‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 20 (Part 6)

What a Monday.  It started off like any Monday and ended in personal tragedy and personal injury.  All in a day’s work.  I woke up this morning and did my usual thing and got ready for school.  I am a little excited because for the first time in a long time, I’ll actually have a full week with my students and I’ll be able to catch my classes up on their video projects because the library will be free to do so.  Yeah, research!! The teachers pet and the students envy.  Anyway, I got to school today and got ready for a normal day as always.  My classes went as well as expected and some of my classes are doing really well with their workbook work.  After school, there was still work that needed to be done.

My tech crew met me after school and I was really proud of them because they all showed up.  That made me really proud of this crew.  Not only did they do a great job during the performance, but when it came to volunteering to take the set down, they all show up.  It made me a proud man.  Then we got out on stage.  They helped out here and there, but my students were too interested in goofing around.  It was a little upsetting, but I understood where they were coming from.  They were excited as they felt that we pulled off an amazing performance and they should be allowed to release some steam.  We got the entire set down and most of the backdrops put away.  Exactly as we wanted and things went well.  All things should be ready for the concert in two weeks.

While I was tearing the set down, I got a text message from Heather.  She let me know that I got my lightsaber from Lind Lightsabers and that I could open it when I got home.

So, this was motivation to get home quickly.  As soon as the set was down, I headed home.  Not only to open the package with my new lightsaber in it, but I had to hurry and get ready for our Franklin Graham Festival class that Heather and I were going to go to between 7 and 8:30 tonight.  I took out the lightsaber and looked at it briefly.  I forgot that it would use AAA batteries, so I couldn’t test it just yet.  But it looked pretty impressive, that’s for sure!  I decided that since I couldn’t play with my lightsaber I would go downstairs and work on my Mando costume, in particular the gauntlets.  Well, when I got down there, I was working in my messy shop and I managed to step on a screw and slice my foot open.

At first I thought it was no big deal.  I thought I could just “walk it off” as I’ve done in the past.  Then I got upstairs and took my sneaker off and realized my sock was full of blood.  We decided to clean it an see what we could do.  It was bad.  It was deep and in the worst part of the foot.  Right in the fatty part of the tissue just under my big toe.  We decided to go to the walk in clinic.  The doctor said there wasn’t much he could do.  He suggested some aspirin and that I cover it well with gauze.  He said that if he did put a stitch in that part of my foot, it would simply rip out because it would be between the muscle of my big toe and foot and would do me no good.  Heather brought me home and then did me a favor and got some materials at Wal Mart.  You see, the tragedy behind all of this is that I dropped my gauntlet in the process of getting hurt and it shattered into about twenty pieces.  Crap!!

So, while Heather was out,  I “hobbled” my way downstairs and set up my T.V.  See, it was delivered today as well from Rent Way.  It happened this afternoon while I was working on striking the set at school.  I can just say that it’s nice to have my old T.V. back.  Heather got back from running out and I started to work on a second version of the same gauntlet again.  I’m in extreme pain from my foot and now I have to deal with the concept of starting over on a gauntlet that was very close to completion.  What a day, what a night!! I’m exhausted!!  I gotta get myself to bed and try to rest up for what could be a really long day on my feet tomorrow.

Okay, last part of this book.  Let’s start talking about Part 6 of Chapter 20 of “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 20 (Part 6):  Zey even told Etain that she may take one squad member if she wished, that’s when Etain realized she was being tested.  As she sat and decided, the ARC trooper insisted the gunship needed to leave.   As they unloaded, he gave Niner and Etain time to talk.  Niner asked if she would be joining them on their next mission and she said she would be staying on Qiilura with Zey.  Fi was upset saying that this was typical military to get a good unit together and then break them up.  Niner saluted his commander out of respect.  They left Darman behind and Etain explained to him that she was not their type of commander.  Etain told him that he could leave his team and join her.  He refused and they told each other to take care.  As the gunship lifted off, tears ran down Etain’s face.  She realized that these clones helped to shape her into the Jedi she had become.  She didn’t know if she’d see Omega Squad again, but she did know that every clone would be a human life to her, now and forever.  She walked into the field and watched the gunship lift off into the sky.

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