‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 5 (Part 4)

Okay, it’s Sunday and my entire FanForce group got up around 9:30 this morning.  We started right off with breakfast and a movie as we started “Star Wars:  A New Hope” to start our day.  It was just myself, Karen, and Charles as they had all crashed at my house last night, so we started the movie without the rest of the group.  Around ten O’clock or so, Ian showed up with both his Mando and his Jedi costumes to join us for the day today.  We planned on getting into costumes and going outside to take pictures around one o’clock today.  We finished with “A New Hope” and I put in “Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back” and I soon realized that we had not heard anything from Jeff since he had to go home last night.  So, I gave him a buzz and asked if he could get himself away from the sale of his house today to see if he could join us for a pic.  He managed to be able to get away around noon, so we moved up the time for pics.

Around noon we started to all get into costumes and Jeff showed up for pics right around then and got into his Vader costume right around that moment in time.  While we changed, we continued to watch “The Empire Strikes Back”.  We then went outside and took some awesome pictures!!  We just had a blast, even though it was an awfully hot and humid day outside, we still managed to get some wonderful pictures of the group, including some great pics of Ian and I together in our Mando costumes.  Needless to say, Clan Falco was born today.  We then went inside and changed out of costume.  Jeff had to leave because he had a family portrait to get to.  Charles had to leave because he had to pick up his wife at the airport in Scranton, PA.  So, that left us with myself, Ian, and Karen.  We then finished up the movies and watched the last part of “The Empire Strikes Back” and then watched “Star Wars:  Return of the Jedi”.  When we finished with the movies, Ian decided to show us his Jedi costume.  I have to say, it’s pretty freakin awesome!!  He went outside in his Jedi costume and Karen and I took a bunch of pics and I even got a movie of Ian that I plan on “painting” on the lightsaber onto later on to see how it looks.

We came back inside and talked a little while Ian got out of his costume and Karen and I both looked at some items for costume ideas for later.  We then convinced Ian to watch the first Star Wars made for T.V. movie, “Ewoks:  The Caravan of Courage”.  Ian had never seen this show before because he lived in Britain when they were on T.V. and he missed them as a kid.  Needless to say, Ian had wished he had missed them as an adult.  I tried to convince him to watch the next Ewok movie, but he wasn’t interested.  He took the movie with him and said he would watch it later.  Basically, everyone left my house by five o’clock this evening and our “Celebration IVa” had ended.  It was a fun but tiring weekend and I know I’ll be reeling from this for days to come, but it was well worth it!!  Heather and I spent the rest of the night, napping and cleaning up from the weekend.  We have tomorrow and then I’m back to work on Tuesday, so we have a lot to get done in the next few days.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 5 (Part 4):  Anakin asked what an enforcer does and Obi-Wan said anything that Passel Argente wishes.  Lorana guessed that he was playing the role of bodyguard since Argente was leading negotiations here on the planet.  This makes Obi-Wan believe these talks are more important than he first thought.  Obi-Wan asked Anakin to go get some nuts at the bar and this gave him an excuse to go over and eaves drop on Riske’s conversation.  The bartender mentioned something about the Patameene District and that was all Obi-Wan could catch.  The bartender and Riske got suddenly precautious at the sight of Obi-Wan and Anakin acted like a father and son arguing over how many nuts Anakin should eat.  As Anakin went to get up, he bumped an Aqualish’s hand, spilling his drink on him.  Obi-Wan apologized, but the Aqualish said that Anakin can speak for himself as he’s not a child.  Anger welled up in Anakin, but Obi-Wan put his hand on his padawan’s shoulder and told him to take it easy.  Obi-Wan told the Aqualish that they would buy him another drink to resolve the issue.  The Aqualish reached for his blaster while Obi-Wan prepared himself for attack.  Then, the Aqualish suddenly changed heart and said he wanted a large Likstro. Obi-Wan nodded to the bartender and he poured the drink.  As they walked away, Anakin pointed out that the Aqualish stiffed Obi-Wan.  As Obi-Wan went to lecture his padawan about the bigger picture, he abruptly stopped.  He realized that Riske was gone, and so was Lorana!…..


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