The Jedi Council Speaks – Volume II, Episode #10: When Does Fandom Go Too Far?

Monday and I’m already exhausted.  I should have tried to catch more sleep over the weekend, but unfortunately, I was unable to do so.  So, I woke up this morning pretty groggy and just not ready for this week.  I’m just exhausted and frustrated at this point over my Podcast episode not being on Podomatic yet.  I don’t know what else to say other than there must be something completely screwed up on their end.  I was able to find out through the course of the day today that this is the case.  Evidently they’re having internal problems and instead of closing the site down (which is what they should really do), they have decided to try and fix the problem with no change in service.  Anyone who has run a business such as this knows that it’s inevitable that the site may be down for periods of time.

Well, my frustration was put aside for my classes as my sixth grade classes are now really close to having their work completed and my seventh grade are also virtually on the edge.  My eighth graders are behind, but it’s not their fault.  It has to do with the state testing and what looks to be a grueling final exam schedule and field trips that have happened and are going to happen.  All day I kept checking on my podcast and the podomatic boards, but have found that nothing has changed.  I’m just so frustrated.  In amongst all of this, I’ve had to start another project.

I have started to convert videos for the Oklahoma DVD that I’m trying to put together for the director and the assistant so they have a DVD to review with the kids for an end of the year musical party.  I worked on it amongst all my classes today.  As a matter of fact, I took attendance in the school computer and then transferred the data to my laptop tonight to make sure that I have the attendance records.  I got all of the videos close to being transferred when my laptop crashed at the end of the day and I lost one of the projects.  I didn’t have time to mess with it because I had marching band rehearsal tonight.

I scrambled and got home and ate some dinner with the family, relaxed for about a half an hour and then headed off to Vestal for marching band rehearsal.  Everything went okay.  Students fought me on a new concept.  We’ve decided to do Right Foot Lead and for those that have done Left Foot Lead, you know what a change that can be.  We made the change tonight and for some it worked, for others, it will be a test of patience to see how long it will take them to make the adjustment.  Overall, a good start to the season, but I worry about the numbers of the band being low, we’ll have to see what happens once we get to band camp.  I got home after rehearsal and crashed for a little bit, did some work on grades and attendance for class and then headed for bed.  Maybe tomorrow will go better, but today just seemed like a day where I got nothing accomplished.

Okay, here is my  latest episode of TJCS:



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