from the weekend while the kids did the last little bit of dirt moving for the afternoon.  I made them come in and get some water since it was such a hot day and just as they came in, Heather and Tara came home.  We all watched some T.V. together and then put together some dinner and ate that downstairs as well.  Our evening collided with watching “Star Wars Tech” and “Star Wars:  The Legacy Revealed”.

I hate to be so negative, but I have to say I’m very disappointed with both specials that were on the History Channel tonight.  Worse yet, everyone said these shows would debunk the “geeky” undertone of Star Wars and would associate Star Wars with the average person.  That really didn’t happen at all.  Instead, the specials resolidified the idea that Star Wars is geeky and even may have put us on a whole new level now.  First on was Star Wars Tech.  I was hoping they would talk about what products that have been invented since the inception of Star Wars and how they have been influenced by the movies.  Instead, they decided to go the other direction and be negative.  The entire special seemed to be about how to prove Star Wars technology to be bunk.  They tried to disprove all of the factions of Star Wars technology like a lightsaber, blaster, or even turning a barrel turn in space.  I thought it was ridiculous and didn’t put me in a good mood for the special to follow which was “Star Wars:  The Legacy Revealed.”

Who decided to compare Star Wars to already existing history?  That idiot should be shot!!  I understand that George Lucas was influence by the likes of Kurasawa and what-not and he “may” have been influenced by Greek and Roman Mythology, but some of the discussions they had in the show was stretching the expectations of Star Wars quite a bit.  I honestly wanted to hear more of the interviews.  More importantly, I want them to start talking about the Legacy of Star Wars.  How will Star Wars affect history?  NOT, how will history affect Star Wars, which is what is seems like “Star Wars:  The Legacy Revealed” is all about.  Honestly, for a first-time fan, this may be an okay introduction to Star Wars.  For already established Star Wars fans, this special SUCKED!!!  I bet my friend Scott Miller liked it or would like it over at http://www.sheepguardingllama.com.  Anyway, once we finished watching the History Channel, we headed for bed because I was still exhausted from the weekend and I have classes starting tomorrow.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 6 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 6 (Part 1):  Lorana thought she would be stuck in life following overly fast people.  She followed Riske through the crowded streets of the town.  As she moved through the crowd, she realized she did not have Master Kenobi’s comlink frequency.  She knew she couldn’t interupt C’Baoth while he was in negotiations, but she could call the Jedi Temple, but when she tried to, she discovered that offworld communications were not working.  As two Brolfi blocked her path, she looked up again to find that Riske had vanished.  She tried reaching out with The Force, but could not sense him.  She realized that he could either have gone into one of the shops or into an alley.  She thought the alley was an obvious answer.  She took a chance on the alleyway on the right.  As she walked down the alley, she realized that this alley was cross-sectioned with another perpendicular alley.  Lorana put her hand on her lightsaber as she got to the alley cross-section.  She looked in all directions and found nothing, so she decided to head back to Obi-Wan Kenobi…..


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