‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 19 (Part 1)

Okay, Thursday, and the week is starting to wrap up.  I got up as usual and started to listen to the radio and heard and then saw some eerie information.  This kid Cho, who was involved in the shooting at the West Virginia University campus actually had time to send a manifesto in between his shootings.  He had time, to go and mail a DVD and pictures with a written manifesto before going and killing more students!!! That’s just sick!!  Not only did he have time to do this, but he sent it to NBC!!  What a freak.  Then, to make matters worse, professors on campus had warned the administration about this student and tried to warn them about him, but they did nothing about it.  What does that tell everyone?  Simple, you need to pay attention to people around you and look for warning signs.  These professors tried to do the right thing, but weren’t able to convince others to do the right thing as well.  What a shame.

I had plans to get a lot of things done by the end of the day today, but somehow, it just never came to be.  It was a half day of school for parent/teacher conferences.  So, I had the plan of getting things ready for the dry – ice this after noon to give it a test run and I also had plans to get a whole bunch of things caught-up on, including this blog.  Well, all morning I had classes except one period.  This afternoon I didn’t get much done as I also had to clean recorders and that took up most of my afternoon.  I also had other bits of paperwork that I didn’t think would take up a lot of time, but for whatever reason seemed to eat up my whole afternoon.  So, I was not able to set things up for the after school practice which put pressure on me to get things done.  It was tense and stressful all at once.

That stress carried over into the play rehearsal.  Because it was a half day, my crew went home after school and were expected to come back to school for practice.  It requires a lot of trust, and somehow I had a feeling that I would not be able to trust this crew, and my fears were founded when two of the crew members did not show up.  It was very close to my last straw with my sound guy as this was twice now this week that he hasn’t shown up.  I decided this afternoon that the next time he is absent, then he will be removed from running sound for the musical and I would put someone more reliable in position.  We managed to drudge through the rehearsal and I had to end up running the sound board, which totally destroyed the concept of training students to help me out to begin with.

We got done with rehearsal and I headed home and met Heather there for dinner.  We ate dinner together and I continued my painting regimen.  To add to my night tonight, Heather picked up a pop-rivet gun at Lowes today and then a new wireless mouse for my laptop today as well.  Well, things did not go well tonight.  I tried using the pop rivet gun for two hours tonight, connecting both pieces of my gauntlet, to no avail.  It was totally frustrating!!!  I cannot figure out why it’s not working and we have gone to Lowes three times tonight and no one can seem to explain to me why my pop rivet gun is not working.  Then, to make things worse, the mouse doesn’t seem to work with my laptop.  I was grumping and complaining about things not going right and then I went upstairs to talk to Heather and she was gone.  Next thing I know, I’m calling her on the cell and she’s on her way to Wal Mart to get me a new mouse for the laptop.  As much as I love her and she tries to fix things, I told her it could’ve waited till tomorrow.  But, she went and got one for the laptop and I didn’t get to bed until midnight tonight.  That’s going to make tomorrow’s rehearsal an especially long one.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss….

Chapter 19 (Part 1):  “Standing  by to retrieve team.  Two Trade Federation warships approach.  ‘Vengence’ is moving to provide support.” – “Majestic to Coruscant Command. – Darman radioed to Niner letting him know that he was reaching the one – klick line.  Niner said he would see Darman at the EP.  He told Darman to wait one and then spotted Hokan coming out of the front of the facility.  They opened fire.  Nothing moved, till someone yelled, “drop!”, but it was too late for them.  As they inched forward to check for survivors, someone got up from the ground and sprinted around the far side of the building.  Fi suggested they not have to run with droids on their tales.  He wanted to lob in grenades and Niner okayed it and then told him to put the E-Web gun on auto destruct.  They lobbed the grenades and ran for the woods.  As they goto the tree – line, Niner gave the command to Darman for implosion.  The jolt was so large it knocked both Fi and Niner face first into the dirt.  Niner even smacked his mouth against the visor and taste some blood…..


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