‘Star Wars: Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 19 (Part 3

Saturday.  As I like to refer to it, Mando work day.  Not only did I work on my Mando costume all day today, I got a chance to watch some movies and catch up with my parents.  Heather and I started out our day by sleeping in until nine o’clock or so.  We were just so tired from the past week and we know that next week is going to be just as insane if not worse.  When we got up, Heather went downstairs to work on the sewing project that she’s been hired by a seamstress to do recently.  While she did that, I worked on my custom Mando gauntlets.  First, I worked on putting paint on my armor pieces and taping other pieces together.  Then I pulled all the tape off of my Mando helmet and it is now completed.  I also put in the ring at the top of the helmet to have a padded ring to hold it on at the right angle.  Basically I took out the adjustable ring out of a cheap hard hat and inserted that into my Mando bucket.

Then I worked on my gauntlets.  I used the heat gun in the house to start heating up pieces to build up the center of the gauntlets and then I PVC glued the pieces together.  It was along and tedious process that took most of the afternoon, but it looks like it’s going to come out looking pretty cool.  I then took the calculator apart in between drying time for the PVC glue.  I then replaced all the “human” numbers with Mandalorian numbers and symbols.  I then started to work on planning more parts of the gauntlet.  While I was doing this, Heather took off to go to a friend from work’s baby shower.  She had made a quilt for this lady and Heather said she had a good time.  She even managed to talk to one of my former marching band students who happened to be there as a guest at the party.

She came home and took a nap while I continued to work.  Once Heather got up from her nap, she had to go to work.  Once she left, the kids and I grilled up some hamburgers and had that with some mac salad and Honeydew for dinner.  It was a great end to such a nice spring like day.

I then called Heather and asked if I could go to the dollar store because my calculator concept was going to work as it was previously planned.  So, after a quick jaunt to the dollar store, I was back in business.  I was able to redesign the gauntlet and now I think it is going to work with the new concept.  We’ll have to see once it’s all together.  I kept working all night while the kids worked on laundry and got ready for bed as we have church tomorrow.  I did get interrupted by my sister in law and brother calling to talk to us and to catch up on things.  I then also decided I should call my parents as I haven’t talked to them in a while and I thought they may want to know that we still exist down here in Binghamton .  My mom couldn’t believe we had snow on Monday because all they got up in the Rochester area was a little rain.  I also forgot to tell my mom that Girl Scout cookies had come in this week Wednesday and my wife pointed that out to me when she got home tonight.  Heather didn’t have to close tonight as one of the “Managers in Training” was actually doing that for her.  So she was home at midnight and we went to bed together. 

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 19 (Part 3):  Etain was sensing a powerful disturbance in The Force.  As they walked through the woods, they heard Atin’s favorite sound.  The sound of a gunship dropping from the sky.  Darman then told Atin that they tracked them by thier transponders to their helmets.  Atin told Uthan that her chariot has arrived and she writhed in anger.  Atin told Darman that it was now his turn to carry the doctor.  Then Etain lifted Uthan using The Force whne Atin suddenly had a cracking sound  coming from his back.  He was now on the ground, Darman followed suit with his weapon drawn and Etain dropped instinctively.  Darman yelled, “man down!” as he returned fire.  Atin was having a hard time breathing and Etain began to realize that this was partially her fault for goofing around and not focusing.  The whole fight took no more than thirty seconds…..


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