‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 18 (Part 2)

I woke up this morning (luckily on time because of the power outage) and started to get ready for work.  It felt nice to have a warm shower and heat.  It’s amazing what we take for granted when we have power and what we need when we don’t have it.  As I listened to the radio this morning there seems to be a lot of discussion about the weather in the local area and then there seems to be a lot of discussion about something going on in West Virginia .  I’m not sure what, but from what I could gather, it was pretty significant.  I got out of the shower and went to turn on the T.V. and realized that we didn’t have cable back yet.  That also means no phone and no Internet.  So, I continued to get ready for work and hoped I could find out some more information there.

Once I got to work, I had a ton of things to get done.  Mainly, changing over my books for the new quarter, closing out my books from last quarter and getting ready for the next one.  I also had to get ready for my students for today and to finish inputting grades and averages from last quarter.  A teacher’s work is never complete.  I had a decent first day with my classes.  I always say it’s hard to judge your classes in the first week when you’re starting off with your classes.  They are feeling me out and I’m feeling them out.  So far, it appears that there aren’t any problems with any of my classes, but we’ll have to see what happens as the quarter goes on.  As I’ve always said, I have at least one class that tests me each quarter.

I got done with school and had play rehearsal.  Things went okay today and I had the entire tech crew for the first time in a long time.  Lines were rough and the cast has a lot of work to do.  To make things a little more tense, tomorrow there is a trip that I had not planned on and a bunch of cast and tech crew will be gone tomorrow.  Thanks to some wonderful communication within the school, we did not know who was going until today and we’re now only a week away from curtains.  All well, what is life if you can’t put up with the punches?

I came home tonight and while Heather scrambled to have dinner together for me, as she has to work tonight, I went downstairs and started on the first layers of spray painting.  We ate dinner together and I finished with the second layers of spray painting.  I’m excited because the armor is really starting to come together and I think by the end of the upcoming weekend they’ll be pretty close to being completed, including painted.  I also plan on having most of the planning of the gauntlets done, if not one of the gauntlets already built.  We also found out when we got home that we got our cable back.  We then started to see some of the news about the shooting in West Virginia for the first time.  I’m blown away by the shooting and I’m even more blown away by the fact that it took the shooter two hours to go from one scene to another and the police didn’t manage to lock the campus down!!  That doesn’t make me feel safe on any college campus and makes any person who works in a school very leary about the law enforcement community and feel as though the risk at work just got higher.  It’s a lot for teachers to think about.  I just hope and pray that the students and professors on the campus can come to closure over such a tragic event. 

Let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 18 (Part 2):  Jinart and Etain were now moving fast acrossed the fields of Warrens trying to find the precise one that Darman and Atin took.  Jinart “heard” them with her snout/ears and told Etain where to dig.  She commented to herself tht it was time to start, and put her hands on the ground.  She began to picture the inside of the Warren, the tunnel as it were, she started moving the subatomic particles around.  She suddenly opened her eyes and there it was.  A tunnel leading down with a dome-shaped dirt lid covering the exit.  Even Jinart was impressed.  Suddnely, Darman’s helmet popped out of the hole and told Etain that she could have a future in construction.  She gave him a big hug and stepped back, embarassed.  They helped them lift out Uthan’s body and then Atin.  As they went to leave, Atin said they would exchange the body in ten minute shifts.  Jinart said goodbye and told Etain to honor her promise.  The Gurlanin turned into black goo and dissapeared.  They moved away toward the extraction point…..

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