‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 17 (Part 3)

Okay, it’s Friday and I’m reviewing the week in my head and I was so hoping I would be farther along than I am.  My hope was that I would be spray painting my shaped armor by now.  But unfortunately, I have my armor cut out, but not even sanded yet.  I was hoping my helmet would be done and it still has two coats of yellow paint to go yet.  I was hoping to have a belt and holsters for my blasters, but I don’t even have my belt yet and my holsters are still in the process of being glued together.  I guess I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself, but I can’t help it.  I want this armor to be ready for the Lilac parade in Rochester so I can march with  the Rochester FanForce group and showcase my new Star Wars costume.  That may be in jeopardy now unless some miracles happen next week.

So, with all this pressure on me, I decided today I would get as much as I could get done with my armor so that Sunday we can simply shape my armor and I’ll be ready  to go.  We’ll have to see if it works out that way.  Heather and I stayed in today and even the kids were stuck inside most of the day.  It was just too cold to have them outside today.  They didn’t understand that and Austin and Ruth wanted to go outside and ride bikes.  They’ve been crawling up the walls all winter long, so they want spring to be here.  And they want it here, NOW!  Anyway, I can’t blame them because I’m starting to feel the same way.  To make matters worse, they’re talking about a nasty NorEaster that is supposed to hit our areas sometime between Sunday and Monday.  That’s going to suck.  Snow in the middle of April.  That’s just ridiculous!!!  Maybe I should move back to Montana .  At least there were four distinct seasons there, here it seems that the seasons have simply bled into each other and some have just disappeared altogether.  Anyway, we watched some T.V. together and my kids even watched some “Farscape” with me while I worked on sanding down my Sintra.  I also worked on getting my holsters glued together and then during the afternoon we went outside and had a small Nerf war with all the guns that I have and all the Nerf guns my kids got for Easter.  They had a blast and everyone was laughing by the end of the “battle”.  It was just fun to get that energy out for both myself and the kids.

We ate dinner  together after that and then Heather and I had decided that we were totally bored and that there was nothing on T.V. to watch tonight.  So, we did what any good American family would do when bored at home.  We headed to the good old video store to rent a video to watch tonight.  While we were there, I convinced Heather to also let me rent something for tomorrow night.  So, for tonight we rented “The Devil Wears Prada” and for tomorrow night I rented “Eragon”.  We came home and I did some more sintra cutting and then quit for quite some time to join Heather in watching “The Devil Wears Prada”.  All I can say is that has to be one of the dumbest movies I’ve ever watched!!  Everyone has told us about how great this movie is and I figured we had better check it out and see if it really is that great.  I would suggest that no one ever needs to see this film.  It is negative and just continues to drag on the same old stereotypes that people have about the fashion and modeling industry.  If anything I think it makes everyone think that the modeling industry is even more like the fashion industry and that everyone is cut-throat.  Needless to say, when we were done for the day, I went to bed pretty upset that I had wasted my money on such a meaningless film.  Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.  Even more interesting is the fact that my T.V. will be exiting my house tomorrow.  I hope they can fix it.  It’s making me nervous that there is a sign that there is something larger wrong with my T.V.

Okay, enough about my T.V., let’s talk about Part  3 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ by Karen Traviss……

Chapter 17 (Part 3):  Darman then put the ribbon charge on the door.  He pulled out a stun grenade and mini-EMP.  Darman told Atin that the plan was to blow open the door, toss in the grenades and grab Uthan while Atin shot anything else that moves.  They went to action.  The door blew and Darman threw in the grenades.  He was on top of Uthan in an instant and Atin was attacking with an array of blaster fire acrossed the room.  Darman cuffed Uthan as she groaned.  Darman tested the Verpine rifle, but it was fried.  Niner asked DArman if they were finished and Darman thought so, at first.  Then he came to a realization, took off his halment and asked Uthan how many personnel worked in this part of the facility.  Uthan was amazed and asked if he really was a clone and then pointed to a scorched body on the floor, referring to her assistant.  Darman again insisted on a number and Uthan said four.  Then Darman radioed Niner and told him about the four scientists now somewhere in the facility.  NIner checked with “The Majestic” and came back to tell them not to worry about the others and to let him know when they were clear and were going to detonate.  They bound, gagged, and hooded Uthan and they started the rough decent into the tunnels.  Darman hoped they could find their way without Jinart this time…..


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