‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 4 (Part 5)

Okay, I did not wake up this morning with good news.  I went downstairs right away to find out how the DVD Burn went and found my laptop had shut off.  I was very upset and asked Heather what had happened and she said the computer shut itself off and did some sort of Windows Update.  I was extremely upset as she didn’t even come and tell me.  So, about five to six hours of work of processing and burn time just went down the tubes.  Grrr!!! I wasn’t happy to say the least.  So, I quick got myself together and packed up for school and headed off in hopes of trying the burn at school all over again.  Once I got to school, I set up the laptop for the burn process and it took all morning and then crashed yet again just before lunch.  AHHHHH!!!  So, I finally did some more research on the Internet and found that I needed to convert the video again to a more compressed format.  So, I compressed the video all afternoon to an MPEG format.  Up until now, I’ve been using an AVI format and it was just too large.  The MPEG format seemed as though it would work.  The compression took all afternoon long.  I was really getting upset with this project and wanted it done by this point.

I taught my classes again without taking attendance on the laptop.  That’s okay though, because that is what my desktop at work is really for anyway.  I don’t like the idea of my laptop not being accessible during the school day, but all of this is for Oklahoma, so I look at it as being for school in some way.  When the school day ended, I graded some papers while I let the laptop burn another DVD.  While in the middle of burning, I had to head to SMASH.  So, as quick as I could, I closed the laptop, unhooked the power and got over to Roosevelt and plugged it back in so I could continue to let it compress and make the DVD.  I left it running during SMASH rehearsal and it crashed AGAIN!!!  AHHHHHH!!!!  I’m beginning to think this DVD burning thing was a bad idea!  Well, I didn’t have time to mess with it anymore, I had marching band rehearsal to get to.

Jim and I left SMASH rehearsal together and then went to the Vestal Burger Kind and got dinner together.  We took our time as the director already knew we were going to be late and we figured there was no rush as we were right on time compared to the time we told him we would be at rehearsal.  We then headed to Vestal High School and started to get ready for our portion of practice.  Suddenly, Jim gets a phone call saying he needs to go move a bed somewhere.  So, where does this leave me?  Let’s just say I was running visual rehearsal by myself.  Not that it was that big of a deal, but there were some issues keeping students from rehearsal.  It was a Jewish Holiday today, other students were involved in a concert, and to top it all off, many of the kids went to a funeral of a fellow student who had committed suicide on Monday.  The rehearsal went as well as could be expected with all of the negative energy around the high school.  I could tell our kids were just not feeling the energy they usually have.

Once rehearsal finished, I raced home.  Why?  Oh, well, I forgot to tell you the most important part.  On the busy day of the week, it was Ruth’s birthday.  That’s right, my oldest daughter’s birthday was today and I missed it because of school, SMASH rehearsal, and marching band rehearsal.  That’s very depressing!!  Luckily Heather let Ruth stay up till I got home and could at least wish her a Happy Birthday.  What a day!!  Oh, and I set my computer up again tonight to try and record that DVD, let’s see if it’s successful.  I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 5, the last part, of Chapter 4 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 4 (Part 5):  Thrawn took them into a much larger room that had treasure going to the ceiling.  The treasure had everything from gold ingots, to electronics, to coins, to gems.  The room even had artwork and sculptures from mixed cultures of countless worlds.  So Thrawn pointed out that this race of people were not only slavers, but pirates and raiders.  He said the cultures is known as the Vagaari and they have been moving through this sector for the past ten years.  Thrawn pointed out that the slaves were missing and that they must have off-loaded them trying to get to their homeworld.  Car’das wondered how Thrawn knew they were under crewed and he said their defensive pattern gave that away.  Thrawn explained every detail of his analysis of the enemy’s ship and defense.  He acted as if they had no other choice.  Qennto wasn’t buying it.  Qennto then asked if they got more treasure from Thrawn if they stayed with him longer and taught him basic, as he eyed the room full of beautiful bounty.


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