‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 17 (Part 5)

Okay, it’s Sunday and the end of the week.  I’ve decided to reflect on what has happened for the week thus far and I have to say that although this has been a week off, it’s been quite busy.  I almost want to say that in some ways, I need a vacation from my vacation.  Heather and I were talking the other day and realized that we have not gone anywhere on a real vacation in almost four years.  We just can’t seem to afford big, expensive vacations.  Not even ones for the two of us anymore.  My vacation this year is going to be spent at Dragon Con.  Her vacation was this week, spent recouping from her surgery.  What a life, right?

We went to church this morning and I ran sound, as usual.  The sound booth area is getting to be a mess again and last time I picked it up.  I’m getting tired of picking up after the other kids anymore, so I refuse to pick up after them now.  Church was what it is usually.  A good message but poor interaction for my kids.  My wife and I want to switch churches but everytime we want to change, we realize that we need to stay at this one for one particular reason or another.  Honestly, we’re hanging on to our church membership at this church by a thread.

We had an interesting controversy on the “Galactic Senate Boards” about TJCS Special Edition #3.  The controversy was about whether or not the words “Immaculate Conception” are a reference to Christ being born to the virgin Mary or whether Mary was free from sin.  So, at church today I asked Reverend Peak his take on the subject.  We had a very interesting discussion on the topic and an even more interesting discussion on the Catholic Church and maybe why Martin Luther may have been right about his 95 Theses on the Catholic Church and about how it’s still mostly true today.  Anyway, I’ve decided to cover all of this in the next TJCS Episode.

We got done with church and we raced home for my sake.  I gathered all my gear, including my competed guns and helmet, and all the Sintra pieces of armor and headed over to Ian’s house.  The rest of the afternoon we spent shaping armor and working on everyone else’s armor in the group.  We had a great time.  Ian, Charles, Jeff, and myself are all basically going to be Mandos before the year is out.  Our goal is to all be Custom Mandos for Dragon Con and walk the halls of Dragon Con together.  It’s going to be a blast.  I showed Ian what I had done and he was pretty impressed with how far I had come in such a short amount of time.  It was fun working with these guys all afternoon.  We got to know each other more and I feel that they all are a great group of guys.  They pick on my like any group of friends of mine ever have, but like Josh and Scott, I feel as though it’s all in good fun.  We talked about a lot of things while we worked.  Everything about what we wanted our finished costumes to look like to polotics and what we all think about the war in Iraq and the educational system and where it is.  I really feel like this particular group of guys fills a massive void I’ve had in my life.  We have all gotten along so well and I always look forward to hanging out with all of them.

Heather ended up coming to Ian’s house to get ahold of me because I accidentally left my cell phone in the car.  She came to ask if she could work at Wendy’s tonight because someone called in sick.  So, we were already wrapping things up in the shop, so I left and we went home.  I watched the kids tonight and we ate dinner at Wendy’s to make life easier on all of us.  Tonight, I watched and taped for Heather our usual shows and I started the first layer of primer on all of the armor.  I’m really excited about this costume now and may have it done for the Lilac Parade which is my HUGE goal.  I went to bed fairly early tonight as I have school tomorrow.  Or do I?  It was starting to snow a little before I went to bed and I carried the flashlight with me all night in case the power went out, but it never did.  Thank goodness for that.  I could us a snow day tomorrow.  I wouldn’t mind one.  But I would also like to have power so I can continue working on my Mando project.

Okay, let’s continue to talk about Star Wars and let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 17 of Karen Traviss’ “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact”…..

Chapter 17 (Part 5):  Hokan found the dead droids and Trandoshans on the floor.  He tested the Verpine gun, but came to the conclusion that an EMP grenade was used on it.  Hokan started going room by room, searching, and finding nothing.  Until he came to one room and found four scientists huddled in a corner wimpering.  Hokan told them to stay there.  He got to the containment room and found the floor drain a charred hole in the floor.  Then hokan looked around and realized he had made a mistake.  He didn’t know what the containers for the nanovirus looked like.  He raced back to aske one of the four doctors.  The boy couldn’t answer fast enough so Hokan dragged him down to the containment room.  Hokan demanded he open the cabinet, but he said he can’t as Uthan had all the keys and codes.  He wondered if they could get them and re – lock the cabinet.  Hokan starred down at the hole in his floor.  He pondered what an army of clones could do, if this is what a squad can do.

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