‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 3 (Part 4)

Tuesday.  Concert day.  I got up as usual and got out the door early.  I made sure the cords at school were properly taped down this morning and tidied up everything on stage.  By the time the band, orchestra, and choral directors got into the building, the stage and auditorium were looking like they were ready to go.  Because of the schedule and concert in the afternoon, I had little time with my students during the day today.  We slowed our schedule down a little since it seems that we are ahead of the game at this point.  We got to lunch and I ran sound and lights like I always do.  I made sure that every area was taped off for the sake of the sound and lights and we were ready for the student body to come in and enjoy the afternoon concert.

Overall, the afternoon concert went fairly well.  I was disappointed with the student body as they heckled a poor girl on stage.  One of the choral members had a solo in a song from “High School Musical” and she missed her entrance.  She was upset about that enough, but a fellow student yelled out some comment and the student body laughed at the comment and at the girl.  I was horrified that the students in my building would do such a thing.  I reminded my ninth period class that it takes guts to simply get up in front of your peers and sing, much less make mistakes.  I was disappointed in the other students and not the girl on stage.  As a matter of fact, I talked to her afterwards and told her that a good musician is one that can prove an audience wrong with their second performance.  I hoped that was motivation enough for her to do better on tonight’s performance.

We got done and I ran my ninth period class and we had an honest discourse about how to treat others at a concert and how to behave when observing other students in concert.  We then had a regular class.  Once school finished, I was out the door because I knew I would be back around six o’clock tonight.  I got home and told Heather about my day.  I went back and took a short nap before tonight, did some painting on my bucket, and then got ready for the concert.  We ate dinner together and I grabbed the kids and headed right out the door.  Tonight’s concert went even better than this afternoon’s.  The girl who made the mistake in the afternoon redeemed herself and then some at tonight’s performance.  I was very proud of her to overcome such a bad reaction by fellow students/peers.  My daughter did me a huge favor and managed to tape the entire concert which was really nice to have.

We got home and I put the kids to bed, as they were with me because Heather had to work tonight at Wendy’s.  After I put them to bed, I honestly went downstairs and crashed and didn’t do much.  Tomorrow I start to tear apart the stage and start to get ready for my latest podcast.

Okay, let’s get ready for Part 4 of Chapter 3 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 3 (Part 4):  On the twenty-minute air taxi ride, Doriana started to iron out his last minute details for his trip.  When he got to his apartment, it was revealed that he was already packed and ready for his trip.  he tan to a desk in the corner of his apartment and turned on the computer and entered the access code.  Darth Sidious appeared and told him to report.  Doriana lets him know that C’Baoth is on his way to Barlok and that he should have no problem getting there ahead of him.  Sidious asks if Palpatine will notice Doriana’s “side trip” and Doriana says he can spend up to three days on Barlok and still be on schedule.  Doriana receives a compliment from Sidious on how coniving he has become.  Doriana says he’ll report back when they have a victory and Sidious tells him to make sure they have a victory.  Sidious disappeared and Doriana wondered which would garner worse torture; dissapointing a Sith, or Palpatine finding a traitor in his midst.  He used his comlink to call for a taxi to the spaceport and got ready to leave…..


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