‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 5 (Part 1)

Thursday.  The heat is on here in Binghamton, literally!!  It was a scorcher weather wise and I am proud to say, my computer luck is beginning to change.  I woke up this morning and went downstairs and found that my DVD had actually been written.  It was pretty cool to finally have written a DVD that works in a DVD player.  Okay, so I know it can be done and I know it’s easier to do with an MPEG file than with an AVI file.  So, I packed up the laptop and DVD player and got ready for school.  I was exhausted by this point as I’ve stayed up pretty late last night and the night before.  In all honesty, I didn’t get to bed until one in the morning last night.  The reason I did this was to get out Special Edition #4 of TJCS.  Ah, what I do for my podcast!  I was a little sluggish getting to school but got there nonetheless.

My school day went okay.  The kids are excited about this weekend, but I’m excited for other reasons.  This weekend is Celebration IVa at my house!!  Now, there aren’t a whole lot of people coming, but the entire Binghamton FanForce is coming to my house for the weekend and we are going to have a total Geek Fest on Star Wars!!  It’s going to be (wait for it!!….) LEGENDARY!!!  Anyway, I have been thinking about it all day and have been working on everything from a rough schedule to a menu of the food that will be served at Celebration IVa.  Anyway, my school day went pretty well and my students are starting to “check out” for the school year.  Meaning that a lot of my students just aren’t in school mentally.  This happens every year and I guess I have gotten used to this.  At school, I managed to work all of my music videos for the year onto one DVD and once I finish with this semester’s videos, I will add them to the mix and then put together one DVD for the year.  It came out pretty good and I’m excited that I can actually put all of this together.  Awesome!!

I got done with school and came home and Heather and I finished our plans for Celebration IVa.  She’s decided she’s going to keep Ruth home with her tomorrow to help and to bond a little with her oldest daughter.  Not to mention, she’s going to need help getting all the food and getting it prepped in time for IVa.  After we all ate dinner, we celebrated Ruth’s birthday and I finished cleaning the basement while the kids cleaned up stairs and we were all exhausted and even Heather and I went to bed early (by ten o’clock).  I’m really excited about tomorrow!!

Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 5 (Part 1):  C’Baoth told Lorana to keep up with him.  Lorana felt that they had plenty of time before the negotiations even began.  The more angry C’Baoth got, the faster he moved through the market.  Suddenly, C’Baoth stopped.  Lorana asked what was going on and C’Baoth said it was typical for them to distrust and told Lorana to follow him.  Then C’Baoth recognized a Jedi and a padawan strolling towards him through the crowd.  Lorana was amazed at how “dead” the people in the street felt to her.  She began to wonder if she managed to pick up on his feeling from others around C’Baoth or from C’Baoth himself.  Obi-Wan  and C’Baoth moved forward and greeted each other and in a cynical manner, C’Baoth asked how Master Windu was doing.  C’Baoth then greets Anakin with some positive disdain.  C’Baoth and Kenobi talk positively of Anakin’s training and how well he is doing.  C’Baoth tries to excuse himself for a meeting with the negotiators.  C’Baoth offers for Lorana  to show both of them the exploits of the city.  C’Baoth points out that there is nothing for Lorana to do during the negotiations and taht it would be good for her to get to know another padawan.  Kenobi knew he’d been out maneuvered but agreed.  C’Baoth left and Lorana wondered if this was some form of odd punishment.  Anakin asked if she knew of a good place to eat and Lorana suggested they get some dinner……

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