‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 1 (Part 4)

Okay, so it’s Saturday, and Heather and I really couldn’t sleep in.  We decided to make up our Franklin Graham Festival class this morning.  We headed out around 9:30 this morning to a Baptist Church in Vestal.  I have to say I went into this class a little disappointed, because I had expected so much more out of this class last week.  I didn’t get a lot out of the class and the class seemed to be revolving around people that are “Born Again Christians”.  I have never been “Born Again” in my walk with Christ.  I have ALWAYS been a Christian and will always be a Christian.  It is the walk that I have made my entire life and I plan on making throughout my life.  I have no reason to be “Born Again” because I was already born into a Christian Family and have lived as much of a Christian life as I can.  Have I sinned?  Sure!!  Don’t we all?  But, I felt as though last week’s class was geared more toward those who are Born Again Christians.  This week I felt better about.  This class seemed to be geared more toward the confident Christian and their walk with Christ.

We got done with class and came home and found our house and kids in a shambles.  Heather and I were fuming.  Not only was the house a wreck, but our kids simply ignored our rules and the chores we gave them for when we were gone.  They decided to have a water war with the neighbors, play with the lightsabers and Nerf guns, and just simply ignored cleaning their rooms and washing the dishes.  Now, I think there are a few things at work here.  First, their babysitter (the neighbor from next door) influenced them to do such things which is what I would almost expect of him.  Second, I did get them all riled up last night by having a Nerf war with them around the house.  The part that really pissed me off is that Austin decided to take out my old, “good looking” lightsaber (my other one from Lind Lightsabers) and played with it and broke the blade.  He broke the blade bad.  To the point that  I’m not sure I can fix it.  That’s not what made Heather and I mad, though.  We were mad because they disobeyed our rules for the house.  To make matters worse, Tara has a room that is a wreck again, that seems to be a constant problem for her and she ignored the problem while we were gone.

Heather and I went downstairs and discussed the matter further while the kids were punished to their chores upstairs. Of course, we continued to work on our prospective projects, but we discussed how we could deal with the situation.  We talked about how we feel that we have done everything we can think of, and yet, our kids still constantly misbehave while we’re gone.  Then, it dawned on me.  This is an example of a situation that isn’t about Heather and I.  No, this situation is about the kids and God.  So, I looked up some Bible verses and went upstairs and sat down with the kids and we had a candid discussion about how God is always watching.  We discussed how God tells kids to “honor thy mother and father” and about how God does expect us to fail every once in a while, but that we are to try and control our sins as much as we can.  And when we knowingly break the rules and sin, that we should talk to God and ask for forgiveness.  Where other talks have not seemed to have gotten through to them, this one did.  Maybe they’re getting the point.  I headed back downstairs with Heather and we continued working on projects.  I have almost everything done with my Mando.  The plan is that I finish with all of my stuff tonight, and tomorrow Heather is going to help me suit up once more and we’re going to take some pics of me in my full Mando get-up.  I’m so excited, I can’t wait.  Of course, this is going to happen after we go to our B-Mets game that has already been planned.

Tonight, we had dinner and then the kids worked feverishly on getting the house packed up.  They worked hard and Austin and Ruth had a rather candid discussion with me about what God wants of them in life.  Ruth thought that God doesn’t want them to sin at all.  Interesting how little minds interpret sermons from Pastor’s about sins and salvation.  That’s why I’m not sure I like the idea of my kids listening to an adult sermon.  Anyway, while the kids cleaned up the house, I managed to actually put the last bit of equipment on my Mando costume.  I attached the knee guards, the holsters for the Maverick’s are attached to my ordered ammo belt, my shoulder bells are now attached and everything seems all set.  All I have to do yet is attach my hoses for my gauntlets to my jumpsuit.  They’re already colored, so that’s the good new, I just need to attach them.  I may be able to take pics tomorrow of the entire costume.  It all depends on time.

It’s time to don the flannel shirt and flannel pajamas and Lucas mask and talk about Star Wars.  Let’s discuss Part 4 of Chapter 1 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 1 (Part 4):  Car’das reported that the Hutt ship was now a hundred meters off the starboard now and closing.  Maris told Qennto that the hyperdrive is locked.  Qennto tried to tak the Hutt down, but he insisted upon seeing his secret base.  Car’das let Qennto know they had an incoming missile.   They looked for it and realized that it had not come from the Hutt’s ship.  The nose of the missile fell off and started to expand.  Qennto told them to power off the ship as it appeared to be some sort of Connor net.  The net folded around the hull of the ship and Maris told them all to close their eyes.  A brilliant light flashed and when it was all done, the entire bridge of “The Bargain Hunter” was dead.  Car’das said that it looks like the Hutt got hit too, but Qennto said he’d have fail safes from something like this.  The Hutt’s ship began to fire at three smaller ships and that’s when Maris pointed out that this may be a good distraction for an exit.  Car’das pointed out that their new enemy has them on guard as one of the smaller ships pulled up alongside them.  Qennto commented that he didn’t recognize the designs fo ths ships and then decided he needed to check the damage to his own ship.  Car’das asked what he should do if the enemy signals him.  Qennto said, “answer”.


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