‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Overview

Well, one word could explain my work day today.  OWWW!!!!!  I have to say that I did not realize that I relied on my feet as much as I do until I had a wounded foot.  I got up this morning and looked at my foot that was sliced open and it was ugly.  I have to say that this morning is the first time that I have actually looked at it.  It looks a lot worse than I pictured.  I knew I sliced myself bad, but I couldn’t bring myself to look at the wound because I don’t do so well around blood.  The cut is deep and it goes pretty far into the padding of my foot.  Heather and I are doing everything we can to help the wound heal and everything we can to keep it from getting infected.  I am worried about my foot and I hope I can make it through the day today.  The pain is pretty bad and every once in a while I have a sharp pain in my foot.  At this point, I’m concerned about being able to troop in the parade next week Saturday for the Lilac Parade.  If my foot doesn’t heal well soon, I may have to bow out.

I managed to take a shower in severe pain this morning and hobbled my way to getting ready for school.  Heather did a great job wrapping up my foot this morning so that I can make it through the day today.  I hobbled all over school and for the first time in over a year, used the elevator.  My classes were well behaved and it seemed like my students notice my hobbling but no one had the guts to ask me what had happened.  It’s amazing, when it comes to a teachers mortality, students almost want to think that teachers are immortal and can’t be hurt and can’t be injured.  Man, I guess that would make me a Jedi in some way.  So I got through my day today and managed to be in as little pain as could be expected.

I came home tonight and Heather said she is concerned about me and my foot with her being at work tonight.  I told her I would be completely fine and that she needed not to worry.  Once I got home, I graded some papers and then headed downstairs and continued to work on my new gauntlet from my busted one.  I spent the entire night downstairs, other than coming upstairs for dinner, and worked and worked and brought that particular gauntlet almost back up to where the other one was.  I did run into a road block because Heather got me the wrong size hook up for my hoses, so I couldn’t “Bond-O” the edges of my gauntlet.  That’s okay, it got me to slow down a little for this evening.  As I worked, I watched my typical T.V. shows and especially American Idol.  I was totally blown away by Blake’s performance tonight.  I guess you could say that I’ve been a closet Blake fan and tonight, I think he turned the competition on it’s head.  That’s the Blake I know and the one that could totally win all the American Idol competition.  What a day.  I’m in pain and tired, so it’s time to go to bed.

Okay, it’s time to overview and rate this book.  Here’s what I have to say about “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..



This book was one of my favorite Star Wars books.  It did so many things for me as far as Star Wars characters and the Star Wars storyline.  This book was simple enough to understand the storyline yet had enough detail to keep me interested in the storyline.  I liked how Traviss used all of the characters to help support each other and the story arc.  Right up to the fact that a Mandalorian was forced to face clones that are clone from a Mandalorian.  I also liked how she humanized not only Etain, as a struggling Jedi Knight, but the Omega Squad as well.  By the time the book was done, I felt like I knew Fi, Darman, Niner, and Atin very well.  To the point that I could imagine them being like some of my friends and I could picture this unit existing today in modern military much less in fictional military.  I also like how Karen Traviss adressed the political issues in the Star Wars universe, again, without having to over explain what was going on in the universe.  Her descriptions of the battle scenes were to the point, but descriptive enough to explain what was happening so I could picture it in my mind.  On top of all of this, she created a believable situation with the creation of a virus that could supposedly wipe out clones.  That reminds me of America’s search for nuclear and weapons of mass destruction that are going on in the Middle East, even now.  There were many modern connections and many story points that were believable because Karen Traviss made connections to modern world problems, including discussions about IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices).  Overall, a GREAT book and it is the first book to make my list as a MUST READ.  So with all of that, I give the book a:


Overall:  10


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