‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 17 (Part 1)

Okay, I feel no better today.  But, I willed myself to play around with some Sintra anyway.  I woke up, finished cutting my design for knee armor and decided to see if I could try to form it myself.  I boiled some water upstairs and started working with the stuff.  Two things I learned.  First off, a watched kettle will NOT boil.  I couldn’t wait for the water to boil and for me, the water couldn’t boil fast enough.  Second, hot water is hot.  There were a few times that I went to take the Sintra out of the water and dropped a few drops of water on my feet, which were bare (not a smart choice).  Needless to say that I learned that boiling water can feel really hot on your bare feet.  Anyway, I managed to actually form the knee armor and make it look pretty good.  My confidence was now way up.  So, I decided to form my knee armor and it came out looking pretty awesome!!  Wow, it can’t be that bad then.  So, I decided to form my holsters for my now completed Maverick.  So, I followed some advice from others on the net and heated up my oven to 350 degrees and waited to hit optimum temperature.  I put my sintra in there and counted to fifteen like the net instructed.  It made the sintra harder to work with because it was a little too hot.  At the same time, however, it was much softer.  I managed to work one out a little and it doesn’t look half bad.  Now I have to hot glue it together and work on the seams, etc.  But, I was well on my way.

Then I went downstairs and started to put together my Longshot as the painting of it was finally done.  After hours of going back and forth between the pictures and putting the guts inside the gun and a little bit of “blue” air, I was able to get the gun back together.  Not only is it together, but it’s fully functional.  That is what made it all worth the while.  I did get quite upset though and things just didn’t seem to go right at first when I was putting it together at first.  While I was putting the gun together, Heather and I had an argument about the amount of light (or lack thereof) in our basement.  So, we decided now was the time to got out and get some new light trees from Lowes to resolve the problem.  So, we went upstairs and ate dinner and then went out to shop for light trees.  We found two really nice, bright light trees for the basement that made both of us really happy.  While we were there, I picked up some other products for my Mando costume and most importantly I picked up a piece of copper piping to make the missile for my gauntlet and tubing and connectors for the gauntlets as well.  Of course, I still have to design my gauntlets as well.

We got home and I put the light trees together.  They worked out really well.  While we were home I decided that if I wanted to finish my Mando costume, I had to decide what I was going to put into my gauntlets and what kind of Mando I was going to be.  I finally came to the conclusion that the Mando that I wanted to be had to be something that I was in real life.  Then it dawned on me.  I would be a Mando computer geek of sorts.  So, what do they call computer geeks in the Star Wars universe?  Well, they call them slicers.  So, I will be a Mandalorian slicer.  I will put a keypad in one of my gauntlets and will be checking with the “Heroes, Villains, and Mandalorians” online boards to see what others think of this idea.  Cool, because tomorrow we’re going to the dollar store and it would be nice to pick up a calculator and see if I can set it into my gauntlets.

Okay, let’s talk about some other versions of Mandos, and that’s clones.  Time to talk about Part 1 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 17 (Part 1):  ‘”Majestic” to Coruscant Command – Techno Union vessel is now inoperable.  We will continue to support Omega Squad’. – Ghez Hokan was angry and wanted to know who activated the emergency systems.  Hurati was nervously trying to open the bulkhead that came slamming down, keeping them from getting into the lab.  Hurati pointed out that they had been infiltrated but Hokan was not sure how.  No one knew of any signs of entry on the surface and now the emergency doors were jammed shut.  Hokan knew that with all the explosions that there was now a Republic ship in orbit as well.  Hokan thought he’d covered every way in to the facility and was upset that he’d obviously missed one.  He even pondered the thought that Uthan had let them in on purpose to have a live test subject for the nanovirus.  Hokan asked if all the bulkheads were down as well and droids were also trapped.  Hokan demanded that Hurati override the emergency controls.  Hurati ran off into the ajoining room looking for manuals or tools that would help him release the bulkheads.  As he did, Hokan pulled out Fulier’s lightsaber in frustration and swept at the metal on the door.  It warped the metal, but would definetly not cut quick enough…..


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