‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 2 (Part 5)

Okay, Thursday and I had a lot to get done before I leave for Rochester tomorrow.  I got up and got to school early again and finished setting up the auditorium for the concert.  I have a little bit more duct taping to do, but it’s looking pretty good.  Things are looking up for this concert and Mr. Johnson and I were talking about how smooth things seem to be going recently and that we always have high expectations.  I worked with my classes today on Music History and my classes are moving right along with their work.  They’ll need to so that we have enough time for our projects later on.  Practices at lunch went very well and I was able to run the sound for the choir at lunch for the first time and it looks like everything is looking okay.

I got done with school and came home and Heather said she would like to go out quick to get some things to finish making Star Wars style shirts for the kids for the parade on Saturday.  My kids are going to be holding the banner for our FanForce group which they are getting really excited about doing.  So, we went to Wal Mart to get some supplies.  I decided I would start to pack up my armor tonight so I didn’t have to worry about it tomorrow.  Well, while trying to pack it up, I realized that my tote is probably not quite big enough.  So, Heather gave me some money an told me to head back to Wal Mart and try to find a tote that would be the right size and would work.  So, I found one on wheels and thought my job was done, but it didn’t fit in the car.  I tried to look for other ideas at Target and Lowes and decided I would need to make the current tote work for the armor.  I came home and it was nine o’clock before I got home and I had to pack yet.  So much for my night tonight.  I had plans on catching up on my blog and a little bit of my podcast.  Neither happened and it put me farther behind work for all of my personal stuff.  Man, I wonder if I’ll ever get caught up on all of this work.

I called in to work for tomorrow and then worked on finishing packing my bag and Star Wars equipment.  Tomorrow will be a nice relaxing day as I don’t have plans to get on the road much before noon and I’m going to take my time getting to Rochester.

Chapter 2 (Part 5):  Car’das was escorted by three Chiss and tried to look at equipment and men as they walked.  Not much was recognizable.  When they got to the room, Mith’raw now greeted Car’das from the couch he was seated upon.  He invited Car’das to sit as he enjoyed the beauty of the starlines crossing paths with the ship.  Car’das asked why Mith’raw seent for him and he said he was there to enjoy the view and answer a few questions for him.  Car’das said he was amazed  such a room would exist aboard a warship.  Mith’raw told him they use this room for observation during battle.  Mith’raw asked what their buisness was and Car’das told him that Qennto explained that they were traders.  Mith’raw shook his head and said their ship is too small for such buisness.  He deduced that they were smugglers.  Car’das conceded that they trade mostly, but do smuggle some.  They exchange pleasentries, yet Mith’raw makes it clear that he is not their friend.  He’s amazed that Car’das is not afraid of them.  Mith’raw said he also noticed that Car’das was observing everything around him, but reassured Car’das that thsi did not concern him.  Then Mith’raw asked Car’das who was to receive the hidden gemstones.  Car’das tried to act surprised, but could not.  He explained that the gems were to got to a group of Hutts just outside the Comra System…..


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