‘Star War: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 3 (Part 2)

Sunday, and it’s Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers out there!!!  You work your tail off all year long and should be appreciated by everyone everyday, but today we honor you more.  You deserve an entire year devoted to all of you!!  Anyway, the kids and I got up bright and early today.  We were up and going by 6:30 this morning working on breakfast for mom in bed.  We made a lot of food.  Heather had eggs, bacon, sausage, bagels with cream cheese with cut strawberries on top, fruit juice, and all the assundries.  Heather was so full that she was unable to even eat her desert, her caramel apple.  She said we would eat it later.  We all scrambled to get ready for church as Heather was singing the song “I Am” by Mark Schultz for church today.

We got to church early and she wanted a chance to practice with the piano player, but she showed up late for rehearsal, so I felt bad for Heather, she had little time to practice before the service.  She did okay with her performance, but you could tell she was nervous about the song as her voice wavered.  I think a lot of it had to do with the lack of practice with the keyboard player for this performance.  I was proud of her never-the-less.  She did a great job with a tough situation.  We got done with church and were all so exhausted that we all went home and crashed and for the first time in a long time, the entire house agreed that it was nap time.  We all took a two – hour nap, even Austin who normally hates naps.  When we got up, I became determined to fix my Mandalorian helmet that was cracked on Saturday.  I tried to fix it Saturday night, but failed miserably.  It just seemed that the PVC on the helmet was too thin.  There wasn’t enough of an area of contact for the PVC Glue to stick to itself.

I brainstormed while I napped (I guess you could say that the answer to the problem came to me in a dream).  I figured that if I couldn’t get enough contact with the PVC to itself, that I would have to put pieces of Sintra on the inside of the helmet to sure up the PVC to give it more contact space.  Sure enough, it worked!!  The helmet is glued back together.  It looks like total crap right now and refuse to take pictures of the helmet because of what it looks like.  I want to remember my helmet on good terms and not bad.  By the time the night rolled around, the concept behind the helmet took shape and I was able to salvage my helmet.  This made me feel much better about all of that work and painting I’ve done over the past four or so months.

I finished with my project and Heather and I watched our usual shows on T.V. for Sunday night and then went to bed.  It was time to start what I consider to be a very busy week ahead because I have to prep quite a few things for the future of the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars.  I want to catch up on this blog and my podcast which I fear may not come out before next weekend, which is my goal, but I’m not sure it’s gonna happen.  We’ll have to see.

Okay, so let’s discuss Part 2 of Chapter 3 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 3 (Part 2):  As C’Baoth and Jinzler left the office, Padawan Jinzler was shocked that C’Baoth would make the bold claim without approval from the Council.  C’Baoth reminded his padawan that the Jedi really run the galaxy and not The Senate.  He told her that trust begats respect.  C’Baoth points out that respect and fear are closely related.  He told his padawan that when you are openly acting as a Jedi, then you must act with dignity like a Jedi.  C’Baoth tells Lorana to go arrange a transport for them while he talks to the Jedi Council.  He tells her to pack for three days plus travel time to and from Barlok.  C’Baoth said he would see Yoda and walked down the corridor as if others should move aside for him.  Lorana didn’t like the idea that Jedi felt they were better than and above the others, but wasn’t about to question her Master on this fact.  As Lorana puleed out a comlink to callf ro a transport she was frozen by the look of a dark haired gentleman.  She’d seen him before and always had the feeling that he was watching her.  She reached out with her feelings, and as always, she felt feelings of resentment , anger, and hate directed at her.  The man looked at her and then turned his back on her, concentrating on the panel he was wiring.  She wondered if she should confront the stranger, but he made up her mind for her when he closed the panel and left on his own.  She pulled up her comlink and keyed for a transport…..


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