‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 19 (Part 4)

This Sunday was quite busy yet again.  We had a lot to do as a family and I had a lot to do individually.  It was quite action packed and I know this is just beginning as this week is going to be nuts with the play performances this week Thursday and Friday.  We got up at our usual times this morning and started getting ready for church.  Before we took off for church I was able to peel the tape on some of my armor and I have to say that it came out looking better than even I thought it would look.  That’s really cool!!  I can’t wait to get pictures on here of all of it put together.  The end is SO close!!  Anyway, we left for church with a trunk full of Girl Scout Cookies.  We had a very nice church service and were surprised with a little gift from our church.  They gave those of us who are going to the Franklin Graham classes (which start tomorrow) a Bible, pen, notebook, bookmark, and a little bag to put all of our stuff in.  It’s pretty cool and I thought it was a nice gesture for those running the project for our church.

We got done with church today and raced out of church because Heather had a lot to do this afternoon and a time crunch under which to get it done.  We went to Aldi’s first and shopped getting some much needed food supplies for the house.  We raced through the store because we felt that we had to get home ASAP as Heather’s mom was set to call when they left their house so Heather could meet them in Norwich to exchange for Girl Scout Cookies.  We get home and expected to find a message, but alas, nothing.  So Heather called her mom thinking it would be safe to at least let her know that our church got out.  Heather’s sister answered the phone and told her that mom and dad had just dropped the turkey in the deep fryer that they plan on cooking for lunch.  That’s right, you read that correctly.  They were planning to deep fry a turkey for lunch!!!  Today!!!  When we’re supposed to meet them in Norwich .  Heather’s mothers reaction was that she didn’t think it was a big deal.  It was a HUGE deal.  We had plans on having dinner later in the day and I was going to do some of the cooking while Heather was gone.

So, change of plans.  I scrambled to get the food cooked.  In particular, to get potatoes ready for a potato salad that we had decided to do.  Austin was a trooper and peeled potatoes while I helped Heather by unloading the car and putting things away.  I then cooked up hot dogs and Heather got everything else ready.  And, as I had predicted, we no more than got to sit down to eat all the food than her mother called and said they were on their way.  Now I got pissed!!!  I told her and the two girls to sit down and that we were going to have a nice family Sunday afternoon dinner.  They ate for a little while and scrambled to get out the door to meet Heather’s family.

While they were gone, I literally finished my first custom gauntlet.  It took some ingenious custom ideas and a little bit of “Bond-O” to make it all work, but it’s done and it looks pretty sweet!  Heather decided to cheer me up on the way home, to get me some Taco Bell.  When she got home, she found me working and watching the first season of “Farscape” yet again.  I went to eat the Taco Bell and then pointed out to her that they messed up the order.  So, we called the Taco Bell in Johnson City and they were kind enough to agree to fix the order so we didn’t have to drive all the way back to Norwich .  We took the kids, left the house and headed over there.  While we were there, Heather got some dinner for herself.  On the way home, we decided to stop at “Suzie Q’s” and get some ice cream for later.  We all came home and ate dinner and had ice-cream.  By now, it was pretty late in the day.  We had the kids go to bed and then Heather and I sat down to watch our usual T.V. shows.  “Amazing Race”, “Sopranos”, and “The Apprentice”.  “The Apprentice” had a great finale tonight, but I had a feeling who the winner would be and I was right.  All in all, a busy but rewarding day.  Tomorrow starts the real madness of this week.  I keep telling myself that I only have one more week of play madness and then I may get my life back.  At least for a little while anyway.

Let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 19 (Part 4):  Darman told Etain that it was one of Hokan’s captains and that he’s dead now.  Then both their attentions went to Atin.  As Darman lifted his body, there was a rather large gap in his armor below his right armpit with blood dripping out.  Darman took out a field dressing and dressed up the wound and taped it.  Atin told them to get Uthan and get out of here.  Darman refused.  He told Etain that this is what a Verpine projectile can do to their armor.  He pulled out two syringes and injected Atin in the thigh with both of them.  He then marked Atin’s inside helmet with P and Z.  He told Etain the the P was for Painkiller and Z for blood – loss control agent.  Darman then got Atin on his back and told Etain that she was now responsible for carrying Uthan.  As Etain went to pick up the doctor, she noticed a piece of Atin’s armor protruding from her and she was bleeding rather rapidly.  She told Darman to look, but noted that Uthan was still alive.  Darman insisted they get her to the Extraction Point and hope they have a medic on that gunship.  Etain felt that she had learned so much more from Darman in the last few days than she had learned from Master Fulier over a lifetime.  She knew they had a strange bond now, held together by the fear of fighting.  She grabbed Uthan and insisted they hurry…..


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