‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 17 (Part 2)

I felt much better today.  For whatever reason, I have a lot more energy and whatever ailment I had is starting to finally leave my body.  Today I had a ton of things to do.  But the kids and the family came first.  Ruth had a dentist appointment to have her new retainer adjusted to move the tooth that is out of place forward in her mouth.  Her appointment was at 9:30, so the idea of sleeping in during vacation just really hasn’t happened this vacation except for one day.  We went to the dentist and dealt with that issue.  We then decided to go to Wendy’s and pick up Heather’s check and start some shopping that needed to get done.  We went to Rent Way to pay for the now defunked T.V. and talk to them about repairing it.  They told us that repairs go out of their shop on Monday, so they would need to pick up the T.V. this weekend to make sure they can get it out ASAP to get it back to me ASAP.  With this in mind, we talked to them and they agreed they would show up on Saturday morning and would come with a temporary replacement until we could find something better.

We then went to Wal Mart and shopped for some food that Heather needed for he house.  I saw some Titaniums that I wanted but held off because Heather promised we would check out Toys R’ Us on the way home.  We did manage to get some more spray paint for the Mando project and decided we would take the kids out for lunch.  So, we went to Friendly’s for lunch to reward them for behaving so well for not only today but the entire week of vacation.  When we got done, we went to Toys R’Us.  What a disappointment that was!! Their Star Wars shelf was almost completely empty.  I don’t know if others are experiencing this at their local Toys R’Us, but ours has NO Star Wars inventory at all.  It’s sad when Wal Mart and Target have better selections.  I wanted to go back to Wal Mart to get the Titaniums, but Heather wasn’t feeling well now, so we headed home.

We came home and unpacked things and I went to town working on my Mando project even more.  I managed to put the last layer of orange paint on my Manod helmet today, peeled the tape off and put new tape on and put on the flame in yellow and sprayed the first layer of the yellow paint.  The helmet is coming along very nicely and is going to look pretty awesome!!  Then I put together my Maverick and had that done pretty quick.  No problems with that either.  I then got too confident and tried to work with my Sintra and put together a second holster for my second Maverick.  I used the oven again, but accidentally put the sintra in for too long and burned it.  I was mad because my sintra was burned and the oven now has a layer of sintra on the bottom.  Whoops!!!  Good thing I don’t care about this oven too much.  I got done with all of this and we ate leftovers for dinner and I got back to work and then stopped and watched T.V. with Heather at eight o’clock.  It’s hard to believe my vacation is almost over.  I can’t believe they’re talking about snow this weekend.  It’s mid-April, that’s just wrong!!!

Okay, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 17 (Part 2):  Verpine gunfire filled the hallway as Atin told Darman that she wasn’t going to come quietly.  Darman informed Niner of their newfound luck.  Niner suggested frightening her as Verpine guns are fragile.  He also pointed out that he probably couldn’t help even if he wanted to.  Darman said they would get Uthan out via the drains, otherwise it was on to plan E.  Then the door slammed shut and locked.  Darmand commented that it would take more than that to keep him out.  When he reached the doori, it slid open with two Trandoshans right in Darman’s face.  He punched one and knocked him down while the other came at him with a blade.  He asked Atin for help as he took out his vibroblade and fought for his life.  The Trandoshan and Darman were both looking for a place to stab the other as they fought hand to hand.  Darman finaly got the upper hand and killed the Trandoshan by slamming his blade into it’s jaw acrossed it’s trachea.  Atin was now standing over the other Trandoshan with it’s blood now pooled on the floor…..


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