‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 20 (Part 4)

Heather didn’t get a chance to sleep in today and in some ways, I didn’t either.  Heather got up a little after seven and headed out to Enterprise to get the rental car to go to New Jersey.  On her way back, she stopped at the bank and got me and Austin some money to go through our day today.  She even had my day mapped out, in a way.  Once home, she finished packing and then took Austin over to the church to drop him off for a Boy Scout trip to a museum in Utica today.  After that, Heather left for New Jersey.  I went back to bed for a brief while.  I got back up and painted my armor some more and then started working on cleaning up the house with the girls.  We ate lunch together and then decided it was time for us to go shopping.  I started at Lowes and got some extra lacquer that I need for my armor and some tools that I need to finish my custom gauntlets.  I then headed to Radio Shack. 

I had a few plans.  First, I needed a fan for my helmet to get some air circulated in the helmet and to keep the lens from fogging up (hopefully).  The second plan was to find an antenna that would fit onto my custom gauntlet.  The computer fan I found rather quickly and I was able to find all the parts that would make that fan work.  Basically you have a fan hooked up to a nine volt battery and a battery holder in the helmet.  I put the fan on in intake hole and try to blow air into the helmet to help circulate the air inside the helmet.  I looked around for an antenna for my gauntlet and was coming up short.  I found plenty of larger antenna to end up putting on a custom backpack that I plan on making later, but I wasn’t interested in that size of an antenna for now.  Then it dawned on me.  I found a really good deal on a range extender for my home wireless router.  In order to put the bigger antenna in, I would need to remove the smaller antenna which is about the size I was looking for.  The good news is that I got the extender for $9.99 when it would normally cost $29.99.  I’ll take a $20 discount any day!  I came home and started to work.

After a while, I got a call from the Boy Scout unit and they said they were running late.  We got another phone call when they were getting closer to home and I went and picked up Austin.  We went out and ate dinner at McDonalds since Ruth had a coupon she had earned at school for a free meal.  We then went out to Wal Mart to get some more Unleashed figures for my collection and to search for some 30th anniversary packaged figures.  I had no luck with Wal Mart, so we headed over to Target where I hit a jackpot.  Found Unleashed figures for less than five dollars and an R2 in 30th anniversary packaging.  I also found some cheap Star Wars pencils, pens, and all sorts of stuff for a buck a piece.  We then came home and I got back to work again.  We all went to bed early as tomorrow I need to got to church with the kids by myself.  No other adult to help me at church.  It should be okay.

Let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 20 of “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 20 (Part 4):  Niner told Darman that he cut that close and looked at Fi and asked him where he was.  Fi said he saw Darman and Etain approaching and figured he was okay. Fi then went over and took Master Fulier’s lightsaber and gave it to Etain.  Etain was still in shock at having killed the Mandalorian and Fi held off from making any remarks about it.  Instead he collected the helmet he had been promised.  Niner saluted her and said thank you and she replied saying that it was an honor.  Darman radioed General Zey as they trotted off toward the gunship…..


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