‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 2 (Part 2)

Monday.  The beginning to what will seem like an eternity for a work week.  I had a lot of work to do today, so I got going as early as I could.  My energy level was down today and I think it’s just because I feel so stressed out about everything.  Especially about the end of the school year and all of the things I have going on in my life over the next month.  For example, this week, I have to get the auditorium ready for the concert, I have an SDM meeting after school on Wednesday with my usual SMASH rehearsal, Heather and I want to do some last minute shopping on Thursday and I have to go to Rochester on Friday and Saturday for the Lilac Parade, oh, and while I’m there, we’ve got to shop for Heather for Mother’s Day because we haven’t gotten that shopping done either.  Holy crap my life is just way too busy!!

I got to school a little early today and started dragging equipment out for the concert, in particular the sound system.  It just seems like my life in the auditorium never ceases.  I was able to get a lot set up fairly quickly because I didn’t move much from the auditorium from when we had the musical in there.  The chorus will be ready by Tuesday with mics and the band and orchestra will have announcement mics by Wednesday.  I got lots done in the auditorium and I got a lot accomplished with my classes as well.  We managed to get caught up on some of our work and even have made quite some headway when it comes to getting the workbook work done.  Mid-Terms will be here before you know it and the end of the year is coming pretty fast as well.

I got done with school and raced home.  I could not wait to get into my Mando costume to do some picture taking.  I got home and went downstairs right away.  My wife was rather annoyed with me because she was trying to make dinner and I kept interrupting her, but she eventually gave in and just turned off dinner and helped me.  I got into the costume in under fifteen minutes which I think isn’t bad considering it was my first time getting into the get-up.  I have to say, I felt pretty “invincible” and intimidating in the thing.  We took some great photos outside, including photos of the gauntlets.  I’ll put them on my boards here as well, as soon as I can.  The outfit looks pretty awesome and is pretty intimidating, especially with all the flames on my costume.

We got inside and I took the costume off, solo, while Heather made dinner.  We ate and Heather and I raced out the door for Franklin Graham.  After our class, we decided to treat ourselves to some ice-cream from “Suzie Q’s” and then watched the rest of our usual shows on CBS before going to bed.  I taped Heroes and hope to watch it tomorrow night while Heather is gone.

Okay, let’s talk about Chapter 2, Part 2 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 2 (Part 2):  Qennto introduced himself to the aliens as he stepped into the tunnel.  Niether of them answered him and gestured down the tunnel.  Qennto helped Maris out and they walked down the tunnel together.  Car’das followed behind, but he was observing the aliens and wondering why they looked so human to him.  They were met by two more aliens as they got into the ship and Car’das began to admire the structure of the ship, including the building materials.  The two aliens gestured to a room and Qennto entered with Maris, followed by Car’das.  As they entered, they saw a table with about a dozen chairs and yet another blue-skinned alien sitting at the table.  Qennto introduced himself again, and again the alien said nothing.  Car’das suggested he try an Outer Rim language.  Qennto tried several languages including Sy Bisti, Taarja, and Meese Caulf as he argued with his crew in these languages.  The alien officer caught him off-guard and told him that Sy Bisti will do, in that particular language.  The officer introduced himself as Commander Mitth’raw’nuruodo of the Chiss Assendancy and that this is the “Springhawk” of the Expansion Defense Fleet.  Car’das didn’t liek the sound of an Expansion Fleet, that’s the last thing The Republic could handle at this time…..


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