‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 4 (Part 3)

Sunday.  Heather and the kids got up around ten o’clock or so for the Veteran’s Walk.  They got ready and left the house and I got some quick breakfast and headed downstairs and started editing my podcast.  By the time three o’clock rolled around, I was starting to piece together the podcast into one big podcast.  As I got going, I realized that my podcast was now going to be over three hours long.  I seriously considered cutting portions of the podcast out, but I didn’t want to short change my listeners, so I kept it it’s original length.  I really hope no one hates me for keeping the podcast this long.

Then came the problems.  I tried uploading my podcast three different times tonight and it never uploaded correctly any of the three times.  Evidently there is something wrong on the Podomatic website, so I will be writing on the next portion of “Outbound Flight” tonight and not putting up the embedded player.  I’m hoping that I can get this done by tomorrow sometime.  I spent my entire night messing around with my podcast and didn’t get to bed until midnight before I actually gave up getting my podcast up.  Next week is going to be really busy, I better get ready.

Okay, time to talk about Part 3 of Chapter 4 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 4 (Part 3):  Car’das noticed that the crew left behind on the bridge were apparently involved in some project of their own.  Then Car’das recognized some of the language and realized they were using their ship sensors to track the enemy crew and help the Chiss warriors hunt them down.  It took them one hour to secure the enemy vessel and three before they invited the human captives aboard.  Car’das thought he could handle what they were about to see, but he was wrong.  The smell and sight of the dead bodies was grotesque to Car’das.  A door opened ahead of Thrawn, still in a vac suit said he had something he wanted to show them.  Thrawn asked them about their opinion and Maris said it was obvious that the people in this ship were poor because you could see where they patched and then re-patched  the ship.  She also said that such civilians should be no threat to the Chiss.  Thrawn asked about the missiles and directed his attention to Qennto now.  Qennto asked if they shot first and Thrawn said he did have a sentry that took out their hyperdrive first…..

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