‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 2 (Part 4)

Okay, it was Wednesday and it was a completely chaotic day for me yet again.  I thought I would be slowing down now that the musical was over, but somehow I have more on my plate now than I ever did before.  What the heck am I doing to myself?  I swear I’m gonna have a heart attack by age 35 if I don’t learn to slow down a little.  I got up this morning and scrambled to get myself out the door.  I did this because I needed to finish getting the auditorium set up this morning and especially taping down the cords on stage.  I got to school and quickly started to get to work.  There was so much to be done and and so little time to get it done in.  I scrambled and got most of the work with the taping done this morning.

Later in the day, I had the band instructor come out and we moved some speakers around and got things coordinated and situated just right.  While the day went on, I also worked on making copies for my sub on Friday and putting lesson plans together for that sub, whoever it may be.  Not only did I do all of that, but I also managed to do some other work around my classroom, including tidying up a little bit and organizing my desk.  I have so much work to catch up on, I need to continually work on all of it or it will overwhelm me.  I got done with the school day, but my day wasn’t finished yet, though.

At the end of the school day I attended an SDM Meeting at school and we talked about all sorts of things starting with the budget and budget vote all the way to what the schedule may look like for finals weeks.  It was a pretty short meeting because we were missing quite a few people.

I packed up my room pretty quick and then headed over to SMASH rehearsal.  I changed my clothes and we managed to spray paint all of our equipment and make it look a little more “inner city” esque.  If you’ve seen a SMASH concert, then you know what I’m talking about.  We had a little bit of a rehearsal and then I was on my way to picking up and dropping off some girls for Girl Scouts.  I finally got home for good around six-thirty or so and ate some Chinese that Heather picked up for me for dinner.  After an exhausting day, I went downstairs and we watched our usual shows together while I scrambled to get some grading done.  What a day!!

Chapter 2 (Part 4):  Mith’raw led them down the corridor to another room and told Qennto he’d come back and get them when he needed them.  Maris worried about what he’ll do to them, but Qennto assured her that he’d let them go, but wondered if they’d be speaking to them about the firegems hidden amongst their cargo.  Qennto growled at Car’das about letting on about their relationship with Pragga.  Car’das said he had the feeling that they better not lie.  Maris felt that Mith’raw was an honorable man, but Qennto said no man in uniform is honorable.  Car’das thinks they should stall here for a little bit as Pragga’s people are going to be mad when he doesn’t show back up.  Qennto told them all to quiet down as he needed to figure out how to play all of this.  Maris and Car’das laid down and dozed off for a nap.  The door buzzing open woke them up and a Chiss Commander told them they were requested on Forward Visual One.  Then he informed them that Car’das was the only one who was supposed to go.  Qennto got angry, but Car’das reassured him and agreed to go with the commander…..

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