‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 20 (Part 1)

Wednesday and things are starting to slow down a little.  I had a typical day in the morning.  I got up and got ready and headed off to work.  I had to change my schedule a little for school this week as I can’t get in the library Friday for research for students’ video and podcasting projects.  So, that means I’ll have to double up on research days next week and catch up in that regards.  My students took this change well considering it will alter how much time we have for the videos and podcasts.  Heck, it may even limit our time.  Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up next week.  Last night, amongst my painting I did for my armor, I also painted some of the props for the musical at our school.  I brought them in today for the director and took them up there to her this morning for her approval and she really liked how they came out.  The day went as expected and I had a little bit to do after school.

We got done with the school day and I joined our two directors to sit down and talk with the cast about tomorrow night’s performance.  We just talked and did not practice at all.  We decided to do this a few years ago as we’ve found that a practice the day before a performance is just not productive anyway and the adults leave frustrated at the situation.  So we talked them through the situation and then let the cast go.  I called Heather right away as I realized that I forgot to tell Heather about the meeting and let her know what was going on.  I got home and I took a brief nap with Heather.  We both needed it as we were both exhausted from the last month.  Once we got done, we all ate dinner together and did our “Girl Scout” scramble as I like to call it.  While Heather was out running girls around, I continued to tape and work on my Mando armor.  It’s starting to look pretty sweet.  I’m now onto the shoulder bells and I’m brainstorming what I need from Radio Shack this weekend. I want to add an antenna to my custom gauntlet and I also want to add a fan to the inside of my helmet.  All in good time, and since Heather will be at a wedding this weekend, I figure it wouldn’t be hard for me to run to Lowe’s and Radio Shack and start putting some extras on the costume as I’m going.

Once we were done with all of that, Heather and I actually went to the basement together and relaxed for the first time in a while and watched our usual Wednesday night T.V. shows (“Jericho”, “Criminal Minds”, and “C.S.I.:  NY”).

Okay, let’s continue this discussion on Star Wars.  Time to talk about Part 1 of Chapter 20 of “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 20 (Part 1):  “I know that the true enemy is when you compromise your principles.  Your primary principle is to look out for each other.” – Kal Skirata – As Darman approached the gunship a medic met him and put Atin on a stretcher.  Darman explained the wounds and what he did.  The medic told him to get on the ship as another trooper took Uthan from Etain’s shoulders.  General Arligan Zey also came off of the gunship and nodded in the direction of Etain.  A Valaquil also came off the ship and commented that Atin was collecting more scars.  The Valaquil told Darman that it was anxious to meet with Jinart to discuss their adventures.  The Gurlanin left and disappeared into the woods.  Zey told Etain she has done very well without a Master to follow.  Etain asked where Niner and Fi were at.  Zay asked who and she explained that it was the other two clones.  Darman said they’d be here and radioed fo the others to get moving…..


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