‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 4 (Part 2)

Saturday.  I planned on waking up fairly early for podcasting, but that didn’t happen.  I didn’t get up till eleven o’clock, but I needed the sleep from such a stressful week that I had over the past week or so.  I got up, had some lunch (since I already missed breakfast) and went downstairs to record and continue with notes.  I worked the entire day on podcasting.  While I did this, Heather and the kids did me a HUGE favor.  They mowed the yard and worked on moving the dirt that we had delivered from the front yard to the back yard.  I worked all day and late into the night on my podcasting project.  I don’t even remember the day going by.  By the time tonight hit, I had managed to record every segment of my podcast, I just have a massive amount of editing to do before tomorrow.

To give myself a break and to give the kids a reward for working so hard all day long, I took a break at nine o’clock this evening (while Heather was at work) and watched “Pirates of the Carribean:  Dead Man’s Chest” with my kids on Cinemax.  It was good for me because Heather and I plan on seeing “At World’s End” later this summer and the kids really liked the movie.  Once the movie was over, they went to bed and I recorded one more segment to finish up.

Tomorrow we’ve decided not to go to church as the kids will be working to help the Veteran’s Walk around the corner through the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and it starts at eleven o’clock and if we went to church, we would never make it back in time.  Well, we’ll talk about tomorrow, well, tomorrow.

Okay, let’s talk about Star Wars, since my entire day has been talking about Star Wars.  Let’s discuss Part 2 of Chapter 4 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 4 (Part 2):  Qennto asked what they said and Car’das was trying to translate from what he already knew.  He caught two words – “stranger” and “run”.  Qennto felt as if they were after someone, but said they stay right where they are.  He wasn’t convinced that Pragga was killed because his ship supposedly shot first.  Suddenly the ship did a micro jump and landed right where Thrawn wanted it to.  Small ships placed fire on “The Springhawk” as another larger ship tried to linger away.  The fighters came back for a second pass, but both were blown up from a single blast of “The Springhawk”.  Car’das pointed out that the bigger ship was still out there.  Qennto remarked about Thrawn’s attack and Maris pointed out that they attacked first.  The larger ship turned and fired missiles that were immediately dispatched by missiles form Thrawn’s ship.  Maris wondered why they didn’t jump to light speed and Car’das pointed out that someone shot out their hyperdrive.  Qennto questioned when that could have even happened.  As “The Springhawk” got closer, they noticed the other ship was covered with something that looked like bubble-wrap.  As they speculated what they were, “The Springhawk” locked mag-locks onto the hull of the other ship.  Thrawn apologizes about brining them into danger, but he said it had to be done.  He told them to stay on the bridge until he comes back and Maris was surprised that Thrawn would actually lead the boarding party.  He told Maris not to worry, Chiss warriors are the best…..


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