‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 19 (Part 6)

Okay, it’s Tuesday and it’s the last chance.  It is the last chance for us to go over the play before performance time which will be Thursday night.  I’m nervous and excited all at once.  I got up for my day today and everything went as normally expected.  I got to school and the pressure was on to clean up from last night’s practice and get ready for my classes as well.  Needless to say, I’ve been running behind with getting things prepped.  My classes went as well as expected.  I’m actually enjoying this quarter so far as I don’t seem to have a class that is really getting on my case.  But, it is only the second week of the course and things have been messed up schedule wise since last week.  We got done with school and ran play rehearsal.

Things went amazingly smooth.  I am now excited about Thursday night because there were few to little problems with the rehearsal today.  The dry-ice seemed to work very well today which excites me.  The only problem we ran into is one of the church’s back-up mics has started to become staticy.  I thought I would let pastor know about it, as it has been this way since we got the mic from them.  We tried to do some repairs but couldn’t seem to find the problem with the mic.

I got done with rehearsal and the family and I went to Wendy’s to eat dinner.  We did that because that was the only fifteen minutes Heather and I got together all day.  We finished eating dinner, Heather went to work and the kids and I left and went home.  By this point in time I was totally exhausted.  I even went downstairs and simply crashed in the chair for a little bit.  Normally I would work on the Mando armor first, but tonight,  I just didn’t have the energy right away.  Once I took a little nap (fifteen minutes) I then got up and started working on my Mando Armor.  It’s quite possible that I’ll start putting a majority of the costume together by this weekend.  Hopefully, when Heather gets back from New Jersey on Sunday, we’ll be able to put all the armor onto the vest and start piecing this costume together.  I’ve decided that I’m not going to post any more pictures on here until I’m closer to putting the costume together.  As  soon as I have a “full costume” pic, I will be putting it on a post on this blog.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 19 (Part 6):  Then they lost sight of Hokan.  Fi was regretting having ditched the E-Web.  As shots two shots were off target, Fi told Niner to go right of him while he keeps Hokan busy.  Niner crawled through the grass as the Verpine gun singed the grass tops.  Niner knew that once Uthan got to the EP, the gunship nor “The Majestic” would wait on them.  Niner then radioed Darman and found out they were ten minutes from EP.  He told them to wait for him and Fi to say goodbye to Ghez Hokan.  Darman offered to come and help, but Niner refused.  As Niner moved for cover he saw a flash of gunfire and then everything went black.  He thought he was hit, but realized his helmet’s HUD went dead.  He took off his helmet and found out that Fi had done the same, using his night vision scope.  He realized they got hit with an EMP grenade.  Niner crawled back to Fi and explained the sit. rep.  He told Fi that the Deeces still work at least.  Fi then found Hokan and asked Niner how far he could throw and I.E.D.  Fi decided to throw as Niner drew his fire.  Niner went to detonate the I.E.D., but nothing happened.  They continued to try to come up with ideas.  Finally, Niner told Fi he would draw Hokan out by acting as a severly wounded soldier.  Hokan couldn’t resist slitting his throat.  This would bring Hokan out for Fi to shoot.


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