‘Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact’ – Chapter 16 (Part 2)

Okay, it’s Good Friday.  A day held in high reverence by Christians everywhere.  It was held in high reverence for a few other reasons at my house today.  We got up early today because Heather had to take some medication fairly early this morning.  That had her on all sorts of pills and they all had to be taken at different times for the surgery.  She had quite a few pills to take before the surgery.  I drove her to her surgery joking about the fact that it was not too late to turn around in case she wanted to have more children and then we all agreed that her clock had stopped ticking and we had “no more room at the inn”.  When we got there, they told me her surgery wasn’t scheduled for another hour, but they gave her an injection right away.  This made her “loopy” and then they put her in the waiting room with me.

She was definetly “happy” by this point.  She was also massively drowsy.  To the point that I had to try to keep her upright in her chair which was no easy feat, mind you.  We were then ready for the surgery and I had to assist her down the hall for the surgery.  At first, I didn’t want to watch the surgery, and the doc told me it would be cool and I could watch it on the monitor that he had.  I didn’t want to see that much of my wife.  But, as they got into the surgery, it was actually turning out to be really interesting.  As the doc said, it’s like watching the Discovery channel.  I thought, man he’s right!  Then I thought, wait, this is my wife he’s talking about!  The one thing that put my mind at ease was the fact that they had a person from the Essure company in the room and he watched the surgery from beginning to end to help the doctor out.  I found this reassuring as I could ask him some questions as the surgery was going on.  It looked really cool, but I had to keep reminding myself that this was my wife.  On top of that, I kept thinking about how it must have felt to Heather every time he played “bumper cars” with her tubes on the inside of her body.  We got done, and she was feeling amazingly okay.  She was just tired.  I had a few stops to make on the way home, like paying the electric bill and stopping to get Heather some needles for her machines at Creative Threads.  We got home and Heather went to bed right away.  She slept for three hours straight.  I don’t blame her and I took the kids downstairs and kept them out of her way.

She got up in time for me to get ready for my Star Wars night at the Arena tonight.  I got dressed in my Jedi costume and put things together and got all my stuff together, including my MP3 player full of TJCS episodes to play using my computer speakers at the arena to promote TJCS along with the Star Wars FanForce group.  I got there around five p.m. like we were told and no one from the arena seemed to know where we were supposed to go.  I finally got directions from one of the Rochester guys and got into our changing room.  I changed rather quickly and then headed up to the commons area and set up our half of the table.

We had an amazing time tonight!!  It was so much fun and the fans thought it was great having all these Star Wars characters at the arena.  We had a blast.  We went up to the boxes because one of the big-wigs up there wanted pictures with us.  We ended up on the ice throwing T-Shirts into the stands and even I ended up almost falling over trying to get a T-Shirt into the stands.  You would be amazed at how slippery ice is!!  It was just a great time over all and there were tons of people there that wanted to talk to us more and we’ve been invited to other events and have already been asked about whether or not we could do a “Theme Night” with the Binghamton Senators next year.  It’s everything we hoped it would be.  It was also a shot in the arm for our group and what we needed to get ourselves motivated to get involved in other events throughout the community.  Let’s hope this leads to other big things.

We had a great time even after the game ended.  We all went out onto the ice and had a blast “playing” on the ice.  What can I say?  We’re all a bunch of kids at heart still.  We then all changed and headed down to a local bar and ate some food, drank some beers and had a great old time just talking and shooting the shit with the Rochester group and the 501st.  It was a great time and I look forward to more of the same in the future.  I got home around one in the morning on Saturday, but it was a ton of fun.

Heather and I managed to text each other several times over the night.  The kids took good care of her and she said she was tired and bored more than anything else.

Okay, since I’ve been talking about Star Wars so much, let’s talk about “Star Wars:Republic Commando – Hard Contact” Chapter 16 Part 2 by Karen Traviss…..

Chapter 16 (Part 2):  As they dug down further, they started to come acrossed a nauseating smell.  Jinart said they were close to the facility because they were beginning to smell the drainage system and possibly the Gdans.  Jinart said that this was probably a good sign as a larger should be ahead.  Then Darman put his hand through soft material which he now knew was rotting meat left behind by Gdans.  It reminded him of a training Skirata put them through called the sickener.  He and Atin held back from throwing up.  Jinart told them to stand up and Darman turned on his flood light and they were now in a chamber big enough to stand in.  Jinart explained that this is where the Gdans retreat to if they Warrens get flooded.  Atin asked Jinart how close they were to the drain and Jinart heard water running about a meter behind the far wall.  Darman and Atin agreed to dig and cover their tails at five minute intervals…..


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