‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 2 (Part 1)

It’s Sunday and it’s supposed to be a day of rest.  Well, it wasn’t much of a rest.  But, it was a day of family fun, so that was okay with me.  We got up a little early today so that we could all get ready for church and get ready for the Bmets game we are going to this afternoon.  We got ready for church and as always, Tara was taking her sweet old time.  She even grabbed way too much breakfast to eat this morning.  It never ceases to amaze me how much cereal that girl can manage to fit into a bowl.  I think Guinness should look at her for fitting ten pounds of cereal into a five pound bowl.  I bet she would win.  Anyway, we did our usual.  We got ready and went to church.  For once, I was able to actually spend some time with my family and sat with them during the service.  Once the service was over, I talked to our pastor about how Heather and I have been feeling about the Franklin Graham Festival classes.  In particular the feeling that the classes seem to be geared towards “born again” Christians.  Robert pointed out something interesting.  The Graham festival needs people like Heather and I because there may be people there that are that strong with their walk with God, but may need reassurance from people like us.  I would be willing to do that.

We got done with church and then headed home in a hurry.  Our tickets for today’s B-Mets game were bought from our local PTSA and the game starts at one this afternoon.  The cool thing about the tickets is that all the kids’ food is free with the ticket.  We got to the park and the parking was only about five dollars.  Not too bad.  We got into the stadium (with some problems with our seat, evidently they double booked an entire section of seats) and entered some “contests” and then sat down and looked at all the stuff we got.  We got food vouchers for the kids, Heather got a free pink B-Mets cap for Breast Cancer Awareness day, and we decided to buy each of the kids a B-Mets baseball hat as they were having a BOGO sale in the Pro shop.  We had a blast!!  Of course, the Mets got steamrolled by their opponent (seems to be pretty common around here) but we still had a lot of fun.  We also met my teacher/friend Dave at the stadium.  Evidently, he ends up being the catcher in the bull-pen for the pitchers when they are warming up.  We talked with him for a while and then watched the game.  Austin got some autographs and we just had a lot of fun all around.  We got back to the house around four o’clock or so, and it was a long day.  Heather and I even took a 20 minute nap while the kids played baseball out back of the house.

Well, this put a kaibash on the getting dressed up in the costume concept.  I was a little disappointed as we didn’t really have enough sunlight to take a picture.  So, Heather and I decided we would wait until Monday and take pics before I went to the Franklin Graham class.  We ate dinner tonight, got ready for what will be a long work week (the East Middle Concert is next week) and then watched our usual shows – “Amazing Race – Finale”, “The Sopranos” and “Tudors”.  It was time for bed then and we knew we would need our energy this week.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 2 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 2 (Part 1):  Car’das definetly counted four ships now.  Three attacke the Hutt ship, and one off their bow.  Qennto and Maris were able to restart systems before their attacker could make their final move.  Qennto told Car’das that he could bring the engines up to quarter power now.  They were now being dragged by the attacking ship closer to the Hutt ship.  Car’das though the ships were pretty small considering what they have just done.  Maris saw a docking bay door opening for their ship and Car’das wondered if they would fit.  Qennto said they could use the foward service tube of their ship to escape, unless they take the ship by force.  Qennto siad they need to maintain control of the situation.  Qennto warned that he does the talking unless they are asked a question directly.  As they got closer, a pressurized tunnel was extended to their service hatch and was in place as they ran down the stairs to meet thier boarding party.  As the hatch slid open, They were greeted by blue – skinned aliens with dark hari and red eyes, dressed in uniforms……


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